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  1. so...how does it sound. Will it do my LS3/5a's justice?
  2. these have the higher quality transformers. Elson's, Southern Stars
  3. there used to be a yahoo spendor user group. Might be worth investigating.
  4. What does the Doc say about your cholesterol?
  5. try this <https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/MAU3ENVOYPRO/>
  6. Further information: 2nd hand Linn board. Suitable for Ekos, Ittock, Basic, LV X LV V Linn arms. Also will work with Project Arms Photos:
  7. I might add.....found some parts for the EH that are flummoxing me. Might ask at stereo net again
  8. OMG...that's it!!! The gasket also floating around, but in my wisdom I threw it out...lol......ages ago. Mystery solved. thanks so much guys!!...now back to audio
  9. interesting....as i remember there was one VG ( we had a few) where there was a problem with gearbox, sump etc. Can't believe I'm still finding hrysler parts in the bowels of the parents house....LOL. There is a also a set of new points tooo :)) thanks so much for your reply
  10. thanks. so, could be missing lots of the rest of the kit?
  11. Hey Brains Trust, Trying to work out what this part is. It's for a '70's hemi 245/265 engine. We had a VG series back when...... thanks
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