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  1. Please be advised, I've been advised by a buyer that they will take the item via PM, hence this item is tentatively sold to Poiu. Happy to take 'backups' and will update thread accordingly ASAP. Thank you.
  2. Item: NAD C320BEE Integrated Amplifier (NAD data sheet with full specs) Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450 Price: $299 inclusive of registered postage + $300 postal insurance (pricing is firm as thats very low to past sales of same item) Item Condition: 9/10 - genuinely in absolute mint condition with no external markings & immaculate interior Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct debit (I can provide trading references on here and other forums OCAU/Ebay) Extra Info: Comes with remote control and power cord (unsure if the original manual is with it but easily downloaded). This was bought ~5yrs ago but quite seriously I doubt it's had more than 100hrs of use and has been in storage for the past 4yrs. It was bought brand new by my Grandfather (who'd never had a decent hifi in his life) - they used it for a few months but then he got prostate cancer and had to go into a home). It was packed up and put into storage, coming to me when he died a few yrs ago. I tested it when I got it and it worked 100% - I have done this again yesterday. Here is a review of the item. This was long regarded as one of the best value integrated amplifiers under $1000 and represents VERY GOOD buying at this price, which I have set for a quick sale. Please compare it to the last C320BEE that sold on here in what sounds like vastly inferior condition for $325 without post!. I am happy to provide full phone number, home address etc to ensure non-local buyer feels comfortable buying. Pictures:
  3. I'm pretty sure you'll find that the HR series were the SUPER FINE PITCH screens - I happen to have the sister TV to yours, HR32M31 in that series myself. The HX's are excellent CRTs though. IMHO massively superior picture to the 32" flat panels <~$800. GL with sale.
  4. Hmmm I find it odd that a Loewe model could be considered the finest, given that IIRC they didn't make any >576p capable CRTs. I mean, look if you want to talk about SD(576i) CRTs - then I'd say that Loewe wins easily. But once you start talking about the very best, well I don't think many people would consider a very good 576i capable CRT superior to a very good 1080i capable TV.......SD vs HD makes it a pretty easy pick - if a tad unfair. Kind of the same thing with the Philips Pixel Plus range as well.....I thought, purely from memory they only went to 576p - great picture but I don't recall them having 1080i capable sets. Sony obviously made umpteen different CRTs - so if you're looking at the bog standard ones they ranged from ok to good - but as mentioned the absolute standouts were the KVHR series....36 & 32 inch varients. For me, these were far and away the best CRTs made.....I should declare I am possibly a lil biased as I still have the 32" myself. Amazingly they still do have a very good following so get decent prices when there's learned bidders. Alas they're not immune to the downfalls of all CRTs....(limited screen size, big footprint, lack of digital video inputs). I can't imagine selling mine as for what I'd get for it I'd barely be able to buy some yumcha generic LCD of the same size that'd look horrendous. Great guest room telly! :-)
  5. Balls in my court? I last posted in this thread months ago...both A9X and I agreed to disagree and that was that. Oh blah blah blah pal - look the long and the short of it is I'm not here to spoonfeed flybys like you. This isn't a freaking university masters hypothesis where everything has to be referenced and noted. You don't like ehat I suggested.....I'll struggle on. You wanna see some stats on cards, then go find them yourself. Moronic is thinking that anyone would feel inclined to provide anything to assist you when you fly into a thread and add SFA to it but a wisecrack on a disagreement that occured months ago.
  6. Awww well hey I hadn't thought of it that way but hearing that I'm happy to have brought a smile to atleast one of your heads. :-P Small things and small minds eh...... Maybe consider 'playing the ball and not the man' - if you've actually something to contribute.
  7. Hi Richard, Alas no.....I had some REALLY generous offers but they were just a little too complicated for the old guy to use and I'd hate to accept only to let down people's generosity. It all got a bit much so I've put it on the backburner a little......I'm also preparing to move homes myself - so have been kind of busy. So still very much open to any offers/suggestions that folks might have. Is funny I went over during the weekend and the old guy is using his broken old stereo with one speaker for his CDs and a broken boombox style one for his tapes (as the CDP on it doesn't work). I'll check out the Salvo's stores when I head out to do the shopping with week. PM sent to Chilli for his kind offer above too - thank you in advance. Cheers, Nick
  8. Ophool, thank you for your very kind offer - a real credit to you but unfortunately was again a tad complicated. After speaking with the old man in question I've changed the request to a BOOMBOX style unit - as he has said he feels unable to use anything more complicated. Obviously, this makes it very hard to still have reasonable sound quality - but is better that he's able to use without stress and confusion. So welcome offers of similar units to this. THANK YOU :-)
  9. RockandorRoll, thanks for the kind offer but from SA that'd be a tad much on the postage front ! Much thanks for the offer though - hope the Keces is treating you well! Yes, I've been checking (and still am) Gumtree, Ebay and the Trading Post......Grays are horrible IMHO, exhoribitant buyers premiums and postage and they overstated the RRP of products BADLY. Appreciate the suggestion though. So still looking guys, but appreciate all the kind offers of help & assistance - so thanks. :-)
  10. Danters offer was sensational - but alas it was a tad too complicated for the age & health condition of the old man. Therefore I had to regretfully pass on it - though I heap plaudits on Danter for his very kind offer and effort in sending me photos and thoughtful emails. SO....am still looking guys, all in one type units are probably more feasible or even reasonable quality 'boombox' style units will be considered. Thank you in advance for all the kind offers, all are appreciated. :-)
  11. Thanks Ophool, thats very kind of you and much appreciated. I'll see how it pans out with the other options on the table - as I'm reluctant to go for anything thats more than a single CD player or has any mechanical problems. But once again your offer is very kind and appreciated - am sure it'd assist the right person, is funny how whats junk to many can make the day of an old pensioner, new immigrant family or someone starting again after losing it all. Cheers, Nick
  12. Item: Bulk lot of plants (indoor,outdoor plus extra pots and items!) Location: VGC - all are healthy and won't die on you suddenly as new ones can Item Condition: VGC Reason for selling: Moving interstate - can't fit in the removals vehicle. :-( Price: $250 ono Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: All in the plants are very healthy & easy to maintain. All pots have a top layer of mulch & pebbles etc to enhance looks and minimise water loss. In addition, I will give instructions on how to care for each of the plants eg watering, best place to locate etc etc. I know its an unusual item but plants add a massive amount to any home and the value in this lot is massive. My wife is gutted we're selling them and so am I. These are listed on another website - so please act fast if you're interested. Inspections welcomed - pickup only, easy to ift in the back of a ute or large station wagon (I can clingwrap the bases on the larger ones so you can lie horizontal for travel). Pictures: Google Picture gallery - note individual info on each plant. Lot of extra items included that I haven't pictured as my camera ran out of batteries!
  13. Appreciate the reply and suggestion - I'd imagine postage would be a factor as they'd not want to do this and larger items can be pretty costly - and is difficult when they aren't in original packaging. I'll look into it though. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, very much appreciated. Yes, I've been looking at these type of things but everything now seems to be USB/MP3 and a tad complicated for him - still good suggestion. That sounds pretty damn good Danter - so let me say thank you in advance for obviously making a HUGE effort to assist. My only concern is how difficult it is to use, if they're all PUSH BUTTON type units it should be fine. I'll send you a PM to discuss - but thank you in advance. In the interim, any other offers are genuinely welcomed. Thank you.
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