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  1. I think I’d fallen asleep by the time birthdays got mentioned. So thanks, I would have missed it if not for your diligent reading. Happy birthday Lee 👍
  2. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Bose, who'd have thought it...

    Just like many other audio companies and somehow bose cop a disproportionate amount of flack for it.
  3. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Advice please

    Maybe try to listing them in the one advert and have an individual price on each and a slightly cheaper combined price. They are both very well respected products here on SNA so you shouldn't have any trouble selling. Good luck !
  4. Regarding the non-audio/HT forums, I'd rather chat with people on SNA about "Off topic" stuff than go off to another forum. I feel that I've got to know people here and because of that I value their opinions and input more than I would on a different forum. So yes, maybe I should ask my knitting questions on a dedicated forum but I'd rather do it here, amongst friends.
  5. Personally I reckon the divisions between subjectivist and objectivist on SNA are massively exaggerated. If anyone has spent any time on other forums you’ll see how well behaved and agreeable SNA is by comparison. EDIT: The few reasons I know of for people leaving SNA have nothing to do with objectivist vs subjectivist.
  6. We aren’t supposed to discuss religion
  7. Zaphod was on the forum 58 minutes ago, so I guess he's still around
  8. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Show us your ARTWORK!

    That’s good! Scary too
  9. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Ideas for room treatment

    Interested. How did they assess your space? Did they actually come over and do measurements ?
  10. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Moon 330A and the first 5 watts of Class A

    I used to have an oscilloscope (It got ruined during a house renovation ). What it showed me was how easily many amps will clip into even quite an easy speaker load
  11. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    That's the CD as far as I can tell. I'd love to get the vinyl
  12. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    And just to connect our posts, Sons of Kemet have a song called "My Queen is Harriet Tubman" BTW I just looked for the album on Bandcamp, postage is insane
  13. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Sons of Kemet. Love this album Upbeat jazz - two drummers, sax and tuba. I find it uplifting and hypnotic at the same time.
  14. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Whats Your Favourite Personal Radio?

    Wow, talk about old threads. Last post 10 years ago