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  1. Another Radi0kit tube MM phono preamp. I like the tubes to stick out most of the time and put the resistors on the underneath. Not realising of course that they will never rise above the tube sockets anyhow and the caps, also squat, have to go on the screened side. Regardless won’t effect quality and at least I did a neat job. Cct. brd. Is complete and the kit comes with JJ tubes - ECC83S - which punch way above their weight. This is the high end kit; Dales, Vishay caps, Wima, Corneal Dubilier and Nichicon caps. And low noise metal film. Ceramic socket. This kit always soun
  2. In hifi nothing is perfect. +/-10% is close enough.
  3. At 96db sensitive horns/woofers I find 2W plenty.
  4. These are perfect to go with the horns and cheap. Go super low, very efficient (work with a SET) and cheap. Sealed box - 60ltr - will do 30hz easy. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/c3070-300mm-12-inch-100w-woofer-polypropylene-speaker/
  5. You may have some retro gems there. If they work all you need is some woofers for the first K and a suitable Xover.
  6. Ive added a battery external test point. The shinny screw head is connected to the internal batteries and isolated from the Al enclosure. When on I meter between the test point and the earth of the RCAs. You only ever see half the total voltage as the RCA earth is 0V in the differential +/-9V PS. A fully charged battery will show 9V or a bit more at the test point. At a reading of 7V batteries require changing and are considered flat. With basic 9V inexpensive batteries you should get better than 50hours as the unit draws 10mA. With lithium’s, as I usually use, you get ov
  7. You may have seen my preamp with antique (1920) low power power tubes, UX-171As. They are DHT so maybe there is a difference but the sound they produce is indescribable. I know Red has been experimenting with power tubes as preamp tube for a while. I was and am stunned by just how good they sound. https://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com/2020/04/mwh-1920s-ux-171a-tube-preamp.html
  8. Better than the Nationals? They were right up there. And I have more.
  9. I see Tamarisk is the ring master tonight. Wish I was there.
  10. It works out to $550 Au. without any shipping chargers. How much was it to ship the Bottlehead?
  11. You are aware this is preamp and not a HP driver.
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