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  1. I might be interested in the connect on its own if you are willing to split
  2. I love it. I’m injury free (touch wood) so far. But tired legs after Saturday’s training run - 25k with 1,100m of vertical. The runs are so much more beautiful than pounding the pavement. More interesting too and out in nature, so you don’t really notice the time. Also, the focus is different. I would find training for a marathon more daunting than the 50k trail run I’ll be attempting. For a road marathon it feels like it’s all about how fast are you gonna go. For a trail run it feels like a day out in nature
  3. of course... thanks (I have a US subscription so makes sense)
  4. Ask away, we are ready and waiting for the questions
  5. That’s a very good point. Roon itself doesn’t provide content, you need a subscription to Tidal for that
  6. One of the hard to control variables with this sort of comparison is whether the CD version was the same mastering as the streaming version.
  7. I genuinely have no idea what you are referring to ?
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