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  1. 8” mark audios with Holton 500 (“Precision”). Demoing speakers and amp at Melbourne Audio Club tomorrow night with Pi sever, DIY DAC and tube preamp - “Icon”.
  2. I think we now have the Grand Mega Bar! I think with all Class D amps for compactness and low heat.
  3. Not into DSP. But like the idea of a big 4” sound bar of wide range or full range speakers.
  4. Love the speakers. Wide baffle board. What effect do you think it has?
  5. Im going cheap. Jaycar have some magnesium and Al cone 2” drivers. I’m thinking a dozen in an Al “U” section on its side with a timber rear. Driven by some moderate power Class D amps (stereo) tucked away. 6 drivers per side. just think about the Alpair 7. Why do sound bars have to be small why not a six 4” wide range or full range drivers. Like a long and multi driver centre channel; the “Mega Bar”.
  6. Has anyone ever built a killer sound bar. Got some images and info? Any thoughts? What would it take? Is it time for the sound bar to shine?
  7. Same 500 modules but different PS and better enclosure plus a number of control and monitor components I would imagine.
  8. This is my fifth but I did build two for others some years back. But this run, three in a row. One sold already. have to agree with everything you say about the Holton gear. Absolute bass masters, can’t believe how low and with how much force they play bass with. The second very obvious characteristic is incredible transparency. Tracks I’ve been playing for years and know we’ll have revealed instruments lostin the mix. Well detailed and transparent. Can’t wait to hear the 150Wer.
  9. I think the audiophile may be 60% gear and 40% music inclined. Those with less expensive systems who use music more as a background than a hard core listen session swing 80% music 20% gear. Maybe hard core listening (and not just hearing music) does demand more from the gear. This may justify the above audiophile weighting. Note; these are percentages I plucked out of my head and not from any research.
  10. A touch off thread but speaking of synergy; I took my latest Holton 300W DIY amp to a friend’s place who has the Osborn Grand Monuments now with upgraded XOver. It was the best I’ve ever heard the Monuments. They really lifted and delivered an expansive And commanding sound. The owner has a powerful SS amp but for some reason the Holton/Monument combo truely synergised.
  11. I guess genuine single driver speakers are a bit like SET amps. They both have their draw backs but their overall benefits out way all other issues. By benefits I’m talking overall sound, simplicity, coherency etc. Weigh that against (any) Doppler effect, lack of deep bass and high treble and possible power handling. As always it’s a compromise but still worth the effort of a good listen. In the end it’s all about the music and if it sounds good to you, it is good.
  12. Lack of gear allows you to focus on the music and not on the equipment. Sometimes a difficult process for some. make and model of the amp please?
  13. My local friend has two Aksas. The top of the range model (I get confused which is which) and the next one down. He played the lesser model and it didn’t appeal to me. He then swapped in the better model and instantly I heard the difference and liked the sound. Usually hearing the difference between two good pieces of gear is not that easy but this time it was obvious.
  14. The problem is I still couldn’t state the stylus condition. But excellent image.
  15. Also I do agree the Aksa site needs a good make-over. I should have two Holton amps finished in the next few weeks. The 300W and 150W modules. What is the top of the range Aksa amp?
  16. Have to agree. It would be great on a single system to swap out the best of each for a local amp shootout. I have a few friends who live locally and have a few of Hughes amps. I’ll wait until the 150Wer I currently building is complete. Then hopefully a genuine comparison.
  17. Yes, I think he started as assieamps and now Holton Precision. I wanted to cover both names.
  18. Watched a YouTube vid. last night from PS Audio about single driver speakers. He spoke of the Doppler effect on treble. That is as the cone is going forward or back and of course producing treble at the same time the treble frequency is changed. It will be higher pitch or lower pitch. Mr PS said he didn’t like that and a number of others didn’t either. The solution is a tweeter and a woofer or woofer/mid. Well I’m not convinced it’s so bad but maybe he is Mr Golden Ears. It DOES exist and DOES happen. Weather you get it or hear it and it effects you or not is another matter. On the side of the single driver he did say every Xover is the big problem with multi driver speakers (even two driver) and the problem can only be and will always be a compromise. It can never be fixed or perfect. Mr PS said they think they get it right as it can be but it will never be perfect. So one for single driver speakers. No Xover. He also pointed out that coherency is the big draw card for single driver speakers but also said coaxial speakers can give you that (I’m extending the point here) and take away the Doppler effect but (yes you guessed it) adds the compromising Xover. I still think single driver speakers have there place in our music world. Like all hifi gear (absolutely with no exceptions) they are compromise.
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