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  1. Somebody buy this setup! I know how these horn systems sound.
  2. Bruce, which Sansui component you are saving for?
  3. I use Interparcel. You just punch in the dimensions, weight, to and from postcodes and you can see costs from many carriers. You just pay upfront online and take advantage of the rates they get from all the carriers due to the volume of transactions they make.
  4. Further information: This is a 24 bit / 192kHz tube DAC built from a kit based on an article you can read on Lukasz Fikus’ Lampizator website here: Link to Lampizator So this is theoretically a ‘Lampized Lampucera’ DAC. The list of features and specs is based on the current version of the kit. I purchased mine a few years ago so I’m assuming it’s remained unchanged, but please use my photographs for reference. Hopefully they’re clear enough for you to see what’s going on. Features 4 separated individual precision voltage regulator. High precision 1% metal film
  5. Yes, apologies ... I haven’t shown the tray! It is however where Crystara has indicated.
  6. Item: Perreaux Silhouette SXCD Player Location: Adelaide Price: $650 Item Condition: Excellent used Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a two enclosure unit that comprises a separate CD drive mechanism (based on a computer optical drive) and power supply / DAC. This unit is in immaculate, unmarked condition and performs faultlessly. Technical specs can be found on the Perreaux website: https://www.perreaux.com/blog/2007/7/10/new-product-silhouette-sxcd-cd-player PLEASE NOTE: This player o
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