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  1. I briefly drove whatmough 502is with an audio note amp. I have to say it was not a good match at all
  2. Of course. But we aren’t talking about those differences. I’m struggling to see the relevance to this discussion ?
  3. If you hear differences while playing the same track then it’s likely the cause of those differences has nothing to do with the the recording format or mastering (as these haven’t changed).
  4. @Cardiiiii, thanks! The speakers are Avantgarde Uno G2
  5. "simple system" is a term I've aspired to but never heard used to describe my setup. Probably because in the past, I had three amps, two DACs and various other bits and pieces sitting on that cabinet. I quite like it now
  6. Yes I sent it back to Roger who fixed it for me (free of charge). He also reduced the gain a touch so it’s a better match all round now 👍
  7. I got a notification that you quoted me 15minute ago yet you posted 14 hours ago. I’m sure that I didn’t see your comment previously. Bizarre 🧐
  8. Takes a bit longer to adjust if your specs flip everything upside down. But adjust you do.. .https://www.theguardian.com/education/2012/nov/12/improbable-research-seeing-upside-down
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