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  1. I seem to remember having the poster with my Aust quad version of this album. Still have the album, buggered were the poster got to...
  2. give it the the salvation army or post it on gumtree for free
  3. have you heard the new models? i have......it's a no go imho
  4. Can you expand upon this...? I haven't been able to google anyone company that combines to two thanks
  5. I feel a road trip is coming on..... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/maryland/stereo-systems/mercury-valve-tester/1265040771 Good Value?
  6. Further information: NOS, Vintage Murfett Frame Tray 140 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle The World 1960’s Photos show where the indentations are, otherwise perfect. Still in wrapper 460mm by 350mm Photos:
  7. That's a very good price for the sna mob. If you don't have luck with them, the children on fb are going nuts for this kind of stuff. It's like sliced bread was to our parents for them. I've sold Chislwell products for stupid money to them Another idea is gumtree, but you'll need to hold your nerve against the dealers. GLWS
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