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  1. Yeah I did read all of that. Definitely food for thought. I don't think I'll be using Vertex2 to [consistently] replace my PC MadVR UHD playback setup but it's certainly fun to have different options and to experiment. However, for streaming services that offer LLDV output options via ATV4K, I think there there is a real & tangible benefit to adding the Vertex2 into the AV chain As always, different users may experience different outcomes, especially with the myriad types of AV equipment that exist, however, I can say that my personal experience, using my particula
  2. This is very interesting feedback ! All I can say is that my personal experience with Vertex2 and latest FW has been VERY positive I now find myself watching a whole heap of streaming LLDV content that I never even knew existed whereas before when I was a pure MadVR PC UHD snob lol
  3. Here are some LLDV screen pics of 6 Underground which is both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on Netflix via ATV4K. Screen pics with Pixel 2XL camera phone doesn't do the image quality true justice ! Trust me, the native images are spectacular. PJ in HDR mode. Oppo 203 LLDV looks totally awesome too, close to MadVR. ATV+ and Disney+ LLDV output also special
  4. Hey guys, here are my Vertex2 settings below (most important ones for LLDV anyway) and will drop some screen pics from Netflix LLDV output from the movie 6 Underground via ATV4K. Cannot comment on quality of movie script but LLDV video looks ACE ! I have Pioneer LX901 AVR. LLDV sources are connected into Vertex2 and output is then fed into Pioneer LX901. Pio is then connected to output of PJ JVC x7900. Credit to user Markswift2003 in the following link for putting me on the right path towards getting this LLDV to work ! http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?threa
  5. I have been able to successfully get LLDV content to playback from Oppo 203 UHDs and ATV4K for Netflix, Disney+ and ATV+. Results are seriously impressive and comparable to MadVR ! I will upload screenshots of my Vertex2 settings over the weekend. Definitely recommend taking the punt on the Vertex2 if the rest of your equipment is able to take advantage of its LLDV output capabilities.
  6. Hi there Is this a C13 connection ? If so, I'll take it. Thanks
  7. Nah mate, all good ! I've made the Vertex2 investment now so I'm gonna do everything possible to achieve my goal to get superior lldv video output from Netflix/Amazon/ATV+ for ATV4K. Could be a gamble but better to try and fail than not give it a crack I reckon 🤣 My MadVR setup for my digital UHD collo will probably still give better results than lldv output from Oppo 203 but I'm gonna test that out too. I'm expecting a steep learning curve but I love tech so I'm up for the challenge. Hopefully my results can help others too.
  8. Thanks @Marc Did you have Vertex or Vertex2 ? And were you using with a PJ? Either way, I've committed now so will give it a shot !
  9. Thanks @IMDave , all good Do you have Vertex or Vertex2 ? Could you advise how exactly you have the Opportunity and ATV4K connected ? I am using AVR if that helps. Is it necessary for me to flash the Vertex2 with some sort of custom JVC curves ? I think I read that somewhere but that was reported in late 2019 so may not be required these days and could be incorporated into ‘out of the box’ Vertex2 firmware ... I have ripped my UHD collection to PC for MadVR and it is super excellent. As you say, will probably stick to MadVR for UHDs. But, to sa
  10. I'm looking to pull the trigger on a Vertex2 unless someone tells me it's a waste of money. I really would like to know if the Dolby Vision picture quality through ATV4K will be better than the regular HDR10 through my JVC projector ??
  11. This is a powerhouse AVR. I enjoy using mine every day for movies, games and TV. What are you upgrading to ? GLWTS
  12. So , does anyone have experience using Apple TV 4K with a Hdfury device to display LLDV (Dolby Vision) on a 4K projector (native or e-shift) ? Would greatly like to hear some feedback before I take the plunge !
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