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  1. I've heard one of these linestages and they are great sounding units Buy with confidence from a respected and reliable member of SNA
  2. oceangreen17

    DAC with analogue volume control

    IMHO these are very under rated but also take considerable time to burn-in ... if you believe in that sort of stuff 🙄 https://www.elac.com/product/ddp-1-preampdacheadphone-amp/
  3. oceangreen17

    Lenehan ML3 Reference

    Yes lucky dogs indeed having such a caring owner GLWTS!
  4. I've listened to a friend's LM 518A on numerous occasions and they are really lovely 845 amps With the appropriate speakers this model sounds sublime https://www.stereophile.com/content/line-magnetic-audio-lm-518ia-integrated-amplifier
  5. @Y B Nice photos It's a challenge to make cables look as interesting as you have done here! GLWTS
  6. oceangreen17

    Wadia 302

    They seem to be readily available still Philip-VAM-1250-LASER-PICK-UP You could give Chris a call at Kimil Electronics in Croydon Park
  7. oceangreen17

    SOLD: FS: various rca and balanced xlr cables

    PM sent with intent to purchase the Morrow MA3 XLR'S
  8. @rocky500 I would like the Silverline Optimus 75 BNC to RCA Digital cable please .. and yes I've sent you pm
  9. I would like the two gold please Message sent
  10. oceangreen17


    Message sent to buy these please
  11. oceangreen17


    Can I please have: Way Out West – Old Grooves For New Streets Smoke City – Flying Away Straight Back Fellows, The – More Caravan Music Various - Lords Of Svek Vol. 4 Thanks
  12. oceangreen17

    Zu Audio Definitions

    @caminperth These earlier Mk 1.5's would sound very different to the current Definition Mk IV's which use completely new drivers, amplifier modules, caps, wiring loom, cabinet construction etc. Maybe someone in Perth has a set of Zu Druid MK V's you could audition to get a better idea of the current Zu sound? One of the appealing aspects of Zu Audio is that they offer upgrade kits for many of their earlier models as well - Something I wish more speaker manufacturers would do ..