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  1. Before you solder and trim, double check. Getting a part back off is a pain. Good luck.
  2. Most of the filtering (not with choke yet) done and some heater wiring. First cap in the PS is a Mundorf M-cap poly.
  3. Audio section of the Salt Cellar amp is complete. Now for the PS section.
  4. But I did consider parallel operation. Also I placed the pot after the preamp stage so I’m not throwing away raw signal. Preamping the lot then taking what’s needed for a comfortable listening level. All parts (or 90%) were what’s on hand which is one of the Salt Cellar guides. With a result there is very mixed compliment of values, in some areas, are ball park and not absolute. Also a mix of carbon 1W and metal 1/2W resistors, metal film and PIO caps.
  5. I did but I want a true integrated not a power amp with attenuator. I had the stereo version of the 807 and 6SN7 preamp seperate schematic. . I figured half 6SN7 preamp and half driver. The guy who design the 807 also design the preamp section. more progress, in-fact amp section is complete and started the rectifier/PS section.
  6. What music are you into and a current gear list?
  7. Good progress at least in the audio section of the amp. About to start the PS section. As usual with my builds it’s make it up as you go along - wiring that is. I’m working from a modified schematic and using half the 6SN7 as a preamp. This is an integrated amp.
  8. Local assembly will save two lots of postage. Also if there are any issues easier to respond.
  9. I’ll assume you have all parts, active and passive. Transformers? Enclosure? PM in you would like me to build it.
  10. Big fan of the 6L6. https://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com/2017/02/silver-supreme-6l6-se-ul-amp-in-wooden.html https://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com/2017/07/retro-6l6-se-ul-mkii-power-amp.html
  11. Hey, glad you are taking this seriously. Love it. #6 is an Allen Wright thing. Short, ultra fine non shielded interconnects and speakers wire. Wire warp wire from Jaycar is silver plated fine wire. Can be used for speaker wire in flea power amps in short lengths and as interconnects. Non of my interconnects in my main system are shielded and most made from wire wrap wire.
  12. Some maybe interested in the Salt Cellar thread. Suggest you read the article first. It will make more sense.
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