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  1. Don’t have a pair so can’t say. But if you want to bring them over, I’m game.
  2. SMPS now included in basic price ($157 with SMPS).
  3. Some one is into it early. This time of the day I’m just classical streaming on the Pi.
  4. Still got the Beymas in place with the 6L6 SE UL Wine box amp. Changed the Xovers to 1st order Xing at 1K.
  5. The Grant Fidelity Psvane spheres in DIY preamp “Icon”
  6. Does look very impressive. I paid $570 a pair for my spheres (bought three pairs). Listening to them now. Very impressive though I think the Chuguang 50 year treasure are also extremely good at 1/3rd the price.
  7. Basking in the glow. Out with the Class Ds and in with the 6L6s. Well for a while any rate.
  8. Godda love the sound of ferrite in the Morning. Replacing the 1st order/2nd order Xovers on my 12” Beyma concentrics. They have been moved temporarily into my main system to work with my wine box 2W 6L6 SE UL power amp. At 98db sensitive there is plenty of vol. As I found with the Beyma 15” (recently sold) a 1st order Xover allows the full dynamics of these impressive Spanish drivers to come through. Xing at 1KhZ into the 2” titanium (16ohms) and Mylar tweeter with just the 1.27mH choke and 10uf cap. A 7db pad bring the tweeters down to the woofer level. Great sound.
  9. Now I’m excited. Roll on 1:30pm.
  10. Well it’s a big logistic nightmare for us. So anyone else want to take it up go for it.
  11. A couple of foreigners to invade our pours. The Diablo I’ve had a few times before and enjoyed. The other is a newie for me.
  12. I’d expect no details of design or any intellectual property disclosed. The speakers are judge on appearance sound etc. No details disclosed.
  13. Possibly this is why it should be open. A compact book shelf could woo the judges and beat a 6’ multi-driver speaker and take the prize.
  14. If it gets to complicated it won’t go ahead. Keep it simple then everyone’s on board.
  15. Ive done a dozen or more presentation at the MAC. The way I see it every one gets ten mins to setup and twenty of music time. Play what best music which high lights what your speakers are good at. All music on CD on one standard SS power, preamp and CD player. Equal playing ground.
  16. If people are going to be charged to exhibit and enter then a prize may sweeten the deal to enter. It could also encourage exhibitors to do a little better. if I get my way, no bare MDF and all must have grills. The reason is every entry should look like pro gear not knocked up rubbish regardless of how it sounds. Marks awarded for fit and finish. I’d like to see craftsman quality speakers. Maybe DIY but there should be nothing visible to confer that.
  17. Just been talking with the program coordinator for the MAC and have sent him a few emails relating to this thread. Of course any new events in the club have to go to committee. Very early chats with the program coordinator are positive. But early days.
  18. Of course paid up members would not have to pay. They already have. But all competitors pay an entrance fee (~$20) and all visitors and helpers etc pay to get in. Say $5. No freeloaders. There would be a first prize at least. (Yet to be decided). The Club should see this as and money earner and a new member exposure. As a member our fees go up nearly yearly and now we have an extra insurance bill. Some one has to pay. There would be coffee, tea and biscuits at the end of tonight. Anyone joining the club as a result could have the $5 removed from the joining fee.
  19. Thanks for the nice comments. Glad you like Le Manja. This is also an excellent sounding HP amp but a lot more grounded and driver centric.
  20. I’m hoping the Melbourne Audio Club (MAC) might run the show. I’ve emailed a key MAC member to see if we can make this happen.
  21. Has anyone got costing for these modules. I tried to email sales and I couldn’t send the email??? Purifi modules that is.
  22. Just jumped to the link. I’m more than shaken I’m stirred! Like a good chocolate cake, I’m going back for more.
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