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  1. I recently paid $50 shipping to Sydney from Melbourne for a 38kg triple boxed behemoth......
  2. just a good. At times the CD layer has more energy the the SACD layer on so music
  3. Item: TP_Link TD8816 Price Range: give away Item Condition: New. Never used Extra Info: I have a another modem router, a D-Link NB1300 also for the taking Collect from Ramsgte Beach
  4. hmmmm..... she'll need to try them on first. Comfort is a big factor here also. thanks
  5. I know...I'll let wifey decide. I'll flick her this chat....
  6. oh my.......... a shopping we go in a different direction. thanks
  7. ok...shopping off we go. Wifey will be very happy! Many thanks.....
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I do realize that noise cancelling headphones are closed in. I didn't make my initial post clear enough ☺️ My question still remains: will the noise cancelling headphones make the the sound weird from the TV, as they will be blocking music from outside ? thanks
  9. The wife doesn't mind that there are 1.2 m tall speakers that she has to walk around in the lounge to get to the balcony. She doesn't care that there are cables she needs to step over on the way to the bedroom. She gladly helps me lift the 30kg amps into the system rack. But she won't put up with having to hear the sound system in the back ground when she watches the Voice on TV. SO: do I get her Closed Back headphones for the TV or noise cancelling ones? My 2 cents is on the closed backs. In my mind, noise cancelling works best on droning like sounds as on a plane, etc not a music as it will be in the background as well as in the foreground and the circuitry for the noise cancelling would get confused..... What does the brains trust think?
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