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  1. The bass speakers are reminiscent of Etone speakers manufactured in Sydney ( ex MSP personnel ). Plessey were the distributors of the Foster brand speakers after the large scale manufacturing of speakers in Australia became unprofitable.
  2. Perhaps, oldbrowndog has not had the opportunity to have the Super 12 RS DD speakers serviced and this is why there has not been a follow up to know if the lack of bass problem has been sorted. Unfortunately Wharfedale cabinet designs did not incorporate the T & S parameters of the speakers and this is an issue that impacts on the bass performance. Some idea of the actual internal volume and the dimensions of the vent area and depth would be handy to determine the tuning frequency.
  3. The highly regarded Tannoy models are the 15'' Monitor Gold and HPD 385 series and the 12'' Monitor Gold and HPD 315 series. It may pay to concentrate on these types to receive pertinent information concerning their performance , enclosure types and suitable amplification equipment. The Monitor Golds are very expensive to purchase , S/H and the HPDs can be in need of much attention as a result of rough surround repairs. I am not a fan of the typical Tannoy enclosure designs.
  4. Try a thinner turntable mat to increase the clearance , rather than using spacers to overcome a lack of a height adjustment provision on the RB 330 arm. The VTA should be set to the manufacturer's specification if it is available.
  5. The first issue of a dent, tear , crease or a scratch is the cosmetic look; they are not things that we wish to see on a speaker. With paper cones a crease or tear can grow over time due to fatigue and even if inaudible at first, will become more obvious with time. Thin cones are the most vulnerable. A concentric crease near the cone apex, especially running a full 360 degrees will result in a dip and peak in the frequency response. Eventually the cone will pull apart. Plastic and impregnated fabric cones, are generally tougher than paper and creasing is not a likely event unless there has been a major accident. However they can age badly and go soft , particularly Bextrene, that giant leap backwards in speaker cone material technology, which not only softens but splits radially. Metal cones, once bent beyond their springback point, will not retain the shape and uniformity of the original diaphragm, however this is not readily audible.
  6. The speaker, subject to verifying the part number on the magnet, appear to be an Audax HT 170 model. The surround appears to have been replaced, as it is fitted in reverse to the normal Audax fashion.
  7. Yes, I would agree with gat474, measure the frame of the speaker to check which model it is. The photo is somewhat deceptive and despite knowing the width of the T120, the bass speaker could be a 5 or 7 inch diameter model. The auction is for two pairs of the 7N double voice coil Focals.
  8. The twin coils could be wired in parallel for an 8 ohm nominal impedance or in series for a 16 ohm impedance. There was an arrangement devised by Focal to implement a form of crossover cct. to cut one coil off earlier to improve the midrange response and this would require a minimum of three separate leads going to the terminals.
  9. Well the StereoNet world certainly now knows a bit more about the Ondine series and the variations. Note:- I originally assumed that the 5'' speaker was an Audax, but it is a Focal model that used shared parts. I presume the voice coils of the 5'' unit have been wired in series.
  10. Glenn, your new pictures reveal an entirely different model to the ones in my experience. The woofer is a Focal 5N402-DB (13cm d ) ; the tweeter with the Kevlar diaphragm is a Focal model T 120 and the leaf tweeter could be from a number of sources. They all appear to be original for this oddball assembly and I can appreciate your concern about establishing the identification of the speakers used. Replacement 5'' bass speakers of a different make are readily available and you will need to have the Focal tweeter fitted with new surrounds as they suffer from foam rot.
  11. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/250086-withdrawn-or-relisted-fs-whatmough-audio-ondine-monitors/ The photos clearly shoe the one piece polypropylene cone with the 100mm dome cap and the 12 locating ridges for the voice coil, of the Dynaudio 24W100 bass speaker. I can remember working on a pair of Ondine speakers that had issues with the speakers and the crossover networks, many years ago and all the drivers used were Dynaudio models. Must we go around in circles on the identification ? Glenn will need to find replacement drivers that are close to the main specifications of the 24W100 and hopefully that fit the existing cutout of the cabinet with little or no alteration needed. If he is not happy with the end result, the crossover network could be in need of reworking. .
  12. The problem with your plan , even if you can find a pair for the right price ,is that the bass drivers may have suffered a similar fate to your originals.
  13. Dynaudio stopped supplying the OEM and D.I.Y. market with speaker drivers to concentrate on complete speakers only. Focal took up the slack after another French supplier, the original Audax company were closed. A few years later even Focal stopped supplying raw speakers. This sort of policy is bad news for small specialist speaker builders who need a reliable supply of speakers, to maintain production of a specialist design. For replacement bass speakers, I would look at SB Acoustics models , such as the SB23 NRXS-45-8 or their Satori WO24P-8. Some reworking of the Ondine enclosures may be required to allow these to fit snugly. The sensitivity , Fs and Vas are reasonably close to the 24W-100 figures to allow a reasonable match to the other drivers. As far as I know , not many Ondines exist . There was a pair on offer in the Stereonet classifieds last year and the sale was withdrawn.
  14. It seems your Ondine speakers have been repaired by Speakerbits and that they have been forced to fit a replacement driver of an unknown type due to a lack of original spare parts. Presumably the original Dynaudio speaker has suffered a major fault such as crushed or a burnt out voice coil.
  15. Perhaps sending in a photo of the speaker used in your Ondine would assist in helping to find a matching replacement.
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