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  1. I’d recommend a Rel in you price range if it suits the room dimensions. I’ve had a t7i for about 12 months now, paired with B&w sig 805s. Really happy with the integration and overall improvement. Not just to the bass either, the whole soundscape and detail seem to have improved.
  2. I used the 4mm spacer on my rega P25 with both a Garrott p77 and ortofon 2M blue. It definitely tightened things up with the p77, it has always been in place for the ortofon. either of these options would be good with a P3.
  3. I’d opt to go for a better phonostage first then, cartridge, followed by other mods. I’m also a fan of the graham slee products for good performance at a very good price.
  4. I have also filled the legs of mine with sand and it definitely tightened things up. I don’t know that I would have described it as ringing before this but it did improve things. I agree the finish is rough and hard to clean. I’ve always just lived with the inconvenience. overall though I think the positives far out way the negatives for these racks.
  5. Stand outs for me were: Sarah Siskind - Modern Appalachia Nick Cave and Nicholas Lens - L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S but so much good music this year. Only downside was I only saw one gig due to COVID.
  6. I would have picked Impossible Germany, so many great guitar parts to choose from.
  7. Great album, he had such a powerful voice
  8. Let’s hope Danielle is around next time it happens. All I got was a series of twenty questions, followed up with a response telling me they had closed the ticket.
  9. Tidal has been rubbish for the last two days for me. I will email support. It is not the nbn because gaming and movie streaming continue unaffected in the rest of the house. glad to see this thread though, I thought it was a problem with my Mac. a vinyl night for me.
  10. He did always seem to wear the mantel of both his father and his namesake heavily. The anxiety of influence can be cruel. Brahms took 21 years to write his first symphony, purportedly due to the shadow cast by Beethoven. a sad loss.
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