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  1. Item: NAD T758 V3 A/V receiver Price Range: $1000ish Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please let me know what you have! Based in Brisbane but will consider from interstate.
  2. Thank you yes I did see that post. I’m a little nervous buying used HT interstate and they may also prefer a local buyer, but I’ll certainly think about it
  3. Thank you that is super helpful! I did come across that first one but dismissed it as it only does 9Gbps but didn’t think to realise that you could theoretically pair it with one of the HDMI splitter options that does to 18Gbps. Though it’s starting to get complicated and I don’t imagine the quality of the DACs in those boxes is going to be great. Thinking I may just need to look out for a used T758v3 in Brisbane. Thanks again for your research
  4. Thanks! Was hoping there’d be a magic cheap solution but guess not.. Now.. where can I get a T758 v3 for $1k ..? 🤔
  5. So looks like Oppo 203 might do that? But not cost effective, I’d be better off replacing the AVR
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. That would probably do the trick though well out of my budget for what I’d want to spend at least new. If there were used going for around $1k I’d consider it. Does anyone know of a Blu-Ray player with a quality DAC that will pass through HDMI (from my ATV) and send the LPCM 7.1 to its analog outs or am I dreaming?
  7. Hi all, I have an NAD T763 AVR and recently picked up a Panasonic OLED. The NAD still sounds great does everything I want but only supports DTS/DD on its optical inputs or 2 channel LPCM. 1. Is there any reasonably priced DAC or pre-processor that will support 4K HDMI (18Gbps) and provide 5.1/7.1 analog outputs that I can connect to my NAD. I would be sending 7.1 LPCM from Apple TV, it would be doing the decoding of DTS HD, DD TrueHD etc. 2. If not, what would be a recommended cost effective replacement for my NAD? Needs to be good for music. Driving Monitor Audio RX6 + centre + RX1 rear
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