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  1. mwhouston

    This is just not right....

    Jaycar use to sell those piezo horns. Cheap as.
  2. mwhouston

    What model are these speakers?

  3. mwhouston

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    That's the specs quoted for the driver. Never measured in box. But I have used these drivers with 2W tube amps and always got good vol with just a watt or two.
  4. mwhouston

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    These are old Jaycar 12" poly cones. If you would like I can provide the specs. They haven't been sold for years. I know two others how have them and love them. One guy has a couple spare.
  5. mwhouston

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Much better now with the new stepper. I thought I was going mad.
  6. mwhouston

    Pi music server and MoOde

    Though I have been on Moode 4.XX for a while (and on the latest build) I had never tried the Blue tooth conectivity. Today I gave it a go between my iPad II and a Pi 3B+ with an Audiophonics ESS9028 DAC HAT. It took a few goes but only over 10mins and I had it going. Not only that once setup it's about two menu clicks to reconnect. I would never consider blue tooth a hi-Rez media connection but for convenience it is a killer. I ran iTunes from the pad where I brought some files down from the iTunes cloud and it all sounded excellent and real easy to use. And as I said once setup its a few menu selection to revert back to it. Well worth the setup and giving it a go.
  7. mwhouston

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    I used a 250K 24 step stepper attenuator on the output to control volume. This stepper had been in another amp and didn't appear to work properly. I swapped it for a 100K stepper and everything appeared OK. In the last two days the volume, under control of the stepper, appears to jump all over the place. Even going to full volume when turned down to zero. Today I replaced it with another 250K stepper (EIZZ brand same as the other). All better. I think something has come adrift in the original. Hope to get a free replacement. The faulty one is an $80 unit.
  8. mwhouston

    Home Security Advice

    I wanted to put in an alarm system and Jaycar happen to have a good one at a reasonable price. It is all wireless and is crazy dead simple to setup. A central control unit is battery backed and can run for days with no mains power and all sensors and alarms are battery operated. No wires. There are door and motion sensors and multiple remotes. To add a sense simply put the control unit in add new sensor mode and put a battery in the device. The main unit couples to it instantly. Even alarming devices with high db alarms and flashing blue lights are easily added. Panic options, disable options send texts and emails when there is a report it is all handled and at no cost. An excellent, expandable and cheap system. Love it.
  9. mwhouston

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Odd where my builds and posts show up;. https://www.retrothing.com/2010/05/low-voltage-tube-phono-preamp-kit.html
  10. mwhouston

    Azura Bass Horns

    I have the opertunity to do similar. I have a couple of DIY 2W 6L6 SE UL amps I could use to drive the 109db efficient Failtal pro compression drivers on the Altecs and use the big Ds to drive the woofers. I would build a new or mod my current electronic Xover to feed just 1100hz and under in to the Ds to drive the woofers and use the passive Xover for the horns. have you tried the horns with an SS amp?
  11. mwhouston

    Azura Bass Horns

    Have you tried your horns with SS amps. I got a big (but pleasant) fright when I powered my Altecs with a 150W class D monoblocks. Of course the baas from the 12 woofer lifted but the horns actually sounded fuller,richer and better. Detail increased but didn't become over bearing or tedious. Lets know if you have tried it.
  12. mwhouston

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    This is up and running and bright as. Those big Jensen copper paper and oil caps take about 20 hours to settle. Same with the first one. Tubes need 50hours also. The new super expensive low noise Psvanes do sound even better. Even over the brightness you can hear it. Worth $570 a pair and look cool. Worked at switch on and all voltages correct. Love it.
  13. Have to agree with all points made.
  14. I'm glad for your sale. As someone who has sold on SNA you never know how it will go. Would love to know how they sound being a DIYer on about nine class Ds and great interest in commercial class D amps. These sparked my my interet because of the D module they are based on. I'm not a fan of SMPSs powered amps but who can argue with this offering. Hope the new owner lets us know his thoughts.
  15. mwhouston

    Pi music server and MoOde

    I don't care about this info. but ill say you can. It may not be to the degree you think it should be but i think it is deep enough.