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  1. Thanks for the blog link. I thought it was a very good read ! Seems like the takeaway is to properly assess the room and carry out some room testing before plonking down the cold hard cash for a second sub. More subs does not always equal an improvement in outputs and/or room balance and can sometimes have the opposite outcome, particularly in terms of a single listening position. Plenty to think about !
  2. I hear you !! A Marantz processor is definitely on my buy list (just missed one the other day that popped up), although the Pio LX901 AVR does a suprisingly good job in combo with Elektra HD2. And I've always liked the Pioneer sound (but then again I've never heard the sound from a Marantz to compare it to lol). One downside to moving to a processor, from a budget (and space in AV rack perspective lol), is that I would need a second power amp to power my 4 Atmos ceiling speakers .... as they are currently (the only speakers) powered by the Pio LX901. My seven floor speakers are powered by the Elektra via the Pio. I get the feeling with this HT stuff, playing the long game is a must. Acquiring one HT part at a time leads to creation of a super HT theatre & entertainment system !
  3. This is an interesting perspective ! I will definitely investigate the option of a digital audio processor as it’s not something I know much about. One of those could certainly be an option if the lx901 pioneer receiver did not properly integrate 2 subs. The pb4000 looks nice
  4. I thought I was running it at 20Hz but it’s actually 16Hz with 1 port blocked. During my previous testing (extensive) I found this setting worked best for me. But, I’ve recently made some room treatment and acoustic improvements to the cinema room area so maybe I will need to re-test the Hz settings ?
  5. Thanks for all the opinions and input. Going to run some further listening tests but .... it seems that the consensus is that a single Ultra13 is sufficient for my (partially open plan) cinema room of 5M x 4M. And furthermore, if I did invest in a second sub, I am not restricted to same make & model. Love this forum, you peeps are so knowledgeable (and often sensible lol) !!!! I’ve never heard 2 subs in any home cinema environment so I think much of my motivation to acquire a second sub is a product of my curiosity. Because you don’t know what you’ve never heard right ! Anyway, plenty of food for thought ...
  6. Yeah, I think that’s correct. The HT area is part enclosed, part open so I’m not sure how that affects the potency of the subwoofer’s sonic properties. I meant adding as a second sub. I was not trying to infer my PB13 Ultra was in some way superior lol ! Thanks , this is a good suggestion. Never bought HT gear second hand but I guess there’s a first time for everything ! 1 port blocked, 20 Hz (I think) volume: -3db AVR, set sub level to -4.5db I believe You sound very sensible. I do appreciate your candour but may you and my partner never meet
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. That looks pretty neat. I definitely have 1 port open and I think I’m running it at 20Hz. I will need to check the Hz setting 100% though as i experimented with a few
  8. I’m not having any potential issue with running a single sub. I have recently finally treated the HT area and am looking to finish off the area with any extra “trimmings” whilst I have the opportunity A single PB 13 Ultra already slams hard in my HT area and I think my partner would definitely suggest an extra sub is not required !!! It took my about 12 mths to find the sweet spot/S in my room for a single sub which is in the middle on the left OR right sides, half way between the front and rear speakers. Yeah , not sure how well the Pio may integrate dual subs but I will definitely investigate this.
  9. I believe I could either place them mid center on each side or front left corner and right rear corner so there’s 2 potential placement options.
  10. Thanks for the information. I will investigate this option. I'm also trying to assess the cost/benefit ratio of adding a second sub. I mean, my single PB13 Ultra slams hard as it is. But I guess, 2 is normally better than 1 right lol !
  11. I've never had a problem with room EQ on the Pioneer but then again I've never really tried anything else. What sort of add-on unit could I be looking at?
  12. Thanks for the response. AVR is Pioneer LX901 which I believe will calibrate 2 subs independently. Placement will either be on the left and right mid sides (each facing in to centre of room) or front left corner and rear right corner of room (behind couch). One PB13 Ultra currently works very well for me on mid side, either left or right, so I thought adding another sub of same type on opposite side to compliment it could be the way to go. I also have an Elektra HD2 7 CH for driving the front stage (Harmonix & Centrix) , sides (Equinox) and surrounds (Equinox) in 7.1.4 and use the Pio LX901 to only run the 4 x atmos height speakers (Atmospherix) in roof. All speakers are Krix gear.
  13. Hi fellow enthusiasts I am looking to add a second subwoofer to my HT cinema area to really experience that extra oomph and to balance the slam factor throughout the area. My HT area is about 5Mx 4M. Primary usage is gaming, 4K UHD atmos movies & TV with PJ on 150” screen. Looking to add a second sub to my SVS PB13 Ultra setup. Have recently added a nib wall, ceiling panels and theatre curtains to the area which has greatly improved acoustics within the HT area. If I can find one, would another PB13 Ultra be the best match for existing sub or would a SVS PB4000 or PB16 Ultra also be a good match ?
  14. @betty boop I stopped past Spotlight and picked up some of the sticky back felt. My math was a little wrong so ended up with 10M lol Ah well, better to have too much than not enough ! The missus used her creative skills and the fronts, centre and sub are now covered with felt on all sides except for their rear. Has made a huge difference already. Screen has more contrast for certain. Can't wait to roll out the rest of the proposed room treatments. Thanks so much for suggesting the felt ! Better get back to watching Avengers Endgame
  15. Thanks Al, I'll throw a couple of extra rolls in the boot just in case I'm feeling creative !
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