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  1. You won’t be thanking us when you get the bill!
  2. Have you thought about a Holton based amp? They can drive a John Deer tractor. 500W into 4 and about $1500 to build.
  3. Really looking for boxes to do my own but thanks for the consideration. Maybe before they go I could get a chance to hear them. Or even as they are now.
  4. Definitely the driver you used is a good choice. Not too expensive and good specs. I’d ask you to make me a box but it sounds like at the rate at which you work I’d be in a nursing home before you’d have them finished.
  5. With one online calculator I can use a 60ltr box ported with your driver.
  6. I wonder just how bad this is? https://www.altronics.com.au/p/c2000a-redback-200mm-8-inch-8-ohm-10w-dual-cone-pa-speaker/
  7. Got a link to the driver. Just discovered the driver I like needs 150lts. That a big box.
  8. I want to build the same enclosure but with this driver. When in stock I can pickup locally. https://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/V-3020-BG20/BG+20+-+8+Ohm
  9. Man, really like them. I have wanted to do similar for a while. Who did your cabinets?
  10. VOTA - Voice of the Audiophile - is complete and playing woofers are tight and require about 100hours to really get going. Imaging and soundstage is crazy good. Playing Britten big orchestral classical pieces up loud. Feels super real.
  11. I’ve made four others. Have you stated it? I’m in southern vic.
  12. Glad I heard it and heard of him. I have a few lined up onTidal to have a listen to. The ones I’ve heard so far are sort of jazz funk.
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