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  1. Item: Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 - Plus Edition Location: Mid North Coast NSW Price: $170 + freight Item Condition: Recently Serviced 8/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded to DAC / Streamer Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used this as a Pre / DAC (as it has a volume control) that I connected directly to my Power Amp. Very versatile with 3 x digital inputs as well as an analogue. Very nice sound, see reviews online. Purchased from Mike Lenehan, this was the upgraded plus edition that Mike used in his system for a while. I had it serviced recently by Kimil Elelectronics in Sydney so its been checked and is ready to go. Selling for what it cost me to get it serviced so a good deal for someone wanting a nice DAC / Headphone amp. https://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/d1p/hw_d1p https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/maverick-audio-tubemagic-d1-plus-dac.15688/ Can deliver to Sydney or Gold Coast or in between as I travel regularly to both. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Thanks Bones, first comment about the Primere, putting that back on my list. I think I'm down to the NAD C 658 and now the SC15 as they are both at or under the $2.5K mark and both being fairly full featured. The SC15 even has Chromecast.
  3. The Primare SC15 has Chromecast built in. Lifestyle in Parramatta tell me they are about to release the lower spec SC5 as well.
  4. Cheers Snoops I was in Sydney last week on biz and dropped into Lifestyle and Len Wallis to eyeball some gear. The issue is, even with an audition in store you still don't really know how it plays with your own gear and room set up. Len Wallis is probably the best for this as they sell both Auric and NAD
  5. Looking at the link that Snoopy posted on the NAD C658 BlueOS verion https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/nad-electronics-c-658-streaming-dac-preamp-review Fantastic all rounder, same price band as the Altair and Lumin D2. If it is in the same category SQ wise as the M10 it could be a contender. 2 way WiFi, Bluetooth, Dirac even, has it all.... The D2 doesn't have Wifi 😞
  6. Fantastic Blue Ocean, appreciate your comments. Yes starting to narrow it down to to the Altair G1 or the Lumin D2. Both more than I wanted to spend but starting to lift my target, I don't change my gear much. The trouble is it is very difficult to audition anything in rural NSW where I live. The alternative is a Node 2i plus upgrade my pre to a good value valve pre like a Schiit Freya. Main source I will have is my HDD ripped in FLAC, currently connected to an old HP laptop but will be looking to set up a NAS for this. Haven't played around or experienced any streaming but curious of Tidal and possibly Qobuz from the reading here and those I have spoken with, sounds like Tidal can quite addictive if set up well and plays nice with your network. Regards Crannie
  7. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated gives me a better handle on things. No one has mentioned the Premiere, always been a fan, anyone got one or heard one?
  8. Addendum, Would it be worth stretching to a Naim ? If so which one?
  9. Hi all, My Squeezebox it seems is on its last legs so looking for a replacement. I had the Bouesound Node2i in my sights as a direct replacement but recently realised my Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Dac-Pre has a dodgy channel. The D1 was always a stand in for my main valve Pre/Dac so may as well replace this as well. I was wanting to keep it under $2.5k. A quick search I came up with some options: Question 1: Am I betetr to keeep my streamer and Dac seperate, if so I can get my old Valve Pre/Dac fixed and add a new streamer like Node 2i OR Question 2: Would I be happy with one of the following, i.e preferences? 1) Cambridge Audio CXN v2 Network Streamer 2) Primare SC15 Prisma Streaming DAC-Preamp Or 3) Can the Bluesound PowerNode2i operate as a Pre? 4) Other? It will be mated to a Oddysey Stratos Power amp driving a pair of ATC SCM19 stand mounts which I am really happy with as a pairing. Any recommendations or options much appreciated. Regards Crannie
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