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  1. If more than just renewing the suspension parts is involved then you may find a high degree of reluctance on the part of speaker repairers to take them on. The description, vintage Lowther, appears to indicate that the models are the ones with the rectangular cast front plate and chassis components that were screwed together. Replacement cone assemblies have not been available for the early models for a long time and in many cases were difficult to fit accurately. Tolerances changed over the production period and the parchment cones tended to warp in storage .
  2. Four bass/mid speakers not working is an odd situation. I am unsure whether Whatmough Audio is still based in Clayton as an email shifted to The Audio Experts in Cheltenham. If they cannot help, then I suggest you contact Gary Cawsey in Brunswick.
  3. The M30 could be a bi-wired speaker system and if this so then check if there are links fitted between the rear terminals for the tweeters and the bass/mid speakers. Positive to positive. Negative to negative.
  4. If SVS have the parts it would be cheaper to send a replacement cone assembly to Melbourne rather than a complete woofer. If it is the usual scenario of failed bonds between the dual spiders and the voice coil former or the other possibilities of surround fatigue or fraying wire braids, then local repair is more likely to be under one third of the $650 SVS estimate. It is presumed that the plate amplifier is in good working order as otherwise you may as well contemplate a new sub-woofer system.
  5. I am surprised that you have not taken the sub -woofer out of its enclosure and taken it to a local repairer such as Atilla Tanka or Gary Cawsey to have it fixed. Usually this is far more economical than obtaining another speaker from overseas and it appears it will not be an identical replacement.
  6. This is an active speaker with DSP, you may have to contact a Meridian service agent on this item as you may have an electronic fault, not faulty speaker units.
  7. Linear Design was a house brand name for products sold by Douglas Hi Fi in Melbourne. There isn't any pertinent specifications for these other than what is written on the label and that is as factual as President Trump's opinions on Covid 19 cures.
  8. Possibly, the original Melody amplifier was fitted with the EL86/6CW5 or the Russian version 6Pi33Pi power pentode. This is pin for pin equivalent of the EL84 and it was used as a vertical deflection amplifier in black and white TV sets. They are not equivalent electrically. The Svetlana 6Pi1Pi ( Winged C logo ) is equivalent to the 6AQ5 and it is a seven pin valve.
  9. The EL36/6CM5 is an octal base valve with a top cap anode connection. The output valves in evil c's photo appear to be EL84s. They are definitely not interchangeable.
  10. I can see oxidation on the soft iron parts of the magnet. This is an indication of the likely cause of the scraping problem. The availability of spare parts is virtually nil as Tannoy regards these as obsolete models and any spares that do turn up are very expensive. If you are not confident in being able to re-centre the cone and diaphragm assemblies, do not go any further. If you wish to proceed, the magnet needs to be carefully lifted vertically from the cast chassis after removing the four dome head screws, to avoid creasing the bass cone and voice coil. The HF diaphragm will also ne
  11. OEA are about 1.5 Km , as the Australian ravens fly, from where I live. Apart from knowing where they are, I have not dealt with them and I cannot offer an opinion.
  12. Gary Cawsey and Atilla Tanka would be the likely choices to take your speaker to be serviced. Located in Brunswick and Thomastown respectively. Considering the current 5Km restriction, if you are in a hurry for repair work you may have to send the faulty speaker via courier.
  13. The motor and printed cct board have been sourced from the JVC QLA 75 turntable components.
  14. The usual cause of an earth loop is when your main system amplifier is grounded via a three wire mains lead ;not a double insulated type. Presuming that the connection from your main amplifier to the subwoofer is by way of RCA cables, the simplest cure is to lift the earth shields from one end only of the plug/s.
  15. Which version of the Studietto is it? If it is the version with the JVC sourced motor and circuit board from the QL7 series then repair is reasonably straightforward as there is a service manual available. Given that the turntable has been in storage, the first item on the list to do is to clean and re- lubricate the motor shaft and bearing.
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