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  1. Bad design, bad quality capacitors and complicated circuit. I have repaired mine three times.
  2. Further information: Good working order, was serviced recently. The power lamp was replaced with a LED. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Only Klipsch Palladium speakers are close competitor people reported. I have Klipsch Palladium's and believe Bowers & Wilkins sounding great as mine and maybe even better.
  4. ZL T5 Music Audio Decoding Player HIFI Fiber Coaxial Analog Signal Output Support APE FLAC ANSI MP3 I bought recently eBay $90 each two ZL T5 Music Audio Decoding Player . This player is good alternative to expensive DAC units. It has everything I need and does job well. I connected my CD player to line in of the unit and line out to my amplifier. So that I have many options of music source: CD player, USB flash or portable USB HD, computer and so on. My favorite is the USB flash drive. The unit supports 32GB flash drive. It is hundreds tracks of any audio codecs. The player remember last track even when power off. What is interesting is one player supports a micro SD card, another does not but it is not big issue. Disadvantage is the remote control only. It has small beam angle. Sometimes you have to push a remote knob several times. Description: ZL T5 lossless digital music player, the main chip SP3306AL, can play APE, FLAC and other current series of mainstream lossless music formats, real output lossless audio quality, with digital fiber optic signal output, digital with axis signal output, a set of analog RCA output, you can connect audio equipment with optical signal, coaxial signal inputs. A set of analog signal input, can also convert the digital signal (optical, coaxial) output. It can be used as an analog signal input to digital signal output of the decoder DAC using a machine, USB input and analog signal inputs can freely switch remote control. Keys operation Description: - 4 buttons, respectively, ST standby key, S key to switch the source, volume + .- keys. - Remote control buttons: AUX analog signal input keys USB USB input keys MODE two audio switch key RPT single cycle and the order of play switch key E Q two kinds of sound Features: - Single cycle and sequence playback. - With hardware audio processing EQ1.EQ2. - Maximum support 32G USB storage, format can not be NTFS, but be FAT32 format. - Support lossy compression formats MP3 (MPEG1 / 2 / 2.5Layer1 / 2/3). - Support lossy compression formats WMA (WMA 7.0 / 8.0 / 9.0). - Support lossless compression format APE 3.95 or later Fast (C1000), Normsl (C2000), High (C3000). - Support lossless compression format FLAC. - Support WAV format codec (IMA ADPCM, INTEL ADPCM, PCM) - Support CUE file playback (ansi format). Specification: - Voltage input DC: 5V - Distribution Accessories: Remote Control * 1, high-quality power adapter. - T5 Size: 13.5 * 9 * 4 (CM) - Battery: CR2025 The following format can not play properly: - Encoding as "Higf Extra" APE. - Bit rate over WAV. 4608kpbs - DTS encoding APE/WAV - AAC/OGG/MPC format - Damaged music format https://mysku.ru/blog/taobao/58085.html http://bvf.ru/forum/showthread.php?p=23487295 https://www.drive2.ru/l/8889887/ http://www.hdvietnam.com/threads/may-nghe-nhac-lossless-kiem-dac-gia-sieu-re.1138806/ More information is here:
  5. I have a pair. I selected them among many others for classical and jazz for my bedroom because the perfect/natural sound reproduction and size. A sub would be good support.
  6. Further information: Adelaide Speakers Ascension Woodfox Ribbon 822SRTL Bookshelf /stand mount High quality woofer using an Papyrus cone, ribbon tweeter, Rose Mahogany Veneer. Two years old Audition welcome Power 120W 8 ohms Sensitivity 91db Dimensions: 500 H x 270W x 315D mm Weight is approximately 18kg each. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. I had a vintage Melody Monoblocks SHW-80W. They were best tube amps I ever had.
  8. Interesting design. It looks they are firing up, not strait.
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