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  1. The astounding eyes of Rita is a top choice no matter the sound quality.
  2. I thought Ceremony would have ranked higher.
  3. Not for me, always found him engaging.
  4. I was at this gig. Not a huge fan at the time though I am now. My partner was and still is a huge fan and was mortified when our mutual friend offered me the ticket rather than her.
  5. This is amazing. The vinyl I have is also top quality.
  6. My mum would play the Beatles, which I immediately liked. I was 4 or 5 at the time and it clearly stayed with me. Later on I remember her playing Beethoven’s 7th which I also instantly liked. I still have her vinyl copy of it.
  7. One more vote for rel t7i. I’ve had mine all of a week (just in time for social isolation). Obviously biased by my need to feel no purchase remorse, but it has transformed my system. Very pleased with the purchase.
  8. Definitely, at least half the price you are paying is for that shock of the new. I also like coming home after being away for an extended time and playing that first album.
  9. A real t7i sub. I’ve been hankering for a sub to go with my now quite old b&w 805s speakers for about 10 years. So far really pleased with the result but still tinkering with the placement, volume and crossover.
  10. Nothing beats getting a new bit of gear and spending hours listening to albums you’ve heard hundreds of times before and hearing like you have new ears.
  11. Item: rel t7i subwoofer black Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: i’m seriously considering buying a Rel sub in the next couple of weeks. Before purchasing new I thought I’d check out the forum. Probably needs to be located in Sydney and not white. Looking for one in good condition, willing to pay a fair price and pick up. Thanks for reading. Phil
  12. It was definitely worth the extra expense. The communicator was an improvement on the built in phono stage in my musical fidelity amp, but the Era Gold had much more detail than both, the way I remember it.
  13. Another vote for Graham Slee. I’ve got an Era Gold V had it for quite a while. I bought it after trying the communicator as part of the loaner programme - great initiative, there should be more like this. Not sure how frequently they come up second hand but a used one should meet the budget. Failing that I remember enjoying my time with the communicator.
  14. https://tidal.com/playlist/643a5f2b-852f-4f88-a557-aaea86a32904 50 songs - One song for each year 1967 to 2017. Some years of note got more than one song.
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