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  1. Based in that link. No. Big, expensive, exotic or out of this world - Top Gear.
  2. In Telcom Australia we had a saying;- “keep doing it until someone says stop”. Someone did and I agree time to move on. I was posting extreme and interesting gear on this thread. Not mine so it should have been posted somewhere else. Now it is -
  3. Absolutely agree. Ill start a different thread.
  4. Im sorry for hogging this thread. Im playing the last post now. Field coils. BUT!
  5. Only on Fridays of the odd months between 3 and 4pm as long as its not raining.
  6. Some months back i posed the question how much capacitive storage and filtering is too much. The question is aimed more at SS amps which can have in excess of 250,000uf of storage and wondered if excessive caps degrade performance rather than enhanced it. I put forward that caps with a big voltage head room may have more sonic advantages than caps installed at near max operating voltages. A few agreed. My 300W Holton has a total of 80,000uf of 100V caps and plays at good volume for 20 seconds once turned off. I consider the 80,000uf here enough. Todays pondering (yes im
  7. Finished and going. I’d like to say went first on but no. Two bad mistakes but fixed and now paying. Having a larger enclosure allowed 4uf Russian paper-in-oil (PIO) output caps to be fitted. I have installed these in the more compact Mimic enclosure in the past but this time a lot easier. Yet to have a big listen but on a very short test sounded as most Mimics do;- solid, smooth and neutral. Had all parts on hand and one of the reasons for the build was to use those parts, particularly the smaller enclosure (not big enough for what i usually used this type of enclosure for) and I ne
  8. Diy, a blessing and a curse. For a very long time now i have lived by a DIY mantra - “ if you can build it then you must”. Which means i can’t buy any commercial gear if I have the ability to make it. For example of things i have made over 50 years;- tube and SS power amps, tube and SS preamps, tube and SS phono stages, many speakers, music servers, tube and SS headphone amps both home station and portable and DACs. Not to mention, speaker wires and interconnects. OK above is the blessing but here is the curse. Because I stick strictly to the above mantra I cant buy two pair
  9. Agree with this, speakers too big or room too small. I know which is easier to change. I think some get sucked in too big complex speakers when smaller towers of bookshelf speakers would work better. It can also get to to music choice and what speakers suit that. For me jazz with vocals probably served better with a book shelf. The KEF LS50s get rave reviews what of them? Lots going second hand and cheap.
  10. Another Salt Cellar system (mono). This time the woofer is a Altronics 12” ploycone (brand new). Far more bass than with the Beymas and still 95db efficient. With the 2W 807 mono there is plenty of volume.
  11. They would want to sound better than they look.
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