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  1. What does the owner of your shop say about the question (assuming that’s not you)?
  2. I reckon I'd sooner pay the extra ~$50 to avoid waiting over 2 months for delivery
  3. Apparently some other random guy is sending a working version in for review. Let’s see what that shows
  4. The description (a teardown and failed review) is exactly accurate. It's not claiming to be anything other than a teardown and a failed review
  5. Yep that’s him. Looks like someone is going to send a working version. Be interesting to see how measures
  6. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/ciúnas-audio-iso-dac-teardown-and-failed-review.9653/
  7. Your quote comes from their website right? I have no issue with you quoting them, it’s their website specs (and poor grammar ) that I’m complaining about.
  8. That’s not what it says though it says that the power output is always above 350 watts. I know I bang on a bit about the crappy wording on their website but surely they should at least get the specs right 😱
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