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  1. Hi BigDog RJ , Thanks for the reply . I’ve auditioned the REF250 and REF250SE ( unfortunately have not tried it w/ the current Magnepan Models ) w/ the Focal Grande Utopia they’re musical but one thing that I can’t fathom is that subjectively they don’t sound as powerful at specified power . It seems my old D250MK2 servo and my old favourite ARC Classic 150 monoblocks has power and does dynamic contrast galore just like my REF 610T. A friend of mine who got my old D250MK 2 servo is the current custodian and it matches well w/ his Magnepan 3.6. These vintage amps are musical as well but not as clean nor as having a dark background as the REF 250SE . Maybe it’s time for me to listen to it again w/ my rebuilt Magnepan MG3A. I have not listened to my REF 610T w/ the Magnepan MG3A yet w/ the new powercord I currently acquired ( a pair of Shunyata King Cobra CX) . These power cords are a game changer for the REF610T . It improved the musicality and dynamic contrast of these amps compared to the stock PC . Once I try it I will report my findings . I agree w/ you regarding the KT150’s , I have audioned it in the REF750SE and it’s more musical and had a thicker texture , more meat in the bone sound than the REF 750 that had the KT120’s . Best regard, 930
  2. Hi guys , My experience using my ARC REF610T w/ the KT120 factory upgrade kit driving the MG3A using the stock external X over was not good . It was so bright , white and very little bass . It’s better when I use my pair of ARC D79B’s w/ the ARC EC21 tube X Over ( active biamplification) . It’s not as powerful but it’s musical . I posted these finding as well at the planar page of audioasylum and they said the stock external X Over is no good due to the cheap parts and it can be improved if one will better capacitors / parts for the stock X Over 930
  3. Thank you very much for the nice words . The ARC’s valve amps matches well w/ Magnepan . It’s one of the speakers use by ARC to voice they’re electronics . The Tymapni’s were once marketed by ARC . Good move Ghost4man to use a class A amp in the mids and high section .
  4. Hi Guys , My first time to post in the Magneplanar Owners Thread . Not to deviate off topic what amps are you using to drive Magnepan . If you can post a pictures of your pride and joy it would be a plus . I have a rebuilt by the factory MG3A driven by a pair of newly recapped ARC D79B’s in Biamp configuration using the ARC EC 21 active tube crossover. Thanks in advance , 930
  5. I understand Kiat . Keep us posted .
  6. I use to love the 9” arm but when I had experienced the properly set up 12” arm it’s so smooth even until the cuts near the record label . It’s dynamic as well . I’ve heard the 14” , they are very smooth , but it’s not dynamic , the attacks were not as fast as the 9 & 12” S for me it was a little bit of a bore .
  7. I’ve tried Soundsmith for my Koetsu Rosewood standard . I’ve also had it done by Van den Hull also w/ the Koetsu . There are 2 other persons doing retipping in the USA . One is Andy Kim from Seattle Wa. and the other is the importer of Cayin electronics & Aurum speakers . He also makes his own MC cartridge the VAS NOVA . Reasonably priced cartridge and highly recommended by Harry Weisfeld of VPI . His name is Steve Leung . Good feedback from these 2 persons , both reasonably priced .
  8. Hi Kiat , Thank you very much for your reply . On the old Duntech website , I remember SCR Caps were on sale . Best regard , 930
  9. Hi Kiat , fellow members of this forum , In the old Princess C5000 was Solen caps used as well ? It would be easy for me to open mine and check but I’m afraid to do so because I might damage something. Thanks in advance, 930
  10. Thanks for the reply Rob the speakers are Duntech Princess C5000 model
  11. I’m sorry I was not able to post the tubes glowing on my REF 5SE & REF PHONO 2SE . Wanted to post pictures of the tube glowing in my vintage setup as well ( ARC SP10Mk 2 , a pair of D79B’s & my EC21 tube X over ) but too lazy to unscrew the top cover plate of these equipment , it will take me a half day to do it . 930
  12. My ARC REF 610T w/ the KT120’s glowing .Sorry for the picture quality picture taken using the IPhone.
  13. Audio Research corporation , VPI Industries , Michell Engineering , Kuzma ,Synergistic Research , Shunyata , Benz Micro , Lyra and Duntech audio , they all stand behind they’re product . That’s why I remained loyal to these companies.
  14. Hi guys , Here are my turntables it’s made by VPI .
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