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  1. He's given up frame-building or repairs, but still painting. And his health's been reasonable the last couple of years. Very nice bloke.
  2. With help of Victoria's finest cycle tradies - Gordon Hill, Kevin Wigham, Kenn Dickie - put this together last year. Oddly enough, frame was made by same person in same year as my Hillman roadie: George McDonald in 1976. Track bikes are grouse fun once you get past the urge to freewheel (and get pitched over the bars for your trouble). Except when Karen or Trev bring their feckin dogs along because it's so convenient having that fence round the track to keep them from pishin off, and hasn't your bike got brakes, mate?
  3. Late to the party, but it was Chris Winter's program on which I first heard Tangerine Dream, Tubular Bells and an abiding love: Rory Gallagher Live! In Europe. All ear-openers after a steady diet of 3XY, that's for sure.
  4. Glad you haven't butchered the single-speed frame, Mr Nutz! And Jim, for an old fart like me it's amusing to see guys responding to that link oohing and aahing over a steel bike that weighs "only 8.3 Kg". It's by no means an extraordinary figure: there's nothing spectacularly unusual about a good steel frame & fork weighing in sub-2.5 Kg. But they may not know that. $4,500 for a steel frame? That's plenty, although there is a younger generation of fabricators doing this very "high-end bespoke"-type stuff, with prices to match. The old guys I know just make bike frames, as they have for decades. Oh, and the Ti "anodising" isn't: that's the response of Ti to the application of heat. And in those examples it's very well done.
  5. Yes, it is Reynolds 531, slightly heavier than road tubes - the fork legs, for example are round and chunky. As far as I've been able to tell, Reynolds didn't badge the road/track tube sets differently. Only been on it for a week, but 3 times to the velodrome so far. Want to have a go at a bit of club racing come October. At this stage my legs are empty after an hour, whereas I can get along on the roadie for 4-5 hours plus no problems. Once you get used to the fact that you cannot coast (try it and you'll be pitched head first over the bars) it's great fun to ride: so direct and lively.
  6. My new old Cecil Walker track bike; haven't hit 60KPH yet, but I'm working on it ...
  7. @palexsia Thanks very much for your impressions. I shall be in touch ...
  8. Hey @palexsia, how do you find the Takatsuki compare with the WE? And what others do we see there?
  9. There's this, the one I couldn't possibly afford when it was new. Now that it's 42 years old, and fitted out with Suntour Superbe Pro almost-everything, it ain't the bike that's holding me back from immediate call-up to the world tour teams. Still, I'll hit 6,000 k on it for the year some time next week.
  10. Can't go wrong with pale blue
  11. Didn't go round, but did Sorrento and back, by 70k the longest I've managed. Very few bicycles of the steel variety to be seen, but, frankly, it's not the want of carbon fibre that's limiting my speed. Was fading between Mornington and Frankston, but a restorative milkshake and cigarette put spring back into the legs.
  12. Seems to me that the medical-therapeutic/performance enhancing substance issue is kinda grey and murky. In one sense I'd be inclined to say "good on him" for triumphing over a medical condition and becoming a truly elite athlete. But if he suffers from asthma, isn't that just too bad? Like having low testosterone or just being pissweak? And unfortunately his team's reputation is not high. You'd reckon they might try to see themselves as others see them, and make efforts to be cleaner than clean. Apparently not. Here's George:
  13. Ward Marston of Marston Records has done good work with acoustic era classical recordings, among other things.
  14. True enough, Feline. 20s and 30s produced some amazing things in all sorts of genres. Though I disbelieved (and continue to disbelieve) some audio nut in the US who claimed that 78s were higher in fidelity than any other medium. Maybe by the late 40s, early 50s recording techniques - especially microphones - had advanced sufficiently to capture even my limited range of hearing, but not earlier.
  15. What is it about Fuji colours? There's a subtlety about them that is so pleasing. Helps when the guy holding the apparatus knows what he's doing, I suppose.
  16. Not ready to buy the amp, though more info would be very interesting - the Artisan satisfies me entirely. But WE really back in production? Much has been promised in recent years ... Fortunately, Takatsuki still turn out an exceedingly fine tube in limited numbers. And I dare say that some of the PS Vane tubes are pretty good, too, though I've not heard their more expensive ones.
  17. Would that be Bongo Fury? Or Plymouth Fury? Or possibly ...
  18. You'd think he might have chosen a more decor-friendly colour if he was going to all that trouble.
  19. Earle's amps will not disappoint if they are matched to speakers of appropriate sensitivity - hooking up a 2a3 SET to the Harbeths might not bring out the best in either of them, for example.
  20. Matty, This is the Weston Artisan 300B. Essentially, it's two parallel 300B SET monoblocks on one chassis. Around 18w RMS per side. Not sure what Earle currently asks for it, but I'm sure his price list is on the Weston Acoustics website. Yes, it needs speakers of reasonably high sensitivity, but if that's sorted, I gotta say it is a truly satisfying device. Would I trade up from here? Like ... where to? A more pertinent question is, "Could I trade up from here?" There's the Luxman MQ-300 at $25K: single 300B which I'm sure are lovely but query whether they're any advance on the MB300 of the '80s; Audionote, Kondo, Shindo, Wavac and others of that ilk - if you have to ask you can't afford it, sir, and of course none of the handful of people who have them are about to say that the price of entry was really a little over the top. I'm leaving mine to the kids.
  21. Still highly satisfied, comrades, and opportunity knocked the other day (thank you Matt), so at last this beautiful thing has a quad of the finest output tubes I've yet heard. I await the opportunity to crank it up to immersive levels; right now it is just distracting me from the things I should be doing. And it is good, very good.
  22. I'm beating them off with a stick. It's got so bad I have to avoid stopping at traffic lights if there's any female 18-80 within 50 metres of the intersection.
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