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  1. ive had good speeds with telstra hfc in the past close to the 100/40 max when it switched to NBn, we still got pretty much the same speeds but ive been getting more annoyed with telstra having terrible service whenever there is a problem, which luckily isnt often. ABB is looking tempting
  2. with the recent faster 250/20 and 1000/50 plans being available for some addresses who here has upgraded plans ?
  3. We had a hikvision system installed, the wiring was tricky for them as we have a larger 2 story house, but as long as you choose an installer who's been around for a long time you should be ok. Its amazing how clear the video is for night and daytime, we have turrets for most areas, and bullets where we wanted coverage of a bigger area. Having storage of the video on a hik nvr is great, and having audio is great. The hik connect mobile app is great, and you can zoom in on footage as well. Wireless cameras just arent anywhere close to wired camera systems
  4. ive had this issue, i contacted sony, they suggested i uninstall the netflix app, and then reinstall it i have tried that, so far its helping
  5. Hi i have been getting noises popping from my Sony amp, when I use my tv to play netflix..... what happened with Sony ?
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