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  1. Welcome to the Avantgarde club If I had the space I’d love to upgrade to the trios
  2. Emailed them, the hendrix audio thing is $4,500…. ouch!
  3. Some of the vinyl is 'reduced" to the price that it's already at in store. There's a whole bunch of stuff that I've seen instore in their "sub $31 bin" which is showing as reduced to $31. Some of the stuff is reduced to what you can buy it for elsewhere anyway A bit cheeky
  4. Dark eyes >> bright eyes >> watership down >> buckthorn > Seabuckthorn Disentangled
  5. Nice stuff there. I like this one https://kithe.com.au/products/hendrix-audio-sideboard/ But no pricing on the website
  6. Did your wife also not notice any difference from the next room 😋
  7. Welcome Alan tell us what valves you have
  8. really enjoying this and also realised they are playing at Womad !!
  9. Does the capacity of the card make a difference? I mean two cards of the same brand but different capacity ?
  10. I must say, these things look good. I wonder what the wait would be if I pre-order now. Do you have to pay upfront and can you back out if it gets delayed again?
  11. @cazzesman, the Kiis are extremely configurable (as you no doubt are aware). I’m just wondering what you expect Dirac to bring that the Kiis can’t already do for themselves?
  12. That’s 2013 so discovery of 2019 I guess ? for me: 2019 Nick Cave “Ghosteen” Tool “Fear inoculum”
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