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  1. No, I doesn't.... You'd have to calibrate both subwoofers as "a pair". Unless your processor EQ dosn't do a good job of calibrating the subwoofers..... then there's no need to be adding more.
  2. Depends on how loud (and low) you want to go? If you current subwoofer goes loud (and low) enough for you without distortion.... then perhaps you need to do nothing.
  3. I don't think it's Roons place to be communicating with <brandX> customers about the status of their device. That's up to the manufacturer (who chose to release "uncertified")
  4. That depends solely on how loud you want it to go.
  5. So you are running a smaller input into your power amp now (ie. less SPL) than you were without a power amp?????? ..... That doesn't seem like apples to apples. If there's some other reason why you got clipping with out a preamp (resolved with a preamp) .... then something is "broken".
  6. Not enough information for us to know? What EQ do you have in your processor? Can the subs be EQed seperately? ie. Can the minidsp do anthing to them that the processor can't do? If you need more SPL vs distortion... then (obviously) yes. As for "more subs will smooth the response" .... maybe. It's hard to guess. Sometimes one sub, or two subs is just fine. That's why you have the mic.... to investigate your speakers+room response... and find out if: Your subs need EQ (that your processor can't do) You need to reposition your subs You need more subs
  7. I thought you already did (re-run th calibration)?!? Looks ok.
  8. Yes. As long as you don't put significant energy into the tweeter below the resonance frequency of the horn+tweeter (so, about 1000hz), then it will be fine. Both the capacitor (assuming it it the right size) and the active crossover, will stop that from happening.
  9. Yes, that is the main issue. Also where the non-linear distoriton (THD, etc.) starts to rise significantly.
  10. "A little misleading" ?!?!?!? LOL LOL LOL He may as well be telling people up is down.
  11. Depends so so much on how loud and/or how low you want to push the subwoofer... and how much distortion is ok.
  12. REW Manual. The timing reference is played through a different speaker then the one(s) being measured.
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