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  1. davewantsmoore

    Denafrips Terminator 3 DAC Shootout video

    PS - this seems like a "strange" thing to say. You have had trouble with Tasmanians?..... or?
  2. davewantsmoore

    Denafrips Terminator 3 DAC Shootout video

    Yes! I posted this (less detailed) previously re: multibit DS architectures (poorly understood). 👍
  3. davewantsmoore

    Denafrips Terminator 3 DAC Shootout video

    Nice edit. I think that is complete bullshit. I'm only posting what I consider to be 'correction of facts', and am quite happy to be shown to be wrong, if that is the case. I can often be quoted on this site saying "I don't expect anyone to take my word for it" (facts are nice like that, they can be checked, and objectively debated).
  4. davewantsmoore

    Denafrips Terminator 3 DAC Shootout video

    Audio-GD do offer models with variable output (a volume control). It's admittedly a little bit hard to work that out from their site. The Audio-GD volume controls don't use digital.... it's a variable gain amplifier.
  5. davewantsmoore

    Another Audio GD R2R Dac the R2R 7HE!!!!

    Not so much these days I get the feeling the reason why no datasheets around for the 9011 is it's essentially a 9012.
  6. davewantsmoore

    Stereonet "Not Secure" on Chrome??

    If I type: http://www.stereo.net.au, I get redirected to the https:// site
  7. davewantsmoore

    Another Audio GD R2R Dac the R2R 7HE!!!!

    You can avoid the SRC, but it doesn't seem to make it any less temperamental... and seems to need quite fast clock for that.
  8. davewantsmoore

    Are Audiophiles stoners..??

    Much lower.
  9. davewantsmoore

    Another Audio GD R2R Dac the R2R 7HE!!!!

    I have seen quite a lot of variability in the measurements posted online for Audio-GD equipment. I suspect their quality control is not ace (given the price of some of their stuff, and the small/boutique company they are it isn't all that surprising)
  10. davewantsmoore

    The job of a pre amp

    http://www.audio-gd.com/R2R/R28/R28EN.htm ??? $1400 If you can do without analogue inputs, balanced outputs, or remote control .... then there is a ~$400 version. ... or if you want to go "full retard", then there's a version with only digital inputs ... no remote control or analogue inputs .... which is ~$5000 They all have a totally analogue volume stage, with a turny knob to control it.
  11. davewantsmoore

    Another Audio GD R2R Dac the R2R 7HE!!!!

    Shhhhh. George will withdraw his support if he finds out the amount of digital signal "processing" going on in this implementation. (It's extensive). This is why I was asking about the Holo Spring DAC earlier. They don't provide much info about how their "linear correction" scheme works, and I can't find their patent. It sounds like it's more "boring" (which doesn't mean less innovative) ... and more like what Audio-GD used in their older line of discrete ladder DACs (that got a bad-ish name), which I haven't heard. Seems about right... perhaps less than $5k AUD .... check the shipping page on their website to see if you will be charged GST Note that this "HE" version, basically has a "mains regenerator" inside it, so if you already have one of those, of have good power, then you might look at the RR2 7 version, which is $1k USD less.
  12. davewantsmoore

    Another Audio GD R2R Dac the R2R 7HE!!!!

    The topic stater commented on dynamic range, which led to 'compression' in recording. I'm listening to the baby brother of the DAC in the opening post right now. It's quite good. EDIT: that means I'm still at 'work', blerg. I have other (more expensive) DACs by Audio-GD, include on with "R-2R" DACs based on ICs ... and they are also very good (especially in context with the price), so I wouldn't be surprised if the 7HE is superb.
  13. davewantsmoore

    Another Audio GD R2R Dac the R2R 7HE!!!!

    That seems fair. Yes, but there is compression of the entire mix, to push up the average level (what you're referring to) ..... and then there is compression/limiting of single track(s) as needed to balance their levels, while not arriving at average levels for the mix that are dramatically too low, and will not sound good due to the masking effect in our hearing (loud sounds mean you can't simultaneously hear quiet sounds) - although that depends a lot of the content being recorded (with more sparse content being less vulnerable). The points being made are just to say "not all compression is created equal", and it has a purpose (and is needed) beyond just pumping up the average level of the entire mix ... and they were being made because some of the comments seem to misunderstand or disregard that, for example: "If they cannot do it without compression then they do not have enough headroom in their recording chain". There are indeed plenty of examples of people who no idea what they're doing (or have very questionable preferences) ... but overall this is a gross generalisation.
  14. davewantsmoore

    PDX DAC project

    No doubt. Just saying it's hard to conclude that one will always be better. I2S is easy to get wrong, depending on the specific setup.... a good example of (difficult) would be a PC card with I2S going direct into a DF/DAC
  15. davewantsmoore

    PDX DAC project

    Heh. I wanted to say that earlier. I don't think "getting rid of USB = improvement" is a necessarily a safe generalisation.