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  1. Looks ok. This driver needs EQ to transform the response it something useful. People build them in even smaller boxes.
  2. Love your builds. Looks amazing.
  3. That depends on how good your in room response is right now. Dirac Live or similar will make a substantial improvement for most people, as their uncorrected response is bad.
  4. Can you post a pic of what you mean? If you mean like a typical centre channel speaker (drivers in a horizontal line) .... then, not a good plan.
  5. Low inductance cable is good for speakers covering any/all frequency ranges. They're really good.
  6. Make sure to opimise the gain structure if you're going to use a preamp with something like the MiniDSP 4x10. They don't like low signals on the input, as the SNR from the ADC will not be great. IMVHO... Just skip the preamp. Unless you need to use it for analogue signal switching.... in which case, just use one as a signal switcher, and use the volume knob on the 4x10. As for cheap class D amps. Just make sure you're not asking anywhere near full power from them.... as the distortion gets ugly towards full output. Otherwise, they'll be fine.
  7. Boot your system from the Mint (or similar distro) media .... and you should have an option to just RUN Linux (as opposed to install it to your HDD). It's often called a "Live CD" or "Live Environment". When you boot this, you will be able to give it a test drive, and see how much of your computer "just works"... without wiping whatever it is you have installed.
  8. The driver support is usually provided in, or as a module to, the Linux Kernel .... as are just obtained through the Linux system itself, rather than from a package provided from the manufacturer. There are some exceptions.... but on modern Linux, you will that most things which are going to work "just work".
  9. Only the last picture is a good example of bracing. (See how in the last picture the contact with the panel is over a much greater area... the other ones are very poor design)
  10. Like in the 90s and 1080 lines (when we didn't have the bandwidth deployed to move it) ..... the network bandwidth needed to move 8k video (even uncompressed, let alone MPEG) is coming. ... the technology exists now (many many gigabits, 100gbps+, terabits/second..... to the moon). So, it's just a case of when.
  11. *cough* Looks at all the thread where people who said 8k was coming in a big way (cos 4k is only half the UHD standard, like 720 vs 1080) ... where told they were stupid. Hehehee.
  12. If you create your user account as a "legacy" type (as opposed to using the default option of a Microsoft Online account), then this circumvents much of it.... At least the bits which weren't already in Win7.
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