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  1. The fact that people will watch SD sourced video on them doesn't make newer/better displays pointless. Also: https://fm-static.cnbc.com/awsmedia/chart/2019/11/08/VIDEO MARKET.1573232240621.png Of course, and in 2005 it was the minority that would buy a 1080 tv. Well, that's very different from saying that 8k displays are "pointess" (because people will watch DVDs on them)..... or like Betty said "a major problem". I agree that they're not the best value right now.
  2. Using decent quality upscaling, my home movie exeperience is awsome no matter what the source resolution, within reason.
  3. Yes. There are plenty of scaling algorithms which do better (look perceptually bettr) than simple "pixel stretching". "invented" infers that the scalers are not doing a good job of stretching the content ... which is laughable. If it were true, we could just use simple pixel "doubling", or other super simplistic scaling. But we don't, because other common scaler do a better job. Nonsense. I'm about to buy a new telly, and I won't be throwing away all my DVDs. Buying a top of the range display is a good idea no matter what the source content. Just like buying good speakers is a good idea if you are listening to cassete tapes. 8K will come... one way or another. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7291734 They are .... but 8K is coming. UHD has always going to be 4k / 8k .... just like HD was 480(576) / 720 / 1080. The R&D and planning for this pixel layout started long ago. It will be here for a long time. Nonsense. R&D for the format started over 20 years ago... and it was standardised during 2010-2012. It isn't marketing clickbait.
  4. Sure. Not enough power is bad. ... but. Too much, is inviting poor gain stucture. Poor gain structure is one of the most common boo-boos in audio systems.
  5. Use an ADC... and make sure you send a signal to it with an appropriate level (gain structure).
  6. As long as the subwoofer is restricted to subwoofer frequencies (ie. lowpassed at ~80Hz) .... then this will work better than you might expect. The biggest worry would be rattles from the wall vibrating, or from the sub vibrating against the couch. You (as usual) will want EQ capacbilitis somewhere in the system, to be able to get the subwoofer response flat/right.
  7. This is exatly what the NBN was designed to solve. ie. a wholesale provider (NBN) who must deliver everywhere, and must deliver services which operate as planned.... not services delivered to only places which are profitable, with performance which will only be as good as needed to "not lose too many customers". Note. The retail space is a different kettle of fish. Low quality, low cost providers have their place (and it's a free market)..... but in the wholesale/monopoly space, it goes badly for consumers. When consumers have the ability to simply pick a different service provider (because no service providers are locked out via monopolisd infrastrcuture) .... then ISPs can be free to provide as rubbish quality service (at assumedly low costs) that they dare.
  8. A few different things can cause this, some on their end, some on your end. Given Muon reply.... it could be your anitvirus software causing this. It doesn't seem like their end. It could be your computers clock being wrong (unlikely these days) ... or it could be configuration in your router (but that would break all devices on your network).
  9. Like 1080P is the available pixel layout for HD (you basically cannot purchase a 720 pixel display) ...... so too will 8k pixel layouts be "what is available" once UHD is ubiquitous. Sure... it's not something worth "upgrading" for today.... just like the first 1080 displays in the market. Of course... it's like someone in 2003 saying they will never part with their SOTA 720p display. Two things happen, display technology moves on (not just measured in pixel density), and eventually 720 pixels are no longer available for purchase.
  10. We are just at the point in the UHD journey where the "full resolution" is available in the marketplace. This is the equivalent of the time in the HD rollout when 1080 displays started to be released but had not yet displaced 720. ie. still very early on in the UHD standards rollout.... it will be another decade before it's anything like ubiquitous, or manufacturers are really pushing its performance. There's a lot more to come.
  11. Elevate the tweeters to ear height (if not already) Elevate the centre to match the tweeters in the L/R Carefully run Audyssey, and make use of Dynamic Volume/EQ features Add a second subwoofer Rearrange the room so the boundaries are symmetrical Don't sit close to a rear wall and/or your surround speakers Obviously the last few aren't practical for many people (space, etc).
  12. Currently it is too expensive to transmit this much data per second to make it viable. Also.... 5G cellular services won't deliver the bandwidth you talk about when there are a lot of users connected..... unless we deploy a lot more fibre optics, connected to a lot more local antenna (eg. every 100 meters down each street). Wireless is useful.... but fibre optics are a much better solution for most things.... and will eventually run a lot faster than wireless.
  13. The streaming device will conntect to the streaming service via your home network.... ie. either over wifi, or ethernet cable. So, firstly, your home network will need to be upgrded to support these speeds. As well.... the streaming device will need to be able to support those speeds.... eg. wifi 6, or 10 gigabit ethernet. Then your household connection to the world .... whether that be via the NBN, via a 5G cellular device (like a phone or a 5g-modem)... or using something else .... will need to be upgraded to support those speeds. The initial versions of the NBN, and the 5G wireless network in Australia only support speeds of 1 gigabit per second. (ie. about 10 times slower than what you quoted). That being said, it's enough to stream DSD in real-time. However the cost to streaming services to deliver this much bandwidth (eg. gigabits per second to each user.... or even hundreds) is waaaaay too high at this point. The bandwidths available in fibre optics (almost limitless) will make this a reality within the next few decades.... until then it will be a non-strarter, or at least extremely niche and extremely expensive.
  14. I meant.... Don't "blame NBN" when you don't know about (planned or unplanned) outages. It isn't their responsibility to tell you. It's your ISPs responsibility. Yep. A lot of performance problems on FTTN are caused by the wiring in your house. One of my ISPs lets me change my speed daily... so I've used all the speeds from 1000/400 and down at various times over the years.
  15. "Active" cabling is obviously much more expensive. FWIW. The monoprice cable works great not just at pedestrian resolutions like 4k @ 60 .... but right up in 8K 4:2:0/8 (40+ gbps) I think the 2.4m cables are more like 40 bucks.
  16. No, if it's lightweight..... otherwise, a little bit. Your room contains a low amont of absorbent things (either on the walls, or in the room). The windows alone aren't really the problem per se. Either.
  17. Generally, yes. It depends. Most subwoofers have specific EQ applied to the driver, so that the combined response of the amp/driver/box is flat.
  18. The amplifier will contain specific EQ for the driver/box it was designed for...... so only the original driver will be a reliable replacement.
  19. 100% 👍 My face when I hear about people into high end servers, power, etc.... who didn't try this as a first step. 🤯 (We got different results, but)
  20. The idea that ..... as long as you have clean signals (non-corupted clocks and power) and speakers with a good accoustic design .... that you can get away with just normal well engineered DA converters, standard boring cables, and not-special speaker cabinet materials, containing $10 woofers. .... It's pure heresy to many (audiophile) people who want to believe that 'everything makes a difference', and 'the improvements available are limitless'.
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