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  1. I used to have the excellent stereo version of this Audion model matched with Coincident Technology speakers .... I can only imagine how much better again these refurbished mono blocks would be!
  2. As @Mullett mentions above, you can dial in the amount of negative feedback from 0-10 to suit your own custom voicing and there is a treble adjustment function that that can be bypassed for poor quality overly bright recordings From my understanding it was initially designed as small foot print, desk top amp for offices, and workshops that could be run all day. Most owners seem to use it more in their bigger systems (with appropriate sensitivity speakers) Having owned a number of 40 kilo plus amps its a relief to move this featherweight thing around!
  3. @Mullett Late to this thread I have a little Decware Mini Torii Mk 2 which is a dual mono 6V6 SE self-biasing design that outputs a massive 4 watts! You can change the power tubes to 6L6 without any adjustment and use any variety/variant of 12AU/AT/AX7 as input tubes (and therefore change the power output as well) This allows you to fine-tune the amp's sound to suit your own preferences using NOS or new production tube options It employs separate voltage regulation on the input and output sections - a feature I have not seen in tube amps before On the right combination of high-efficiency speakers (I currently use Zu in my main system) it sounds superb - full bodied, extended, agile, detailed It shouldn't but It sounds surprisingly good on my Kef LS50's - at lower volumes of course I've had other amps through my system such as Bakoon, Valvet, Audio Note, Goldmund Job, ME, Musical Fidelity, Counterpoint, Consonance, Ming Da, Line Magnetic, Melody, etc, but I seem to have hung onto this low-powered little beast It has a life-time warranty but as postage to and from the USA is ridiculously expensive its bit of a moot point However, from my limited experience, this family run company seems to make both unusual and good products Here's a couple of snaps to illustrate it's diminutive size ... (and yes I know it shouldn't be stacked on the SACD player!)
  4. Bargain! DDP-1 = Good sounding DAC (AKM chips), analogue preamp and headphone amp in one unit https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/Audio-Alchemy-DDP-1-DAC-Preamp-PS-5-Power-Supply-Review/ https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/audio-alchemy-ddp-1-preamplifierdacheadphone-amplifier-dpa-1-stereo-power-amplifier-and-dpa-1m-monoblock-power-amplifiers/ GLWTS!
  5. I don't have a pile (yet) but can I please have Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell Thanks Steve
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