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  1. The sky

    Big sci fi fan. Will check it out. Thanks !
  2. The sky

    I don't care what they say, the ninth planet was discovered years ago. It's called Pluto
  3. The sky

    I'm not sure he's a rogue planet. Maybe he's a star, he certainly thinks the sun shines out of his black hole
  4. Greetings from Eastern Suburb Melbourne

    Welcome Victor.
  5. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    My theory is a) a big part of this hobby is trying new stuff, changing amps, tweaking cables etc. It's much harder to to this with actives. b ) distributors/retailers don't get to sell all the stuff I referred to in (a) so they make less money. So I'm guessing it's harder to get their support if you make actives.
  6. The sky

    What if there is a rogue planet but it's not called Nibiru
  7. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    Phew! I thought I was going crazy
  8. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    This may be displaying my lack of knowledge but i didn't think a SET could be push pull ?
  9. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    That was the one.. a few changes and you can charge $18 k for a $2k device.
  10. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    It seems that Ayre did do it so I don't really understand your comment about not doing it because they'll be exposed
  11. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    "Disappointing" was my attempted understatement. What I meant was "those fcuking parasites are ripping off their customers who trust them." Whether or not it's illegal is completely irrelevant to me. It's wrong and in my book it's worse than a Chinese copy because as I said before, the company making the fakes is upfront about it
  12. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I think Simaudio may have done similar but I couldn't find a link No idea if they still do it, but rebadging and pretending you haven't and then charging a ma-hooo-sive markup is disappointing. In some ways it's worse than a company that makes a blatant copy and is upfront about the fact that it's a copy.
  13. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    It would be silly buying from an unknown company that's potentially not reputable. I mean imagine a well respected company trying to pull a swifty on its customers. Never happen: https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,76749.0.html
  14. Berning/ ZOTL amps

    I get it now. Back on topic, does anyone understand what this RF carrier signal thing means ?
  15. Berning/ ZOTL amps

    I'm still confused 😐