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  1. Further information: 1972 Australian early pressing - gatefold. Have numerous copies and need to divest myself of a couple. Polydor 2625005. Cleaned in KLAudio Ultrasonic RCM KL200. Photos:
  2. Further information:2020 EU pressing (I believe it's a German pressing, but can't guarantee) - gatefold. Have some six copies of this and need to quit a couple. Played only one side of this double album. Polydor 0600753103739. Cleaned in KLAudio Ultrasonic RCM KL200. Photos:
  3. Further information: Reasonably rare Vanguard VRS-9211 US 1966 pressing - terrific condition. Photos:
  4. Further information: Now out of print and reasonably rare gatefold album - Discogs indicative prices are up to three times the price. Purchased new and played half a dozen times. Mobile Fidelity No: 02312. Cleaned in KLAudio Ultrasonic RCM KL200. Photos:
  5. Further information: Purchased new and played once. Mobile Fidelity NO:000444. Cleaned in KLAudio Ultrasonic RCM KL200. Photos:
  6. You may wish to check the decibel hifi link you posted - they also come in 10 dB.
  7. I certainly would agree with you that by the very fact that they are in the signal path they "should" be anticipated to have a negative effect. They are inexpensive in audiophile terms and generally the quality of Rothwell's products (principally their SUTs) are reasonable so sucking and seeing will have to be it for me.
  8. I too have an interest in these and your comment is interesting as in Neurone's post where he provides a review reference in 2002 by the tnt-audio webzine reviewer Steve Davey (unknown to me) concludes by saying - "But the real test was whether there was any audible degradation in the sound quality. After a number of A/B testing sessions with and without the attenuators in place I could discern no change in signal quality". I suppose it's going to be a situation of trying them and establishing for yourself whether you are happy with the results. Their low cost luckily makes this an easy test.
  9. Further information: Purchased these new from the Australian distributor - 220/240 volts. Fifteen (15) wpc 300B single ended triode purity. Have the original boxes, packaging and manual. Stock 6SL7 valves replaced with a matched pair of NOS JAN RCA VT229 valves from Brent Jessee Rrcording and Supply. Also included is a new matched pair of EAT 300 B valves (pictured in amps).............these are new valves. These are the last version of these amplifiers (series 3) designed by Dennis Had. The speaker terminals are switchable between 4 and 8 ohms (external switch). RRP at time of purchase $8,800. Photos:
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