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  1. Ok, looks like I need to remeasure ! Thanks 👍
  2. @Snoopy8 I tried some channel level manual tuning last night with Decibel X ipad app using C weighting and slow response. The original channel levels and distances were set with Pio mcacc auto calibration. In order to achieve 75dB on all speakers and subwoofer, I needed to raise the volume on my Pio receiver to 0.0 dB to send the static noise sounds. Overall, in order to hit 75dB, I needed to increase the channel level of all speakers quite substantially, some to the maximum of +12.0 dB. In relation to the subwoofer, in order to hit 75dB, I needed to increase the Gai
  3. Thanks snoopy, your assistance has been invaluable. I have downloaded Decibel X (free version) on iPad and will look forward to doing some fine tuning in next few days. Will report back with my results.
  4. I was planning on running the auto calibration first to set the distance and channel levels and then double checking the channel levels with a SPL meter. Does sub also need to be set at 75 dB ? Are you suggesting that I should depart from using the auto calibration process completely and plug in distance and speaker levels manually ? What do you recommend is the best approach ?
  5. Thanks but what I meant was ... what loudness db level should I be aiming for in the spl app? to set all speakers too ? Is it 75dB ? What about the sub, is it possible to measure that with spl meter app? Yes, that right. Will be using test tones. I let my Pio lx901 Macca auto calibration set the speaker distances. Is that okay?
  6. Okay thanks , will give it it a shot. What dB should my speakers ideally be set to from the main listening position? Appreciate the assistance.
  7. Any recommendations for a good spl meter ipad app ?
  8. Yeah , that's all I am doing. Is an ipad app as accurate as Umik 1 ?
  9. Was hoping to get some guidance here please. I would like to know if I need both Umik1 for speaker level / single sub calibration or both Umik1 andminiDSP 2x4 HD ? I have a 7.1.4 HT setup. (Not used for music). I am looking to measure speaker levels and single subwoofer (SVS PB13 Ultra). I was looking to buy the Umik1. I will look to connect it to Ipad pro with usb c to usb adapter. Or should I stick with a laptop? Do I need any other calibration equipment besides Umik1, like miniDSP 2x4 HD ? , or is that unnecessary for my purpose / single subw
  10. I have been using one of these projectors for the past 2.5 years (for movies, games and Foxtel) and they are absolutely magic, especially in a light controlled area / room. $3000 is an absolute bargain! GLWS
  11. Thanks for the blog link. I thought it was a very good read ! Seems like the takeaway is to properly assess the room and carry out some room testing before plonking down the cold hard cash for a second sub. More subs does not always equal an improvement in outputs and/or room balance and can sometimes have the opposite outcome, particularly in terms of a single listening position. Plenty to think about !
  12. I hear you !! A Marantz processor is definitely on my buy list (just missed one the other day that popped up), although the Pio LX901 AVR does a suprisingly good job in combo with Elektra HD2. And I've always liked the Pioneer sound (but then again I've never heard the sound from a Marantz to compare it to lol). One downside to moving to a processor, from a budget (and space in AV rack perspective lol), is that I would need a second power amp to power my 4 Atmos ceiling speakers .... as they are currently (the only speakers) powered by the Pio LX901. My seven floor speakers are pow
  13. This is an interesting perspective ! I will definitely investigate the option of a digital audio processor as it’s not something I know much about. One of those could certainly be an option if the lx901 pioneer receiver did not properly integrate 2 subs. The pb4000 looks nice
  14. I thought I was running it at 20Hz but it’s actually 16Hz with 1 port blocked. During my previous testing (extensive) I found this setting worked best for me. But, I’ve recently made some room treatment and acoustic improvements to the cinema room area so maybe I will need to re-test the Hz settings ?
  15. Thanks for all the opinions and input. Going to run some further listening tests but .... it seems that the consensus is that a single Ultra13 is sufficient for my (partially open plan) cinema room of 5M x 4M. And furthermore, if I did invest in a second sub, I am not restricted to same make & model. Love this forum, you peeps are so knowledgeable (and often sensible lol) !!!! I’ve never heard 2 subs in any home cinema environment so I think much of my motivation to acquire a second sub is a product of my curiosity. Because you don’t know what
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