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  1. sows ears

    Power amp connection query

    thanks for the reply PicoWattson. Pretty much what I had been thinking but it is not my amp and was after some reinforcement before making the move. The old beast does Class A when running under 10 watts output and I have very efficient speakers, so I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. regards, Ian
  2. I've been using the Pontus for a few weeks (~100 hours) now. No difference of any kind between channels that I've noticed. I'm using a Curious USB cable out of an Antipodes DS streamer/server and am really enjoying the results. This was a blind purchase and one that I have not regretted. I would not mind trying the Singxer DDC option but have heard that for some, the difference is negligible and dependent on the source quality more than anything. Maybe someone would lend me one for a week or two.
  3. Is it possible/safe to connect a DAC output straight to a power amp, in this case a Yamaha M-45 with input level controls? Just wondering. thanks, Ian
  4. sows ears

    EOI Dixieland Jazz and others CDs

    thanks Kazz, now done
  5. Item: CDs - light use, excellent condition. I can supply more info if there is any interest Location:Sydney NSW Price: EOI @ $10 per disc Item Condition: Used, 9/10 Reason for selling:Part of my late fathers collection and not my style Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Various artists - Ken Colyer in New Orleans - The Complete 1953 Recordings The December Band – Volume 2 Firehouse Five + 2 – Dixieland Favourites Firehouse Five + 2 - Goes South Firehouse Five + 2 - Goes to Sea Firehouse Five + 2 - Plays for Lovers Jelly Roll Morton – Red Hot Peppers, New Orleans Jazz Men and Trios Bunk Johnson/Lu Waters – Bunk and Lu Phil Mason’s New Orleans All Stars – Spirituals and Gospels At the Jazz Band Ball – Chicago/New York Dixieland Jazz Classics New Orleans in Digital Stereo Volume 2 The Trafalgar Squares – The good time sounds of Dixieland Giants of Jazz – The Legend of New Orleans (various) When the Saints – The Original Dixieland Stompers Compact Jazz – The Best of Dixieland (various) Esquire Jazz Concert – NYC Met. Opera House 1944 The Famous Castle Jazz Band – In Stereo The Famous Castle Jazz Band - The Five Pennies Chris Barbers Jazz Band - The Original Copenhagen Concert 1954 Fats Waller and his Rhythm – 1934 to 1936 Carl Sonny Leyland – I’m Wise Meade Lux Lewis/Jim Yancey - Barrelhouse Boogie Art Tatum – The Genius Of Keyboard Duke Ellington and his Orchestra – 1927 to 1934 Pictures:
  6. sows ears

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    An Antipodes server is one way of having CD quality playback. My DS has a slot to insert CDs which are losslessly FLAC ripped to the onboard hard drive. Playback via Roon is a piece of cake and it streams Tidal as well.
  7. I'll take the black one and also the white(ish) one too please.
  8. I'm running a pair of Zu Soul Superflys atm using a Miniwatt amp which puts out 2-3 watts from memory. They play plenty loud enough in a big lounge room that opens out to a good sized sun room. I'm using a Peachtree iNova as a DAC only to the Miniwatt but often use the Peachtree as the amp too and it puts out 60 watts of much meatier/denser music which is still well resolved. I don't prefer either combo really, I just like a change occasionally and have a few amps that get rotated through my room. The Zu thrive on low powered valve amps, especially those with16 Ohm outputs but also perform really well on older SS Receivers. Ian
  9. sows ears

    Aussie Rock Anecdotes

    re Chrissie Amphlett - I remember The Divinyls absolutely wiping the stage floor with Concrete Blonde who were the main act at Selinas at Coogee Beach in Sydney I digress - early '78 at The Civic Hotel (Punk Central) in Sydney watching Midnight Oil, the hottest new band around at that time. Pills of all sorts on the floor and drugged out pill poppers begging for the last inch of whatever in your glass. One of them shaping up to my girlfriend (now wife) when she grabbed his arm to stop him stealing her drink. Me throwing him down the stairs and being thanked by the bouncer who saw it all. Anyway, the Oils are playing and the audience is spitting on the band (apparently, a term of endearment in those early punk days). Not to be outdone and with reciprocal endearment I'm sure, Peter Garrett starts clearing his nose, one nostril at a time back onto the audience! They loved it! I'd love to meet Peter and remind him of this although I'm sure he remembers it. Who wouldn't?
  10. sows ears

    "Line out" and it's uses

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It's good to get some reassurance and I'm going to do it right now!
  11. Morning all, I have a Peachtree iNova which I really enjoy. I have connected it to a Miniwatt amp via the pre-outlets and enjoyed it as a pre-amp/DAC too. This is per the manual. I would like to try it as a DAC only and believe I can connect to the Miniwatt using the iNova Line Out option which is a fixed line-level output. The manual says to connect these to a "line level input". Are these "line level inputs" where I would normally connect a CDP for example? I asked Peachtree for advice and the answer was "If you are feeding the iNova to another amp, I would suggest using the pre outs on the amp, line out may be too hot of a signal." I can understand this if I was plugging direct into a power amp but thought going into an integrated amp would be OK. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Ian
  12. sows ears

    JH belt drive turntable

    Item: JH belt drive turntable Location: Engadine NSW Price: $50 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Estate clearing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Home made in the mid-70s. Plywood and teak veneer. Used regularly until the Rega Planar 3 arrived. Would form the basis of a nice beginners rig. 33 and 45 rpm Cord cut but I'm positive it will work. Platter spins freely. New belt required. Pictures:
  13. Item: VAF Research DCX Floor Standing Speakers Location: Engadine NSW Price: $500. Now going on Ebay too. PM please, if interested. Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Estate clearing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These were the kit speakers as supplied to my late father by VAF and assembled by him in 1997. I'm happy to audition them for any local buyer. Lightly used, no more than a couple of hundred hours at the very most. Driven all their life by a monster 130wpc Yamaha receiver giving a very powerful sound but also very detailed. I auditioned them using a Weston Troubadour thinking I may keep them and while most impressed, decided to stick with my smaller, more efficient Zu. Comes with all manuals, spikes and bi-wire speaker cable around 2 metres in length as shown in the first pic. One pic has the top of the enclosure with the dress-cover removed, showing the stretch sock grille attachment method. Sorry for the shade variations in the pictures. Pictures:
  14. sows ears

    CDs for sale

    Item: Various CDs for sale Location: Engadine NSW Price: $5 each Item Condition: Very good - little usage Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Ladies First Tina Turner - Private Dancer Carpenters - Yesterday Once More Elaine Page - Stages Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews - You've always got the Blues (Stringer Soundtrack) The Best of Emmylou Harris - Profile 2. Emmylou Harris - White Shoes Dolly Parton - Real Love Greatest Hits The Great Pretender Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris - Trio Loretta, Dolly, Tammy - Honky Tonk Angels. Now the Gents John Denver - One World It's About Time Seasons of the Heart Dreamland Express Alabama - The Closer You Get Eddie Rabbit - Step by Step Al Cherny - Country Jam Sleepy La Beef - A Rockin' Decade Herb Alpert - Blow Your Own Horn Earl Klugh - Wishful Thinking James Last - Romantic Dreams Non Stop Evergreens Luciano Pavarotti - Verismo Arias Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti Thanks for looking! Pictures:
  15. I will have some original VAF DCX floor standers for sale shortly if you're interested. Of course, freight from Sydney may be a bit expensive but they will be offered for under $1000.