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  1. I never think of Killing Joke as a metal band but their impact on the genre is undeniable. And this is a pretty fkn metal record!
  2. Holy hell I didn't even know they'd released this. I have their first two albums which just slay. I'm still yet to see them live. Okee doke let's show the credit card who's boss...
  3. 👍 Done. Probably quite helpful to have done that initially...
  4. Item: Target Turntable Wall Shelf Location: 3058 Price: $150 - pick up only Item Condition: No marks, no scratches, some dust Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have two of these, they are great, but my SP10 MKII is too big so this one has sat in storage for a couple of years. Wall mounting was the only way I could stop footfall issues with my Thorens The platform the TT sits on is 460 x 350, and the whole shelf incl the frame is 470w x 400d x 100h pick up only Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. 'Poor old Danzig hasn't had much play time in the last 15 yrs he's lived on this hard drive lol' @SkipEsquire um...why??? [emoji23][emoji869] Massive Danzig fan. Saw the classic line up in I think 93 on How The Gods Kill tour
  6. Yep I agree re the Vektor reference. But I like the logo! Instantly recognisable if slightly indecipherable...I love it on the new album sleeve! New track is awesome, a bit of Human era Death/Cynic worship going on I reckon How's this for a logo...
  7. So who's getting a little excited about the prospect of a new Blood Incantation record?
  8. @08Boss302 New Gatecreeper is sick as. Have you heard the live set Unleashed in the Middle East? That is brutal AF. Cannot get enough of this one at the moment, saw them twice on their recent visit
  9. @08Boss302 you might like Enforcer if you're unfamiliar
  10. Rega platters and Silcron turntable gone, AR XA still here needing your lovin'
  11. I have a lot of stuff I am not gonna use in my HiFi mausoleum. It's free to a good home. Thing one - an AR XA 2 motor turntable I bought to but am never going to restore. It has no tonearm but everything else. The plinth is oiled walnut and needs re-glueing but would look nice otherwise. I have never plugged it in. some pictures below Thing two - a Silcron turntable no tonearm in a nice looking plinth with nice smoked dustcover. I did actually use this with a cheap tonearm. Haven't plugged it in for a long time Thing/s three - MDF and glass Rega platters All this lovely stuff is pick up only from Coburg Vic
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