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  1. @Marc Thanks greatly for the recommendation, I'll get in touch with them if I decide to go down the treatment path.
  2. Any recommendations for a company in Sydney / NSW that offers this service?
  3. I will have to check if there is an option to put either remote onto a different setting. I have actually tried your initial suggestion of covering up the IR sensor on the amp - have used some black duct tape. Problem solved! Now I just have to manually turn amp on/off. I can live with that ... for now. Thanks heaps quark! Have a good night.
  4. @Quark So, the 12V trigger just turns on the amp at same time as receiver? Lx901 receiver has 12V output but lx71 doesn't seem to have 12V input, only 2 outputs too. It has IR IN and CONTROL IN. Should I plug through 12V input into one of these?
  5. @vuman619 @Quark How do I actually set up 12v trigger relay between the lx901 receiver and lx701 amp? I think I have the right 3.5mm cable. Step by step guidance with where to plug the cable would be great. My lx901 remote currently turns the lx71 on/off. Will the 12v trigger stop the lx71 from changing input/volume when I change it on the lx901? (As I using lx71 as a pre amp I just need it to turn on/off only) That is really the outcome I'm looking for. Cheers
  6. @vuman619 thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, the lx901 only has these preamp options - "Front, Front + Centre or All" so unfortunately there is no option in the lx901 menu to just use the old receiver lx71 to power the 4 overheads. I have tried to bi amp the Fronts tonight using the rear surround speaker jacks on the lx71. OMG, the Fronts are no so powerful on -20db, more so than non-biamped Fronts at -10db. Will need to re-run auto calibration macc tonight and see if I can achieve the right channel balance. Heading in the right direction!
  7. @Quark @niterida Thanks for the feedback to both of you. I don't have the required RCA cables to set this up today, bit I'll look at acquiring the cables and give both lx71 "amp" options a test (running fronts + centre , OR Atmos speakers) Alternatively, I might look at picking up a 4-5 channel dedicated power amp but thought dusting off the old Pioneer lx71 was worth trying first! Cheers
  8. @Quark I have dug out my 10 year old Pioneer sc-lx71 7.1 receiver and am going to try using it to connect to the lx901 via rca as a power amp for my fronts and centre. My question is - do you think I can bi amp my fronts using the lx71 to power them even though the lx901 receiver has biamp option greyed out in menu in my 5.1.4 config? I have tested running the centre from the lx71 (amp) and the biamp option in lx901 (receiver) is definitely still greyed out even when selecting preamp option in lx901 for all speakers. The 5.1.4 option in lx901 just doesn't allow the biamp option to be selectable to tell the receiver that the fronts are biamped. Will that matter if the lx901 doesn't recognize the fronts are biamped if I biamp the connections on the lx71 (amp)? I need to go and buy some new rca cables to make this project happen and don't want to buy 2/3 extra rca cables if bi amping fronts/centre is just not possible for my 5.1.4 config. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks @Quark and @Krix Loudspeakers Krix - what is the price for 2 lots of jumper strips for my fronts, shipped to Sydney? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the fast reply, I will have look into my options. The manual definitely says a no go in 5.1.4 but will see if I can do as you say. With the jumper strips, I had the speakers bi amped before I got the ceiling speakers and don't know where the jumper strips have gone. If I can't bi amp in 5.1.4, is it essential/recommended to pick up some new jumper strips and install back to the fronts?
  11. @Quark Is it possible to bi amp my front Krix floor standing Harmonix speakers using ANY spare channel on my Pioneer lx901 receiver ? (The pioneer manual seems to suggest I need to specifically use one of the height speaker channels to bi amp front speakers in my 5.1.4 configuration) As I now have 4 ceiling speakers using both height 1 & 2 channels of the receiver for 5.1.4, I was wondering if I can use the unused "rear surround" channel on the Pioneer receiver to bi amp the front speakers? Cheers
  12. @vuman619 Still a bit of a work in progress but I will try to get some pics up over the weekend.
  13. @Krix Loudspeakers @Quark Thanks again guys, your help has been invaluable. I will orient the overhead tweeters toward the listening position. There's a fair bit of re-wiring to do of course but 4K Atmos movies will be fun this weekend!
  14. @Quark @Krix Loudspeakers Install is going well. Overhead speaker holes cut and ceiling cables will be laid tomorrow and PJ ceiling mounted. Just a question - in relation to below picture, what orientation should the Atmospherix AS be when inserted into the roof holes? On further reflection, I think there will now be more than adequate separation between the rear right surround & overhead speakers. Will take a photo and post late tonight - probably around 10PM when I get home from a work function.
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