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  1. It was for an incandescent lamp in a cylindrical shroud, to allow use of a stroboscope to check the RPM of the turntable and to also assist in sighting tracks when placing a pickup into the record groove.
  2. It is a model that was listed as a 10 inch Bronze/RS. The nominal impedance was given as 15 ohm.
  3. When buying replacement belts for Thorens turntables , make sure you order the correct item as there are noticeable size variations between the various models. Without seeing your 165 MK II in action, I would expect that your current belt is on the tight fitting side, i.e. too small in diameter.
  4. Orange oil or eucalyptus oil should enable the adhesive to be peeled away safely. Out door work though.
  5. Look again ampaddict. The PCB is close to a mirror view and comparing the right to the left sections that solder bridge should not be there. If you look at the Sansui Owner's and service manual you will see that join is non- existent.
  6. Enlarging the photo of the underside of the main amplifier PCB appears to show that the replacement of the bias trim pot has resulted in a solder bridge shorting the base of the bias transistor to R823.
  7. Welcome Wiz. If you can recall the gist of what you had to say about the Peterson speaker brand that was not covered in the referenced forum topic, then I am sure many members will show interest in your views.
  8. The Focal tweeter in photo number three is just showing the effects of age. The foam plastic annulus will require replacement eventually as it is beginning to deteriorate. At least you can distinguish from the difference in appearance that a new replacement has been fitted.
  9. I found some old measurements for the CX2012. Fs 35 Hz B.l 19.79 T.m Vas 208.6 L dBspl 96.83 Re 12.88 ohm no 2.9031 % Qms 5.1359 Mms 40.872 g Qes 0.2955 Cms 1.49E-6 m65/N Qts 0.2794 L 1kHz 1.1866 mH From these parameters and allowing for normal losses and solid parts within the enclosure, a fourth order Butterworth enclosure of an effective internal volume of 197 litres would be a good match for the Celestion 12'' speaker.
  10. From past experience with these speakers an enclosure based on the T & S parameters would be better than relying on the manufacturer's designs. Be warned, it needs to be quite large. The crossover network is simply a capacitor and a pot for the shallow horn tweeter and it is worthwhile to use a more sophisticated design.
  11. If there is no silvery material remaining on the inside of the glass then the getter material has been used up and you have a valve that is going gassy. Time for a new replacement valve.
  12. Garry Cawsey at 41 Edwards Street in Brunswick., would be my suggestion for a professional service in Melbourne. He will supply the T & S parameters as part of the repair service on request.
  13. A re-cone kit is available from Queensland Speaker Repairs and it does require assembly skill. The Speaker Exchange in the USA can supply you with a ready assembled JBL cone kit, which is an easier repair proposition. There are a few variations in the JBL models , so make sure you have the right frame and magnet that suits the 2235 specification. If the original speaker has had a hard life it may pay to get the magnet re-energised.
  14. Queensland Speaker Repairs, sales@qsr.net.au
  15. Don't be too hasty, contact QSR or any of the interstate speaker repairers.
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