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  1. I've got a Skoda 206TSI wagon as my work vehicle. It's the best all-round vehicle that I've had, but there's a definite trade-off between space vs handling, driving dynamics and outright performance. It's in a different category of vehicle than the other cars on the list. If cabin space, rear legroom and boot space is a priority (whether in wagon or sedan format) it's definitely worth a test drive and is a fantastic family chariot.
  2. Picked up a bottle of the AWAS cask-strength Starward release recently. Should be an interesting drop methinks! I don't blame you... such a great drop!
  3. Absolutely!!! PS. Sansui is the greatest, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise
  4. Ah, 'tis but a pipedream for discussions on different formats. It's far easier to kick each other instead.
  5. Ross Brawn had this to say regarding Sunday's race, both with regards to Danny, and also Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas: In my experience, the reason for such significant differences with the same cars is nearly always down to poor tyre temperature. I don’t think it was a case of drivers losing confidence here – they just didn’t seem to have the car they wanted and didn’t generate enough tyre temperature. Sometimes a driver is getting the tyres to work and the other not – and it looks horrible as the difference is amplified massively, even if it’s only very fin
  6. He certainly benefitted enormously from the rules which allowed him to unlap himself under the red flag. It would have been a VERY different outcome otherwise.
  7. It looks like Litz wire with individually insulated strands. There are a variety of ways to remove the insulation. Dipping the wire in a solder pot/bath is easiest, but most people won’t have one of these on hand. I’d suggest googling the other options, as you may find one which works best for you.
  8. The room is looking great Ant!! Sounds like a logical plan of attack Ant - I've found a noticeable difference when giving speakers room to breathe.
  9. Sounds like a plan - and the lack of a case means that there's one less thing for me to remove! Ha!
  10. Clay, I'm not surprised at all, given your efforts in developing and optimising your various DACs over the years. Absolutely fantastic news regarding the Wolfson chip and the return of the Kompakt - an ongoing lack of supply would have been a travesty!! I suspect there will be a widespread re-design of many pieces of gear across the industry which use AKM goodies.
  11. Here's a link to the silver one: ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer Large LCD Backlight Food Grill Thermometer with Timer Mode for Smoker Kitchen Oven BBQ, Silver: Kitchen Thermometers: Amazon.com.au
  12. Nice one. I have the exact same thermometer set, along with a silver, lower-range model without the remote monitoring unit. Both work very nicely in my vertical smoker. Great bang for buck!
  13. I’ve heard good things about the Deanston 12 - looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  14. Well done and good job! It looks like plenty of glue which has gone off and corroded several components, as opposed to leaking caps. None of that brown gunk is from the capacitors themselves. Electrolytic caps do not contain a liquid as such - there is an electrolyte paste inside and it is not prone to leaking or oozing in the typical sense, and capacitors absolutely do not leak or ooze anything brown.
  15. Great shot mate - the extent of flooding is just horrendous!
  16. Selective quoting there Andy For the avoidance of doubt, my post wasn't in relation to sound quality of Class A vs Class AB at all - it was regarding the statement around the amp operating as Class A at low volume.
  17. Yes indeedery... my thoughts are here: In summary, the Kompakt is an upgrade over the Klein + Kraftwerk PSU and is highly recommended.
  18. The CABAC equivalent is also very good (I use a few of them) and they can be had at discounted prices these days too: 1 new message (toolsandgear.com.au)
  19. This little fella arrived yesterday - thanks to Boozebud for a 15% off and free shipping sale!
  20. I was very fortunate to get this at mate's rates - a friend works for the parent company. I was able to sample the full Beenleigh range before purchase, including the 'navy strength' which is around 60% ABV. Interestingly, the 60% had more ethanol on the nose vs the stronger 'cask strength', but the cask strength is a bit hotter to taste. I do prefer the robustness of the flavour when undiluted, but it's a bit hit and miss depending upon which parts of your mouth and tastebuds are numbed the most by the high ABV! I played around with a bit of water and and it takes water fairly
  21. Please excuse the non-whisky post, but in the spirit of “hot”, this is what I was enjoying with a friend last weekend. It’s an interesting feeling when your mouth disappears...
  22. Any reference to 60hz or multiples thereof will be for overseas models. Australian models will be multiples of 50hz.
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