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  1. I don’t have an opinion on it, I’m just trying to learn and understand
  2. Doesn’t it potentially change the stiffness/resonance etc of the box itself?
  3. Just so I understand this thread. Are we talking about wrapping speakers in vinyl? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but it’s not immediately obvious to me. Next question is why? and final question is wouldn’t it possibly affect the sound of the speakers ?
  4. Interesting short video about Neil Young here http://www.openculture.com/2019/05/who-is-neil-young.html
  5. Welcome Al Plenty of knowledgeable people here who can answer your questions. Enjoy!
  6. An old thread I know.... I was just listening to “On the Beach” this morning. What a brilliant album! I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never heard it before
  7. If the potential buyer is local I've always offered to bring any component that I'm selling around to their place so they can listen in their system. I've had people offer me the same when I've been auditioning new gear. Hard to do with bulky stuff of course
  8. Can I request that we try to talk about things to look out for with the gear itself? There are plenty of other threads about how to deal with scammers. I’m more interested in tips for assessing the quality of used gear (even when there is no suggestion of any scam)
  9. On a serious note, you could perhaps achieve a similar thing with bi-wired speakers by disconnecting the bass terminals?
  10. Maybe contact Bryan at audio note and have a chat to him? https://www.audionote.com.au be careful though, your wallet may end up considerably lighter
  11. I was just reading this post in the Vincent thread regarding gear that runs hot and has been kept in a confined space. It got me thinking that it might be worth starting a thread that could act as a guide for what to look out for when buying used gear. For example, I have no idea how to tell if a speaker cone is in good nick. Is there an easy way to test this? other shared wisdom would be welcome.
  12. I was trying to help. The OP says he doesn’t know how to post pics. He has also said that he would sms pics. So if he sends pics to someone who knows how to post them then it’s a win win
  13. Maybe someone could then post those photos here for everyone to see?
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