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  1. Hi Guys, In my DJ past, I build many PA speakers. WBin, HBin, JBin, Double 12" and stuff for bullits horns etc. Anyway, I sold the lot over the years and have been without for 15 years or so now I must admit when I was building the stuff, I basically just followed the 'FANE' book with teh recommended drivers. I never did any calculations for driver suitability etc. This leads me to the following (possibly very stupid) question. My favorite design was a J-Bin with 15" speaker. It worked really well as lots of mid still comes from the (metal dustcap) speaker, but the base was beautifully introduced into the room with the folded back horn. Now, I was thinking of rebuilding these as computer speakers, but offcourse using a much smaller driver such as a 4" full range car speaker. My simple brain, was thinking of just scaling the whole thing down. But I think this might have some issues; 1. Angle within the horn 2. Length of the horn 3. Suitability of a Car speaker in a horn design 4. Something else I did not think off. So Basically, it does not have to be HiFi, It's just to be a computer speaker with some nostagia, but it would be nice if it would sound better than just a square box Looking forward to any comments. Cheers, Marco
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