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  1. I guess so..... Although it really wouldn't have cost them much, if anything, more. Doubt it. The MO so far is to just add more features, and keep pace with HDMI.....
  2. I'm not surprised. Most systems can benefit dramatically from well designed EQ. There reasonable logic to this, although it might sound counterintuative. The NAD meausres roughly better than what is needed to pass "CD quality" sound, which is roughly as well as we can hear in most situations. It should sound fine. On the other hand the electronics inside it are roughly capabe of 10x to 100x better performance. NAD butchered it. Quite disppointing, really.... and makes them look a bit silly. Indeed.... so it would. My comments abo
  3. They are expensive. You probably don't need one, if asking such a question here.
  4. Turn it on: https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/mac-help/mh11848/mac Then use a VNC app on the iPhone to connect to the Mac (there are many VNC apps for iOS)
  5. What nonsense. The thrad starter just said "I seriously wonder why the...." He asked.... I just like to help people. Although, in this instance.... (we know he's happy to remain clueless and just wants to whinge and berate people) Wow. So if a product has negative reviews.... (eg. measures a lot worse than the parts inside are capable of) .... then what. We should pretend they don't exist? ..... Not mention them?.... not discuss the implications? Why not? What nonsense. My experience is that the
  6. Don't plug the ports (or move them to front)..... Just run them with 80mm clearance.... that's your best bet. I will be fine, especially if crossing over to subwoofers. Re: Whether you can get away with moving them from front to back (which you shouldn't do) ..... the answer is mostly yes you can. As long as you are keeping the port in the same area/end of the cabinet.... the distance to the driver is similar.... and the port isn't particularly large for the frequency range it operates at (ie. it won't leak high frequencies too much)
  7. It doesn't sounds like you want anyone to explain it....
  8. LOL. I thought the opposide. All sound is "analogue". (sorry)
  9. It does not delivery anywhere near the (noise and distortion) performance that the DAC chip contained within is capable of. It's quite a poor design.... that being said, good enough to likely be audibly transparent (ie. you won't notice) under most circumstances. Other NAD recent equipment (the T758 AVR) suffers the same fate..... it's passable performance, although there's really no excuse either.
  10. I would not expect them to sound different. All the really basic boring ones to get started.... interchannel frequency response, level, distortion.
  11. It's difficut.... if you take a few measurements you will start to get an idea for what not to correct..... but it's not usually possible to look at the uncorrupted first arrival part of the sound, which makes things a bit hit and miss. It's where the whole "have a well balanaced speaker, and just plonk it in the room and leave it alone" approach can work well/better.... OTOH applying small amounts of relatively wide EQ in this 100 to 400 range can work "magic" too. Is it minimum phase or not.... is a bit of a too coarse binary question. At much
  12. This is difficult as it is hard to get good measurement data from a typical XO point in a 3 way (eg. 300Hz). At this point you either understand what I mean and have a solution (eg. you're going outside minimum, and a probaly a long way off the ground... or doing it all in simulation) ...... or.... you don't understand what the problem is, in whch case.... caution. That being said.... it's all fun, and have at it. There are many just like his. Sarch the typical forums, for xo parts which match specific woofer/horn/CD combinations. (eg. the ecconowave m
  13. The "true" solutions to issues under 400Hz: Move the speaker Move the listener Add additional sound sources EQ is also a valid solution.... but it's difficult to measure speakers in a meaningful way at these sorts of frequencies (eg. 80 to 400)
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