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  1. Hi Kelossus , I had JBL’s back in the day but only the small model ( L65 Jubal’s and a 4312B ) . They had mid bass indeed but for me it was colored . The Duntech Princess is uncoloured and the bass is well defined , try a big tube amp like the high powered VTL’s 450 signature or the Siegfried’s or the ARC REF 250’s and newer 750’s and you’ll be able to hear / feel the mid bass wallop of your Princess . I remember my old ARC D250 MK2 servo and my Classic 150 monoblocks when I was using them to drive my C5000 Princess they’re bass were not as tight , but the mid bass had visceral impact and a dynamic contrast like the real thing . Specially when this old amps are used w/ my ARC SP11 MK2 preamp .
  2. Hi Kelossus , What Amps are you using for your Princess ( is it the PCL 1100 series or the newer C5000 series ) ? I’m currently using the audio research REF 610T w/ the KT120 upgrade all tube amp and in my 6 x 4 meter room w/ a 9 feet ceiling it’s not lacking in Bass nor mid bass . Mid range as you said is quite good . I’ve heard the Sovereigns PCL 2001 and for me the Mids of the Princess are more open . But the bass of the sovereign is fantastic. 930
  3. Happened to our audiophile group around 3 years ago . Purchased a Benz Micro ACE SL from our local dealer here in the Philippines and after few months I lost the left channel , it was replcced under warranty.. The other one an old Benz Micro ACE M . Not an SL Model was been used for a couple of years , also lost one channel cant recall which . Cannot claim warranty. . My friend just replaced it w/ an AT OC9 MK 2 . Ive been using my GULLWING SLR w/c I bought from the local dealer and no problem whatsoever
  4. I still have 2 more old cars that I have poured a lot of money to both of them . I feel so much alive when I’m driving these old cars of mine . The key is to do preventive maintenance. But still it cost a lot of money . Here are some photos including me posting w/ my blue car
  5. I still have mine spent a ton of money on it , wanted to sell it once to buy a BMW Z3 M roadster but decided not to . I still love it and it brings a smile on my face every time I drive it . Picture of my car in front of our home .
  6. I’m surprised ARC does not make these top of the line models available there in your country , I’m sure there are a lot of potential buyers there . Maybe you can email them and inquire if they can custom made a power transformer that can accommodate the voltage requirement of your country . By the way last night after my listening session I notice the reading from my 10 KVA Automatic Voltage Regulator Transformer ( used exclusively for my ARC REF 610T’s monoblocks ) that the incoming voltage was 246 Volts but the outgoing voltage was still at 230V . Maybe an AVR Transformer would work for you , in my case if it causes a little sonic degradation, it’s a safe insurance for voltage fluctuation w/c in the Philippines could range from a low off 225V to a high of 246V . I also have a separate AVR transformer a 1 kva for the linestage , phonostage , turntables and the CD player. These transformers are usually adjustable internally ( output) and you can have them adjusted by your tech so it will suit the operating voltage of your equipment. Furmann makes them , but for me the brand Matsunaga (Stavol ) from Japan is an excellent choice . But there are Stavol Chinese knock off’s . Make sure it’s made in Japan .
  7. Hi Itakku thanks for the compliment. I can’t believe they don’t sell the REF 10 linestage and phonostage there in Australia ? How about the REF 750SE are these available there in your country ? What is the voltage there in Australia ? Here in the Philippines it’s 230-240V 60hz .
  8. Hi guys , I finally got my dream preamp/ linestage after selling my ARC REF 5SE . My new preamp is the 2 chassis ARC REF Anniversary 40 . It was a jaw dropping experience when I first auditioned it in my system . Fellow audiophiles ask me “ w/ the amount of cash I added why I did not get the ARC REF 6 instead “ . I said that I’m confident that the REF Anniversary might be equal or might exceed the performance of the REF 6 . By the way I’m using a ARC REF Phono 2SE as my phonostage . It’s the one right under the control unit of the Anniversary 40 and the one in the lower most shelf is the separate power supply of the REF Anniversary 40 . 930
  9. Hi , I’m currently using the Benz Micro Gullwing SLR mounted in the Kuzma Stogi REF 313 VTA . In my other turntable I’m using a Lyra Kleos mounted on a VPI Unipivot FatBoy 12” w/ the Dual pivot modification . My phonostage is the audio research REF Phono 2 SE . It has 2 Phono inputs , capable of amplifying low & high gain cartridge , selectable cartridge loading and phono equalisation . All these can be done via remote control .
  10. Our Family use to have a pair of L65’s in the late 70’s drove it w/ our Sansui 8080DB receiver but it did not mate well , as if the receiver was lacking in power . Upgraded to a Phase Linear 700 C power amp + the SAE 3000 preamp . The amp was able to drive it but it sounded bright . How I wish we had a 60-75w / channel tube amp during that time to try , the 077 tweeter of the L 65 made the speaker a bit brighter than the other JBL’s of that time ( L166, L 100 , 4312A ) . Sold it and upgraded to the Snell Type A 2 .
  11. Hi , Just like our fellow forum member Ittaku , I also am into ARC . Never tried any other amp & preamp been loyal since 1988 . Here are my amps
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