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  1. there is a very knowledgeable thorens group on bookaface. They will set you straight
  2. interesting....I googled it and it only comes up for for sale on amzon...doesn't make sense
  3. Item: Two Draw Cabinet with Book Shelf Price Range: pay it forward Item Condition: Excellent Condition Extra Info: Combination 2 draws with bookshelf. Custom made in plywood. The bookshelf comes off easily as needed. Excellent condition The draws have runners. There is a removable filing system in the top draw. 2420mm Tall by 770mm W by 610mm D, The draws are 760mm tall without the bookcase. Pick up Pennant Hills
  4. try <http://www.croydonparkbusiness.com.au/members/kimil-electronics/> Last time I used his services, his charges where fair
  5. not mine.... need to move it along
  6. after a few belts this album sounds even better
  7. or you try something like this? This is the Naim Armageddon power supply, from a Linn turntable
  8. Planning on doing that with a cable which is thin enough. Nah....not me...won't do that, but thanks for the suggestion
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