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  1. If i had unlimited funs these are the ONLY speakers i would buy. None others. I think $1.2M with dual subbies.
  2. Not sure of these are up for sale yet. But Class D from Holton. https://holtonprecisionaudio.com/products/holton-purifi-1et400a-power-amplifier
  3. The weekend is upon us. Don’t even think about it!
  4. I see NAD has released a pirifi based high power amp with distortion and noise levels of 0.0001% @ 200W.
  5. Link didnt work but s tube 300B should sound good with those speakers. Have you driven them with SS gear? Any comment if you did.
  6. Of you want to build tour own speakers (dead easy with these drivers) then i have some pre-loved Beyma 98db sensitive conaxial 12” drivers for sale. https://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com/2014/07/voxconcentric-beyma-12-high-efficiency.html PM if interested,
  7. Took a look at the site. Yep some unusual gear but inspiring.
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