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  1. Wow! Really is the end of an era. After the Yammies they are the bit of kit you've had the longest, yeah?
  2. this maybe? https://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=Pre-emphasis
  3. Sanders speakers need sanders magtech. Simple And welcome to the forum @Mike electrostatic awesome speakers (I should know...)
  4. Listening on Tidal. It's good Thanks for the heads up
  5. I’m confused by all this talk of LPS, have you bought another turntable without telling us, Clive?
  6. I’m on an iPhone so may not be relevant but there’s this:
  7. Yes I was thinking about this too: Lets say original cable cost RRP $1,000 and you got it for $800 Upgrade cable costs say RRP $1,500 So in order to upgrade, you pay the $500 difference in RRP ($1,500 - $1,000). Total price you've paid is $800 + $500 = $1,300 You've still saved $200
  8. I would second that. She was amazing at Womad. I queued up for a signed CD I was that impressed geez, big outdoor music festivals seem like a different world. Womad was like the week before lockdown 1.0. Feels like a lifetime ago
  9. Not sure if they'd be in your price range but what about something from musical fidelity to match your pre?
  10. what have you concluded through these (and any other relevant) experiments, about the sound of the valve amplifiers you tested compared to the sound of hypex amplifiers (under controlled conditions as you described above) … he asked, not really expecting his question to be answered…..
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