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  1. Sorry to hear today that the KISS tour has been cancelled..............someone's ill.
  2. KISS eh, the guys with all the make up...............actually just looking at our two record lists it's amazing how very different they are.
  3. Then you must be my son - always sounded like he was tuning motorbikes in his bedroom....................
  4. At least once a week for over 40 years: - Unhalfbricking - Fairport Convention - Deja vu - CSN&Y - Blue - Joni Mitchell Regularly at present but just have to break the rules, so: - Music from Big Pink - The Band - After the goldrush - Neil Young - Fotheringay - Fotheringay - Moondance - Van Morrison -Traffic - Traffic -Blind Faith - Blind Faith - For the roses - Joni Mitchell - WYWH - Pink Floyd - Soular Energy - Ray Brown Trio - Are we there yet? - Sara K and Chris Jones
  5. Item: Line Magnetic LM 518iA 845 valve integrated/power amplifier Location: Perth Price: $4,500.00.............firm Item Condition: Excellent, as new - perfect cosmetically and operationally Reason for selling: No longer required, too many amplifiers Payment Method: Pickup - cash, bank transfer Extra Info:Original purchaser of this terrific 22 wpc SET (845 valve) amplifier from the Australian distributor - 240 volt unit. Bias adjustment for 845 valves and hum balancers for each channel - never been used as it is totally silent in operation. Comes in original factory packaging, manual, remote control and valve cage (never used). Unit was used both in integrated form and also as a stand alone stereo power amp with a separate pre-amplifier which is a bonus for those seeking a valve power amp.Amp has just 102 hours use and the stock Psvane 845 valves just 52 hours as Psvane Western Electric 845 Replicas were used as an alternative. All other stock valves were replaced with new Genelex Gold Lion valves viz. 2 x KT66 (replacing 6L6s), 2 x 12AX7s and 1 x 5AR4 - total cost of unit was $5,700. Notwithstanding the amp's high quality it was used in rotation with other amplifiers, hence it's low useage Audition in my home to serious buyers only Photos:
  6. Item: Kimber Kable Select KS - 9033 speaker jumper cables, terminated with WBT - 0644 gold banana plugs Location: Perth Price: $500.00, plus postage Item Condition: Excellent, as new Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Purchased new from the Australian distributor. They come in their original heavy duty plastic case and outer box. Length is 29.5 cm (11.6 inches) tip to tip. Although used primarily for speakers they can also be used with amplifiers - say when running a pair of McIntosh 275s in monoblock mode. RRP - $1,129. Photos:
  7. Hi needlerunner, I remember those days when CDs initially came out (1982)............they were regarded as "collections" similar to coins and stamps etc which was handled in a rather old fashioned way by many Underwriters, where they had limits for "collections". Clearly this wasn't going to work long term, and unfair to the consumer. Hopefully you have found an Underwriter who just includes them as part of the general contents sum insured. With changing insurance legislation over the years things (somewhat contrary to popular belief) have become easier. If you don't mind me recommending everyone will be better off useing a QUALIFIED COMPETENT broker as in all industries there are MANY woeful performers out there even if they are qualified.........and read your PDS (policy) so you can have an intelligent discussion with your broker prior to having to use it.
  8. This is really not the place to go into this...............but you didn't say that and no Underwriter would be allowed by the industry to use that as a reason to decline a claim - never seen an underwriting question like that in my experience, nevertheless with so many Underwiters it's probably possible - the industry requires Underwriters to allow a fairly long unoccupancy of their homes these days - as someone said read your policy.
  9. That's really not correct .................your cover will be based on relacement cost so you must maintain an allowance for that within your sum insured that - what it will cost to track down and replace all CDs immediately following the loss at today's prices otherwise you may find yourself underinsured.
  10. That is total cobblers Dean - I too was a QPIB for over 30 years and if you were a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker you would know that it is standard in the industry for domestic homeowners policies to have unoccupancy clauses of between 30 to 60 days (mine has 60)............depends on the insurance product and the company.
  11. Item: Cary Audio CAD 300SE Signature monoblock amplifiers - Series 3 Location:n Perth Price: $5,500.00 Item Condition: Excellent, as new - not a mark Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Purchased these new from the Australian distributor - 220/240 volts. Fifteen (15) watts of 300B SET purity. Have the original boxes, packaging and manual. Upgraded the two matched pairs of 6SL7 valves with matched NOS JAN RCA VT229 valvers from Brent Jessee Recording and Supply ($375). Also will supply a new matched pair of unused EAT 300B valves (pictured in amps) which I had as spares - these are excellent now valves ($1,295). These are the last version of these amplifiers. The speaker terminals are switchable between 4 and 8 ohms (external switch). Auditions in my home to serious buyers only. Photos:
  12. Chris, See Extra Info...........1m pair See Serial numbers on cables..............year of manufacture would be 2002
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