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  1. ... and then the much pricier versions use the "hybrid DAC", which is said to run "faster and more accurate" Heh, trying to find out any details of the hybrid DAC is made much harder by the TLA of MSB "most significant bit" being a popular term in multibit SD design.
  2. Very much. You should find it sounds very different too. One you have your final target EQed in (which I assume will have a bit more boost in the bass) .... you want to check how much the driver is moving, it can move 1/2 an inch in each direction and remain "linear" .... and its movement limit is 1 inch in each direction. 10Hz is quite low. I would expect that if you set it to normal music listening type levels, and you play a 10Hz tone, that the driver will move too much (be carful testing this - perhaps start a lower than normal listening volume). Nothing profound except as you move around the room, the peaks and dips in the response change.... and so the EQ you used to make the listening position flat, is no longer right for other positions.
  3. Correct.... I mean computationally expensive.
  4. Definitely, but pretty expensive.
  5. Well, that the only point I', trying to make.... regular-folk aren't able to tell much about the performance of a product based on something like this. Sometimes manufacturers abuse that (eg. by me advertising my horrid-DAC as "R2R awesome!".... and others are scared of that. Specmanship is rife. Just the sort of thinking which is exploited. Perfect vs terrible. The reality is much more grey. Here is some early discussion (1991) https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/84744/.... and an ESS patent for tone modulation (1999) which refers to 1 and multi-bit SD converters https://patents.google.com/patent/WO1999049578A1/ ... but you are right. The earliest part numbers for standalone audio DACs I can see (eg. from ESS) are in the early 2000s. So let's call it 15 years... but that's not really the point (it's engineering, not religion).
  6. It's been like this for nearly 20 years.... and it isn't as simple as increasing the bits used = better, there's complex tradeoffs. Doing it in software on a computer, ie. outside the converters clock domain ..... can work well, which is what many of the newer audiophile software does - eg HQplayer and XXhighend (ie. running high bit rates, and high sampling rates). My point is "does this comment apply to every single R2R DAC" ? ..... No of course, not. I built a DAC out of BB1704's and it was a pile of ****, and not even close to 'bit perfect'.... cos I'm a terrible designer.
  7. davewantsmoore

    Installing High Sierra on an external SSD

    Are you starting the installer by clicking on the "Install MacOS High Sierra" app bundle ... or are you starting from the files you extracted (don't do that). Example:
  8. Perfect example of an oversimplification (that is not necessarily true) that surrounds a type of DAC architecture. Hence if I were a manufacturer of R2R DACs, I'd love to tell you it's an R2R because of (potentially unwarranted or oversimplified) positive connotations ..... or if I was a manufacturer of a SD converter, then I might be scared to tell people due to some kinda of (unwarranted) negative connotations.
  9. davewantsmoore

    Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Heh... I was just about to report this post too until you got back to speakers. 😛
  10. Which makes manufacturers think twice sometimes. Example: when I think about diesel cars, I think of a number of negative connotations, which likely aren'y universally true, or perhaps even correct at all. This would make diesel car manufacturers nervous. Indeed. What you need is objective performance data. Knowing that it is a "ladder DAC", or a hybrid of a ladder and something else .... doesn't tell you what the performance will be. Surely you can understand why they might not provide this info in the "marketing blurb" (cos it may confuse people causing lost sales). No... just that the manufacturer may be afraid that it will generally. The MSB analog DAC is a ladder DAC.
  11. davewantsmoore

    Installing High Sierra on an external SSD

    High Sierra requires that startup SSD volumes are APFS filesystem. This could be your issue.
  12. Thanks for seeing it that way. I'd just ask if you could really draw any meaningful conclusion from the information.... It's a fair question. Less about you specifically and more about why manufacturers sometimes don't provide that level of detail.
  13. davewantsmoore

    Paper machè horns.

    I reported the turntable posts in your horn thread .... I don't think the mods understood <jk> 😛