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  1. Don't be too hasty, contact QSR or any of the interstate speaker repairers.
  2. The small lateral weight on the 'L' shaped rod is an adjustment for static arm balancing. A mechanism for applying an anti-skating force is not fitted to this early pickup arm.
  3. Speakerbits cannot be contacted via their website, which is a nuisance. A stereonet member, legseleven had a diaphragm for sale on December, 2015, but he has not answered a request to buy this item or indicate if it has been sold. I do wonder if anyone knows how this member is getting on as he was very active on the forum until a few years ago.
  4. Cawsey Audio custom builds phono pre-amps as well as class A solid state amplifiers. the pre-amp can be assembled with a very low noise head amp for MC cartridges.
  5. The Dayton SPA 250 would match power wise but it does not use the front control escutcheon feature of the Jensen SPX19. The Dayton panel is 250 mm x 250 mm , so that could also be an issue requiring a cabinet modification.. The port tuning of the SPX 19 is too high to obtain the benefit of the + 6dB, 35 Hz boost level and to obtain better performance it should be re-tuned to around 30 to 35 Hz. This would require an extension of the existing port tube .
  6. It is a common fault with the plate amplifier. The ganged potentiometers tend to go open circuit with age and they will require replacement. Finding replacements could be a problem , though, as they are not common service items.
  7. And I would add that a google search for the composition of compressor oil and any other lubricant that you care to investigate may be of interest. You may be in for a few surprises. Castrol Magnatec is compounded from synthetic materials and yes, it contains a detergent. The detergent serves the purpose of preventing any harmful deposits from binding to metal surfaces and is in no way harmful for lubricating turntables or tape decks. ' 3 in 1 oil ' is basically for light lubrication of exposed parts and rust prevention . It is not suited for surfaces that work under a high contact pressure or at high temperatures. It can also gum things up as it based on petroleum by-products such as napthene.
  8. You will need a 6 position two pole rotary switch for your project. Plenty to choose from via eBay if a stereonet member cannot help you.
  9. It would help to know how many poles and how many positions your switch requirement needs to be able satisfy your intended diy project . Also the shaft diameter and type may also be a consideration.
  10. Without knowing the make and model of the bass speaker used by REL, a comparison cannot be made. The high Qts figure for the Peerless 12'' is not encouraging although it is certainly an attractive price. You could also look at the CW2199 12'' available from Jaycar, as another possible replacement . What would prevent you from sending the faulty speaker via Australia Post to avoid a long road journey to Melbourne ?
  11. The outer roll surround has perished, ( not the cone ) and that component can be replaced by a speaker repairer. It would be advisable to remove the speaker from the cabinet to avoid additional labour charges. Garry Cawsey ,and Attilla Tanka are the usual candidates for speaker repairs.
  12. Speakers designed for use at high SPL,s such as JBL 15'' models from the 1970,s onwards certainly were specified for high power operation. Massive magnet assemblies , 100mm,diam voice coils etc., meant that they were designed for exacting applications. That is why they featured in so many Studio Monitor applications. I have no qualms about how Messrs Avantguarde rate their speakers as it is normal these days to indicate the power level that the speakers can withstand. Continuous power handling rating is another matter and if this could be quantified it would be substantially lower than the usual advertised claim. JBL used to refer to many competitor's power handling ratings as O.T.O. ( one time only ).
  13. To answer aussievintage's query, the SPL will not increase in proportion to the supplied power increase. What happens is that as the voice coil(s) heat up the impedance climbs and the sensitivity of the speaker drops. Added to that problem is that voice coil excursion (Xmax) can be exceeded which is another form of compression and distortion, i.e. the speaker system runs out of steam; which is also the lack of headroom.
  14. High power valve amplifiers, 100 watt per channel, plus, are monster sized and very heavy if they are built on a single chassis. They are also very expensive to purchase and maintain. The speakers may well have a rated sensitivity of 92.5 dB but having the types of speaker drivers intended for domestic sound reproduction would mean that compression will take place regardless of their power handling ability if an attempt is made to achieve high sound pressure levels in a very large room space and at an extreme listening distance. Large rooms need large speakers with headroom. If the system is not performing to you requirements, start looking at alternative speakers, possibly active professional models or custom built ones. Very few Hi Fi shops have what you need on a demonstration basis.
  15. The Garrott Brothers were the go to people many years ago and you could try to have the company that took over from them, rework the Decca for you. Decibel Hi Fi would be the first people to contact. Unfortunately, it is an expensive process. You should consider that the vertical tracking angle of the MK I cartridge was around zero degrees and this suited English Decca and Telefunken recordings using the original Teldec stereo cutting head. Years after the introduction of stereophonic discs , a 15 degree standard was used as a compromise to improve results with the different makes of cutting heads that were then in use. The later standard of 20 degrees came into use when it was discovered that the actual cutting angle differed from the set cutting stylus angle. I would only use the Decca as a mono cartridge providing you have a collection of early (mono) vinyl as it excels in playing these. and have it tipped with an elliptical diamond.
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