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  1. I'm getting used to the sound now, still havent gotten used to their feel. My old AD900s beat them hands down in comfort.
  2. You can try a Shintaro keyboard. Very similar to the Dinovos but a lot cheaper http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=113_257&products_id=13257
  3. Cheers CP_ i wasn't aware that there were Aussie resellers for the SChiit gear.
  4. Logicprobe - i've already got the Essence STX - It powered my 900s very well but it seems to be underpowered for the 702's. Also cheers for the info guys I'm now doing some research into suitable headphone amp's to see what reportedly works well, within my budget.
  5. So i spent a couple hours last night listening to these headphones and I have to say i can completely understand what people meant when they said that they would sound flat when they aren't given the grunt they need to play well. Underwhelming would be my best description. The mids/highs were there (barely) but the bass was just missing... I'll have to decide on an amp quickly because i dont think i can live with the cans as they are.
  6. Headphones have arrived. Counting down the minutes until i get them home and get to try them out ;D
  7. Cheers guys, i just put through an order for the 702's. I guess i'll have to do some research into amps while i wait for them to arrive. (bugger - right after i purchase them i find them on sale for cheaper ;(
  8. Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade my headphones and i'm after info about whether i'll need to buy a dedicated amplifier in order to drive a set of AKG K702's or if my current setup will suffice. I currently have an Asus Xonar Essence STX in my PC connected up to Audio Technica AD900's . The Xonar's specs are here: http://www.asus.com/Multimedia/Audio_Cards/Xonar_Essence_STX/ The Xonar was designed to be a headphone amp in a sound card and while on paper it should drive them; i'm worried that it won't have the juice to really give the 702's the power they need to play well. Is anyone able to advise if the Xonar will be enough or if i should seek dedicated amplification? Secondly - if a dedicated amp is required would there be any problem using the Xonar as a DAC/pre-amp and then connect it to a headphone amp? The amp i was looking at was the Schiit Lyr. http://schiit.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=3 So the setup would be along the lines of (DAC/pre-amp) Xonar -> (power amp) Schiit Lyr RCA in -> AKG K702
  9. 2 things to consider if your thinking about DIY and the costs/benfits. 1) Dont forget take into consideration the cost of tools/paint/veneer etc. You "might" be able to make a $300 kit speaker sound like a $1500 pre-made speaker but if its your 1st DIY, chances are you're going to have additional outlay. e.g When i was building my sub i spent ~$600 on the driver/amp/wood and probably spent all of that again in tools (Router, Drill, Clamps, Saw etc) in order to actually make it. (totally worth every cent of it IMO) 2) While the finished product, might sound as good as a professinally made speaker, unless you have the know how and the tools to paint/veneer the speaker boxes it might not look as good as a professionally made speaker (making it look good is all important for the WAF). So your unless have the tools already and a lot of expierence in veneering your $300 DIY speaker might end up being a $600 DIY speaker that looks like it was a factory reject from the pro speaker factory.
  10. Firstly - Read up on the Specs of that Onkyo AV receiver. http://www.onkyousa.com/model.cfm?m=TX-SR608&class=Receiver&p=i The 608 has NO Pre-outs for L/C/R so it would be pointless to get it and the Emotiva XPA-5 together. As far as i'm aware you have to go up to the TX-SR 708 in order to get 7.1 pre-outs (possibly see if they have the 707 from last year and get a discount). So really your 1st question is - Should i get the Onkyo TX-SR708, the Emotiva UMC1 or possibly something else? After that then ask your mate if you can borrow his speakers for a week and see if they work for you. If they work you just saved $430 bucks. If they dont you can then consider ordering the F6's.
  11. I've just about finished my Ported DIY sub (just got to paint/veneer it) and I used the exact same components you have purchased. First let me say that if WAF is an issue, aim slightly smaller then 226L or come up with a cool way to make it unobtrusive. My Sub ended up at ~200L and it’s about the size of a bar fridge (34"x24"x20"). This is ok for me as I don’t have worry about WAF, but there is no doubt that its a fricken huge box and that unless you have a convenient way of hiding it, your Mrs might think its too damn big and ask you to remove it from her house (hopefully not yourself as well for daring to put such a thing inside). Secondly, have a gander at http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/members-diy-subwoofer-database/24321-exodus-audio.html there are several build threads that show how people have thought outside the box and have made them into end tables etc in order to improve the WAF while keeping the performance they desired. Other bits of advice would be: Read up on DIY speaker building and construction advice before you start anything. Keep the design simple so that you don’t bite off more then you can chew. Become familiar with WinISD so that you can simulate your subs performance before you start construction. Use Google SketchUp to design your enclosure while taking into consideration the information that WinISD provided. Measure twice cut once - Will save you so much trouble. Have fun - the most important part of DIY.
  12. I've just about finished my DIY Sub and i'm already thinking of doing a DIY centre channel. I already know i'm going to have to learn a crap load about crossovers etc but it's gonna be a fun process.
  13. If i wanted to spend $42k on something handmade by monks i'd speak with Chimay and ask them to make me something delicious
  14. Post production 3d effects look freaking nasty. When i saw them in Clash of the titans i nearly yakked because it looked so bad.
  15. I have a set of Logitach z5500's and i then upgraded to a set of M4's as i no longer needed surround sound. Tbh im a bit of a bass head and the M4's base was a little lacking so i plugged the 5500 back in and instead of using the supplied satelite speakrs i used M4's instead. They made a hell of a difference, they were noticeably clearer in mids and highs then the normal 5500 speakers and with the addition of the sub the bass punch was just about right as well.
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