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  1. I had a ground loop issue with my PC and headphone amp via my USB DAC (another amp was fine...) . I got one of these cheap USB isolators from ebay $14 - USB 1500v Isolator Isolator ADUM4160 USB To USB ADUM4160/ADUM3160 Module and it did the trick. It is slower USB 2 speeds so maxed my DAC out at 32bit/96khz but still decent enough, no more ground loop noise! Going optic would also fix this however my DAC was USB only.
  2. Item: Chord Cobra Plus RCA to DIN cable - 1m Location: Sydney Price: SOLD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my Chord Cobra Plus RCA to 5-pin DIN cable in 1 meter in length, but no longer need by me. Pictures:
  3. airofu

    Headphone EQ

    I use Equalizer APO on my PC feeding my HD800, I pretty much just bump up the 20-60hz range slightly and it makes the normally bright sounding HD800 have more bottom end (to me that's all it was really lacking). Prior to EQ felt the need to find a bassier headphone in the price range, but now very happy
  4. airofu

    Nura hype???

    I tried these, sound wise they are quite good, I quite liked the clear highs, and bass was quite thick (can adjust it) but I did find a bit of a gap between the two, but still good sounding headphones overall albeit overpriced. The thing I didn't like was the in ear part combined with a rubber like seal as the headphone itself, don't think I could last long with the current fitment design....
  5. Sorry no longer required! GLWS
  6. Actually found a couple of options, this would be for headphones also....the Schitt Loki but only covers 4 fixed bands. And I have seen the miniDSP box which looks like it can programmed on a PC then outputs that EQ like normal?
  7. Just wondering if there is a small (not rack mount size) desktop EQ that covers down to about 20/30hz? I found the Behringer MiniFBQ FBQ800 9-Band Graphic EQ which looks great but the lowest is 63hz unfortunately.
  8. I have a Denon 3808 receiver and wondering about the Professional AUdyssey installer calibration on it, anyone done this? know of any installers in Sydney?
  9. Just wondering signal wise/quality should what should I set my master windows sound volume to be feeding my amplified speakers? :eek: Lower/mid or max in Windows for best signal to amp?
  10. Thanks for the answers Is there some sort of ASIO driver or pure driver that can be used with my X-Fi card? I know winamp has a ASIO driver output?
  11. airofu

    Audioengine A5 or Aktimate Mini

    Finally decided and got the Aktimate's in black - very nice sounding speaker
  12. Thanks, I take it to get an external DAC that is better then say the Prelude sound card built in one...is going to cost alot more?
  13. Thanks for the replies....how does an external DAC work? If I connect my soundcard to an external stereo amp...does this have a DAC built in? ...
  14. Just wondering what is a good quality sound card for music playback from my PC to externally powered speakers? I currently have the Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series card which seems pretty good, I would only want to upgrade it if I could hear a difference in sound quality with a better card....something with better quality output? DAC? line signal/noise ratio? Thanks
  15. I am thinking of replacing my computer speakers with some compact bookshelf speakers if possible and a cheap stereo amp. So far I am thinking the Jaycar stereo amp and LSK DIY M4 bookshelf speakers? Are there any other options no more expensive then this? Thanks