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  1. He's given up frame-building or repairs, but still painting. And his health's been reasonable the last couple of years. Very nice bloke.
  2. With help of Victoria's finest cycle tradies - Gordon Hill, Kevin Wigham, Kenn Dickie - put this together last year. Oddly enough, frame was made by same person in same year as my Hillman roadie: George McDonald in 1976. Track bikes are grouse fun once you get past the urge to freewheel (and get pitched over the bars for your trouble). Except when Karen or Trev bring their feckin dogs along because it's so convenient having that fence round the track to keep them from pishin off, and hasn't your bike got brakes, mate?
  3. Late to the party, but it was Chris Winter's program on which I first heard Tangerine Dream, Tubular Bells and an abiding love: Rory Gallagher Live! In Europe. All ear-openers after a steady diet of 3XY, that's for sure.
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