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  1. This exact configuration was suggested by an audio store as a possible change for a pair of speaker cables as they were known for being quite bass heavy and lacking high frequency detail. It was suggested that I combine a lighter gauge cable from the same brand and biwire them to the high stage and wire the heavier gauge in the low stage at the speaker end. Decided to just invest in another single cable so never found out if it made a difference. Interested to see what you find.
  2. Just a heads up that SVS have a speaker matching tool that not only suggests a sub match but also recommends the crossover setting for both the sub and amp including the slope. https://www.svsound.com/pages/merlin
  3. https://www.cnet.com/news/4k-hdmi-cables-are-nonsense/ I've bought these and they work fine. https://www.ezyhd.com.au/product-category/hdmi-cables/
  4. I'd suggest holding onto the second one. when you want to sell you're going to struggle.
  5. Unfortunately the Studios don't use the beryllium tweeter that the V3 Signatures use, they use aluminium. https://www.paradigm.com/products-archived/collection=reference/model=studio-20/page=overview Still a great sounding speaker.
  6. Item: Oppo BDP 105 Audiophile Blu Ray Player with Pro Mod Location: Canberra Price: $950 ONO Item Condition: Very good with boxes for shipping. Reason for selling: Moving to 4K player. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, COD Only Extra Info: Needs no introduction. Best value for money audiophile universal media player. Used for up scaling of set top box and occasional music and Blu-ray viewing. Never any issues. Solid unit. Great DAC, Network streamer and universal player. Will post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  7. It's a very simple repair to replace the headphone jack itself if that's all it is. The repairer would spend more time taking it apart than soldering a new one in.
  8. wow, didn't know Paradigm did a dome midrange, cool.
  9. Over the past few generations Oppo have released two versions of their players. One with a seperate anologue audio section for people who wanted a universal player with high quality audio i.e Oppo 105. And the standard universal player without the anolog audio section. i.e Oppo 103. they may continue this with the new generation players. As a guide the higher one would probably be around 2k and the lower spec would be around 1k. Don't forget they'll probably support the new Dolby UHD HDR format that is yet to be released, which is another reason to wait for an upgrade.
  10. Speak to a local Paradigm dealer. Most stock replacement speakers and you should be able to replace it yourself.
  11. Pricing will settle in the next 12 months. First releases were $50, now new releases are $45. Re-released moves are between $25 and $35 which is no different to Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray. Over time I think they will settle around the $30 mark which I can stomach a bit more. No doubt JB will eventually start doing their best pricing for a few weeks after release like they do with standard Blu-ray. Also the $20% off sales would be something to look out for. I can't understand how people are saying it's DOA when there's only one player on the market and a dozen movies. Wait until a few other players enter the market and we have a decent catalog to see how it's going to go.
  12. I read that deep colour enables 12 bit colour on the player so should be left to off.
  13. Saved me responding . I stopped buying blu-rays a few months ago to avoid rebuying movies in UHD. I wanted Martian to watch on blu-ray and I now have a UHD copy for when I get a player. Now that the Panasonic has been announced for September i'm questioning if i'll just wait to replace my Oppo which has a 4k model due at the end of the year.
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