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  1. I'm with Jutta, it's all about trust. Most of my gear was purchased used here and after 4-5 years it's still going strong and looks like new. I did have a bad experience on gumtree a few weeks ago, purchased a bosch sabre saw and the bit that holds the blade would not release (only found out once I purchased blades). Luckily I contacted bosch and was able to get a replacement.
  2. I keep missing the ones for sale so I'll post a wtb! Currently using a USB HDD connected to my router, fed up with the transfer speeds and I need more space. Looking for a dedicated NAS for improved performance and features like torrent client and Surveillance Station.
  3. Tempting! But I might hang on to my 3808 a little longer as it JUST still fits my needs (I want 2 subs and will need more HDMI inputs soon). Hoping a 4520 comes up for sale.
  4. Just make sure you get a good power supply had 2 of them die on me. The kit I had came with a remote so you could adjust colour and brightness. Will purchase one again for my 65VT60 but will order a better quality power supply.
  5. I had a May build 65VT60 that had noticeable fan noise under normal viewing conditions. It also had a stuck pixel that I could see at 2.6m away. Had it replaced with a September build and no fan noise. I have a mate that is susceptible to plasma flicker also if he moves his eyes side to side he can see the RBG breakdown of the pixels on edges of objects/people. I can see flicker on the VT60 but it's less obvious then the VT20 it replaced and no floating blacks on the VT60!
  6. Seeing as you can find these for around $800-$900 he is making a tidy profit, if anyone falls for it. Someone should do a listing " Sony muteki put away $40 a week for 20 week walk into Jbhifi and purchase one no conditions and save thousands!!"
  7. Loving the oppo, much better then my old Sony bdp550. It does a fantasic job with DVDs! Only issue I have had is playing mkv or mp4 video files that are 720p or 1080p the file will "stammer" now and again, this is viewing from an attached USB HDD. Kind of annoying as I wanted this to also replace my wdtv. Anyone else had issues like this?
  8. Don't know if I should get the oppo, BDT300 or the pana BDT310 when it is released. My main need is duel hdmi and both have it. To make it best of DVDs Fast and fantastic blu-ray and 3d playback RF is not a must but I would not say no (mostly buy from amazon uk so having the US options will save me money) Also is 2d to 3d conversion just a gimmick?
  9. The Astor for me. Saw a few films at The Fourm during MIFF it was great!
  10. Interested is sale falls through. What color is it?
  11. I've been told only SA and tassie have received up stock. Other states should get it Monday or Tuesday
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