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  1. Regretfully; this type of rotary control action via a flat cable to a slider switch is a custom built assembly and if Sony can no longer supply it and the cable ends cannot be patched up by re-trimming, then you have a serious service problem. If there is room inside the case then it may be possible to fit a relay operated function selector panel. A great deal of work would be required and it may not be an economic proposition.
  2. I am presuming that you Have the ESS AMT 1B system. ESS only provide basic specifications on the replacement speaker but the important detail is that it fits the same cabinet cutout recess, so at least you do not have to do any cabinet re-working. The crossover network is another matter as it used N.P. electrolytic capacitors which will need replacement , if they have not already been changed. The original Heil AMT ( polyethylene ) diaphragms deteriorate over time causing splits and the pleats to loose their shape. New replacement 689 1107 diaphragms do not work down to the
  3. ESS has replacement speakers for this model, Part No 689 1220. This may be a better course to follow than pursuing second hand speakers and then having to repair them. Garry Cawsey does major upgrades to the early ESS AMT series .
  4. Pioneer speakers that used carbon fibre cones are known to become brittle with age. Care has to be taken when using solvents to remove adhesives to avoid causing splits or crumbling at the cone periphery. Acetone is an effective solvent for most contact adhesives but the risk of smearing the black glue further, remains. The list of quality speaker repairers in Melbourne is very small and it would be interesting to know who bartonfink used to clean up the 10'' bass speakers, or if it is a job in waiting.
  5. You need to consider that Aranmar use CNC machinery and if it is set up for a production run , a reset for an individual a small order cannot be met without a considerable interruption and cost burden. Added to this, if you are not supplying the raw materials and suitable factory stock is not available then your design might have been an unrealistic proposition.
  6. John Woodhead at Aranmar Acoustics. 63 Southern Road, Mentone. He makes excellent cabinets and has a wealth of speaker knowledge. He had some serious health problems that set him back last year and fortunately he has recovered. Anyone wanting him to build custom enclosure should remember to supply detailed drawings and not rough plans.
  7. You will need a water based adhesive such as Selleys Water Based Contact Adhesive. A spirit based adhesive will tend to dissolve the cone if it is a Bextrene type.
  8. The original bass/ mid driver DW200/4 was manufactured by B & W and it is basically a 6.5 '' speaker with big ears. If one of the original B & W speakers has been replaced with an Audax 8'' and you wish to match this, then you will need to list the code numbers printed on the magnet. A typical Audax code would read as ,say HD20B25J.
  9. A conventional wave spider is used. The black doughnut fixed between the horn mouth and the cone is there to prevent the entry of dust.
  10. That IC is a 16 pin device and should be approx. 19 mm in length. These items are available from suppliers via the Internet, just avoid the eBay sellers as this is where the dubious ones come from. Generally an indication of a faulty LM391N chip in an Amber amplifier is the overheating of the 220 ohm resistors in the Positive and Negative supply rails to pins 15 and 16 of the IC.
  11. The amplifier driver IC chip is a National Semiconductor LM391N-100. Many of the available replacements are copies as the original manufacture of this component ceased many years ago.
  12. There is an Owner's Manual that can be down loaded from The Vinyl Engine website. It is in Japanese and it shows the tools supplied with the turntable to facilitate the platter removal and holding the belt in place.
  13. There is normally a fuse compartment contained within the IEC power socket. Sometimes these are fitted with a spare fuse.
  14. And how do you prove that a diamond is soft? It is not wise to repeat someone's opinion unless you have proof positive about that allegation.
  15. Davos80. The array of alnico slug magnets between the front and rear pole plates is a precursor of a similar method used by Focal in such speakers as the Audiom 13VX. It would be an advantage to know the T & S parameters of the CX - 20D to assist with determining a suitable enclosure for them. For an initial trial however, an open baffle will suffice.
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