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  1. @betty boop I stopped past Spotlight and picked up some of the sticky back felt. My math was a little wrong so ended up with 10M lol Ah well, better to have too much than not enough ! The missus used her creative skills and the fronts, centre and sub are now covered with felt on all sides except for their rear. Has made a huge difference already. Screen has more contrast for certain. Can't wait to roll out the rest of the proposed room treatments. Thanks so much for suggesting the felt ! Better get back to watching Avengers Endgame
  2. Thanks Al, I'll throw a couple of extra rolls in the boot just in case I'm feeling creative !
  3. Awesome, thanks for confirming that's the right felt. Looks like I'll be visiting Spotlight tomorrow ! Do the felt pieces need to be cut/trimmed? And I'll probably buy a bit extra than I need just in case I make a few mistakes !
  4. Thanks Al, your feedback is greatly welcome I am looking to do what is necessary to achieve audio/visual heaven lol I think you may be right. I might sell one day, I mean I need to upgrade eventually. Is this the type of felt you mean? https://www.spotlightstores.com/by-the-metre/arbee-90-cm-sticky-back-felt-fabric/BP80071217001 What would be best way to wrap the speakers? Hot glue gun to join the pieces of felt (i.e. no glue on jarrah?) Yeah sorry! I forgot to mention that we are getting a large piece of dark coloured/design overlocked carpet (like a rug) to lay over the top of the flooring in whole viewing area, so essentially it will be very similar to a laid carpet. Yeah, we inherited our 2 recliners from the former owners so they will need an upgrade at some stage. In the future, I would like to invest in maybe the black Row One cinema seats, or similar, maybe a 3-4 seater. However, in the meantime, as you say, some dark throws would be great interim measure. Thanks heaps for your comments, I really can't wait to get things into proper order ! I mean the x7900 is only my second PJ but its a real beaut and I'm sure there will be many more to come so it's worth it to me to make the viewing area as good as it possibly can be.
  5. Hi all I would like some advice / feedback about my intended non-dedicated HT room/area light treatment plans below: I've included some photos below of my current HT room/area and proposed Autex Quietspace ceiling acoustic panels. The PJ is JVC x7900 which I've owned for 2 years. PJ is ceiling mounted. The screen is OzTheatre 150" 16:9. Subwoofer is SVS PB13-Ultra. Main usages are Foxtel, gaming (PC, Xbox, PS4, switch) and I love enjoying 4K movies using MadVR from PC. For MadVR, I run high lamp on PJ with max luminance set at 52 nits. Goal of my room treatment is to keep the PJs contrast in the screen, as much as possible, and reduce light bounce (particularly off ceiling but also off right and left walls). Acoustic improvements would be a bonus. The approx. room/area size is 5M deep by 4M across. This is my plan: I intend to run a 5M, 3-pass blackout curtain (black) on right hand side of room. To eliminate PJ light bounce on white ceiling, I will install in front of screen area approx. 10m2 of Autex Quietspace panel (25mm, nude black) https://www.autexglobal.com/nz/acoustic-products/quietspace-panel/ (and see the final photo below) build approx 2M nib wall on left front side of screen (wall to start approx 1M to left of bottom left edge of screen) install some selby 50x50cm wedge shape foam acoustic panels on inside of nib wall https://www.selby.com.au/system-tweaks/sound-panels/sound-insulation-wedge-500x500mm-acoustic-foam-panel-sa3500.html install some bass traps in corners of rear-right, front-right and front-left (nib wall) corners https://www.selby.com.au/brands/dunlop/4x-selby-art-dunlop-foam-bass-traps-artbass4.html paint rear wall/s plus doors (behind seating) a mid-grey or other matt finish colour of compromise that has supreme WAF lol paint all jarrah finish Krix floor speakers a matt black colour Any advice of feedback about for tips/improvements, material cost savings appreciated. Thanks all in advance !
  6. Ok, thanks again Have a great day @betty boop!
  7. Thanks for this feedback - trying to wrap my head around this stuff. Steep learning curve but I'm happy to invest the time and effort to learn how to do proper calibrations for my current x7900 PJ and many more to come in future years.
  8. I have a 150" oztheatre screen. I think gain is neutral 1.0 ? ok, on my 1st initial lamp, I started to get some light/lamp pulsing with iris in auto mode 1 as lamp aged so I switched to manual and fully open iris. Pulsing stopped. With current 2nd lamp, I am running iris in auto mode 1 again and back to no light/lamp pulsing. I am quite happy with my picture, but know it can be better for both SDR and HDR images. I would be happy to buy something better than Spyder to teach myself proper calibration. Is there calibration equipment + software in the sub $1000/$1500 range to properly calibrate JVC projectors ? Need to treat/ darken my cinema area too so maybe I will focus on that first ....
  9. Thank you very much. I will purchase the light meter. I am generally running in high lamp mode for HDR movies with Arve's curves of late (Awesome improvement over JVC HDR preset pic mode), and high lamp too for SDR (PC) gaming and normally run low lamp for SDR Foxtel etc... Excuse my ignorance but, once I work out lumens at the screen, what then ? Based on your feedback, tracking down a Spyder 5 could be the way to go. And, maybe pay for a professional calibration first and then whip back into shape over time with self-Autocal? Any recommendations for calibrators servicing southern metro NSW (post Covid-19)?
  10. Hey all I have recently loaded some Arve's curves for HDR and am looking now learn to self calibrate my x7900 with Autocal. PJ is 2 years old, second lamp, 150 hrs on a 150" screen, used in a non-dedicated room. Was wondering if someone could answer some questions for me? I have no calibration equipment so will need to purchase. 1. Do I need a light meter to measure lumens before / throughout calibration? Such as linked to by @betty boop previously in this thread? https://au.rs-online.com/mobile/p/light-meters/1232223/ 2. Is SpyderX Pro compatible for Autocal software with my PJ? Can pick up one of these from my local digidirect store. 3. Is this the recommended version of Autocal to calibrate x7900? I believe latest version of Autocal software not compatible for x7900. Correct? https://bit.ly/3cwWo1Y 4. Is latest SypderX Pro preferable to earlier Spyder 5 range? I.e. taking readings off screen instead of off PJ lens? 5. Do I NEED to use another colour meter to calibrate for colour after using the Spyder? * Also need to treat my room with acoustic ceiling tiles, curtains and paint but that's another story lol Thanks
  11. @Marc Thanks greatly for the recommendation, I'll get in touch with them if I decide to go down the treatment path.
  12. Any recommendations for a company in Sydney / NSW that offers this service?
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