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  1. I was just about to request that info. I am local, well at least not I/S
  2. Item: Whatmough Opus 1 Centre Speaker Location: Mount Martha 3934 Price: $130.00 Item Condition: VGC Reason for selling: Found an Orpheus Centre to Match My Orpheus Dolomites. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Dimensions - 45cm * 26cm * 17cm h. Approximately 7.5 kg One small mark on rear of top surface (see pic), I only noticed this when taking photos. Been in storage the last 12 months. Would prefer pickup but can post at your expense - I do have a shed full of bubble wrap, just need to find a box. Pictures:
  3. Item: Cambridge Audio 640A v2 intergrated Location: Mount Martha 3934 Price: $230.00 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Arcam A29 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Purchased from Musicman in December 2018 as a temporary fix until I found a new amp. It has hardly been used (10-20 hours). Refer prior ad regarding low usage. ( pics show slight tarnish on lid & smudge marks on volume knob) I’m sure they could be cleaned up with a little T.L.C. (quote) The remote worked when purchased, I never used it, however when I tested last week it wasn't, hence the price drop. All other functionality works as expected. Despite being rated at 75wpc it killed our 90wpc AVR. Easily drove a pair of interdyn Bt2 floor standers. Enjoyed this amp during it's short time in use. No box so won't post. Prefer audition and pickup. Pictures:
  4. Bought one in the early 90's and stupidly sold it when I bought a Pioneer. Great amp!!!
  5. Bought a NAD375BEE amp 5 weeks ago for a reasonable price. (plus 17 1/2 %) However once received it was obvious the right channel was out (came good after 40 minutes and sounded brilliant) Same happened next day. Returned, tested and I received an Email informing me the unit could not be repaired or replaced and a full refund would occur. Refund last week received and all good (4 weeks after purchase). As I am on their mailing list, yesterday I was provided with a link for a hifi equipment sale. Surely that couldn't be "my" NAD amp for sale again????? Currently at $684 + commission and fees.
  6. Great CD player, I know I have one.
  7. Loved my PM80, no idea why I sold it.
  8. Thanks, might well do!! However I still need to purchase speakers plus amp for this new non av system. I'll be looking seriously after Easter.
  9. Thank you, sounds just what I require, beginning to see a pathway going forward. Unfortunately Ethernet is not an option in the planned location. Main requirement is the convenience of accessing remote ripped CDs, internet radio plus whatever else is out there with a good quality DAC. Thanks agian
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