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  1. What is the other end that the router is using to measure the speed? .... It's likely that endpoint isn't well peered with Aussie, and so no representative of your actual connection speed with ABB.
  2. The power is too low and frequency too high.... other things in your house would be orders of magnitude more concern
  3. Check that the speedtest site is actually connected to an ABB speed test server. Don't use wireless to test it I'd be very surprised if it is Aussie..... you can check on their network graphs for your suburb/area to confirm it isn't their bottleneck. The NBN network stats are also public, so you can be sure the NBN component of the network isn't congested (and if it were, Aussie would (should) have sent you an "outage" notice).
  4. Even for people on copper connections..... things like starlink are not going to be long term competitors. Current trials show that over short-ish (say 100m) copper lines, that speed like 1 Tbps are not fanciful. 1 Tbps = 1,000 Gbps = 1,000,000 Mbps ..... ie. ten thousand times faster than the current fastest speeds on FTTN (and most of FTTC).
  5. Product page says they seem to be within spec. length = 65mm to 135mm. with a 5% tolerance
  6. Yes, and as long as you run the output of the miniDSP high too.
  7. ....depend as much on the other end of the network as it does on you and your ISP
  8. It depends on what signal levels you feed it. If they are too small it has low performance
  9. It should work at 5MBps (40mbps) .... even without a "business plan" .... talk to your ISP.
  10. 1.6 and 1.8 both have been quite buggy for me (and others worse from my reading).... I run on it on nearly all the available platforms, and none of them are great. Lots of losing zone states, and needing to enable/disable zones, etc.
  11. Seriously, between that and the unhideable "roon radio is going to play stuff later" (hint: no it isn't) .... I am embarrassed to show Roon to people. It probably does (the thing seems coded that badly).
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