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  1. Post deleted-just noticed there was no digital out.
  2. Why don't you let the Audio Research engineers know? I'm sure they would be grateful for some expert advice.
  3. I can’t believe this is still for sale. This amp is incredibly transparent and really kicks butt for 60w/ch. Former Stereophile product of the year. Talk about a giveaway......
  4. One serious bargain here. Don’t think you could do better at 3k.
  5. Do you have contact details for Andy MacLaren?
  6. Hey, this guy has got 11 good trader raps: you don’t get that unless unless you are an honest guy. if I was in the market for a pair of low mileage 845’s I would trust him on the condition and hours useage and take the plunge. This is a really good price for a good product. Almost makes me want to start on another SET project, but alas no suitable trannies in the shed at the mo 😪
  7. Hi Hank, what is an alloy Paradox Pulse one ? Is the surgery only for those with the gift of a jeweller’s dexterity and the sight of a raptor ?
  8. Sardine fed Russian Blue oven dried at 173.2 degrees for 22.5 minutes
  9. Yeah, there was some pretty good acid going round at the time if I remember.......
  10. These really are ‘da biz’, and in my opinoin far preferable to some of their subsequent offerings with multiple supports and more flexible tendencies. Fill them halfway to two thirds with sand, kitty litter, atabites or any other substance of your choice and they are are very hard to beat for speakers which demand high rigidity high mass support - unless you pay a lot more that is
  11. I thought the white anting message had been made LOUD AND CLEAR It would be a good idea to read Classifieds policy before putting fingers to keypad
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