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  1. OK here goes Iron Maiden - Number of the beast : second album I ever bought. I'd bought a 'maiden T-shirt because I loved the design and a mate at school gave me heaps for having a T-shirt but no records. So I bought the album and was hooked. Queesnryche - Empire: I know "Operation Mindcrime" is universally hailed (and I love it) but Empire introduced me to such a different side of metal that I couldn't stop listening The Jam - Setting Sons: was the favourite album of my best mate who died too young. Shaped my life for sure. I still can only listen to it once a year Bach - Toccata and Fugue: first (and only) time I experienced synesthesia Creedence - Willy and the Poor Boys: memories of sitting on the floor aged maybe 6 or 7, going through my dad's record collection and finding this Neil Young - Freedom: my first and yes, very late, introduction to Neil Young after a mate came home from his gig raving about it Nirvana: Nevermind - on constant rotation on the jukebox at the Tankerville Arms where we played pool almost nightly during my uni days Pixies: Come on Pilgrim - represents the soundtrack of my uni days Blondie: Parallel lines - boy did I have a crush on Debbie Harry (aged 10, is that wrong?) Madness - One Step Beyond - gets a guernsey as the first album I bought with my own money. Loved the energy and the fun Metallica - Ride the Lightning - angry teen years. My parents hated it, perfect The Breeders - Last Splash: played this album endlessly with my girlfriend at the time Pharaoh Sanders - Kabsha: crazy jazz that just broke all my notions of what "should" sound good Inti-Illimani Leyenda: heard this at a hifi show many many years ago on a set of Proac speakers. I reckon this album was responsible for me getting into this hobby Rossini - Stabat Mater: helps when the back dog is around Mozart - Magic Flute - discovering that my daughter loves opera and the joy of watching it with her Buddy Guy Stone Crazy - My favourite blues artist. Seen him live every time he's been to australia in the last 30 years Leonard Cohen: Various positions - Just had to listen to him after watching the "Nasty" episode of the Young Ones (my favourite show back then) in which they say "He's gonna turn us into vampires! We'll all be dead, yet still alive like Leonard Cohen!"
  2. Awesome post @Tubularbells Brings back memories of Central Station and the german guy at Pipe records (I was always a bit scared to go into that shop )
  3. Bybee Music Rails™ active high frequency noise filters 😱
  4. It measures superbly. Mustn’t sound any good 😋😋
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