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  1. alowe

    FS: Esoteric SA-60

    Finally clearing out some audio gear mate.... Anyway, buy with confidence. One of the nicest person I've come across.
  2. alowe

    FS: Tannoy Canterbury SE

    Dream speakers. Unfortunately can't afford it. GLWS.
  3. Very nice sounding amp. Good buy.
  4. What I was trying to say is that less is better. Sorry if you took it as going off topic....
  5. Your original "Private Sales" and "Commercial Sales" is the best. It was easy. I think we should go back to it. There are times where you should not listen to the customers or in this case, the members because we are not always right. Please go back to Private Sales and Commercial Sale!!!!!!!!
  6. Very good deal here for all items.
  7. Beautiful!!!! Wish I have the money...
  8. Beautiful speakers and a very good price.
  9. alowe

    FS: ELAC Speaker Package

    Very good deal. Good luck!
  10. Good deal. Have one of this currently and love it.
  11. Very good deal....niceeee.
  12. Very good cartridge and a very good deal.