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  1. Posted a query on one of the other sub-forums, but in hindsight it may get more response here. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, TT
  2. Hi there, Seeking any/all guidance for diagnosis of cause(s) of a new problem with GG pre-amp. I can easily check voltages and shorts etc. but wondering if the likely culprit(s) are the 12AU7 tubes. Happy to buy some more and swap out, but is there anything else I should check? Don't really want to lob in new tubes for them just to fail because something else has gone shonky. Have had no issues with the pre-amp for the last 9 years, and it was originally built really well by Gary Proudfoot gypr1961 Cheers, TT
  3. Yep, it's a tricky one as these were a limited run AFAIK. Don't regard as being in the same class as Bill's all-tube amps like the BB100 though - it is a fairly modest item, albeit built like the proverbial brick sh!t-house. It's surplus to requirements now as I'm using a Grounded Grid pre-amp + 1950's Quad 2 monoblocks. Thinking it must be in the $250 - $750 range, but who knows! Thanks J
  4. Hi all, I'm sooo out of touch with the value of things, so a pretty please to this forum to suggest a ball-park second-hand $value of, probably, an unfamiliar item. I bought this in England some time in the last century and, like the convicts, it has been transported to Tasmania. It works fine - maybe could do with some deoxit (or similar) on the selector switch and the alps volume pot. It's a 40-50 watt/ch thing with ECL86's on the input and MOSFET's on the out. Michell Engineering binding posts. There was a review of it once - link here Some pictures added rathe
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