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  1. Unfortunately I was screwed around by a time-waster via ebay, so the AU-505 is back up for sale. I've also re-sprayed the lid, so she presents very nicely indeed! There are updated photos in the first post. As noted in the first post, I can replace the output and filter caps for $50 with quality Nichicon caps if the buyer wishes, and I can also replace one pair of speaker connections with binding posts for $50 if that would suit the new owner better - I have a particular size of binding post on-hand for this model and they are perfect for banana plugs.
  2. pete_mac

    Need a new TV - a few questions

    Bear in mind that the original post states a budget of $1300 or less.
  3. pete_mac

    Sansui SP-X7700/7300 Speakers

    I'm a Sansui nutter through and through, and whilst they make great amps... they also make great Sansui-branded firewood (AKA speaker cabinets). They can certainly go loud and 'rock out' which is why I think some of the US market are happy to pay decent dollars for them... but accuracy and clarity isn't their strong point. Great party speakers though. EDIT. some of the nice two-way late-model Japanese made speakers are an exception, and one or two of their simple two-way vintage models also sound OK.
  4. You'll need to ask that question after tomorrow
  5. That wouldn’t happen to be a thinly veiled shameless plug, would it?
  6. pete_mac

    FS: Blaudio 1.5 Speakers

    Theyalso looks like Hivi woofers... because they are
  7. pete_mac

    Sansui HiFi

    I'd recommend the 7700 - it's a great sounding amp!
  8. Hi all, the TU-505 is sold and has been removed from this listing. The AU-505 is now available at $350 - bear in mind that stock, original, unserviced and unrestored examples are selling for the same money on ebay!
  9. I had no choices to make for many, many years as most Sansuis and audio-gd gear came in black. My world was rocked by silver-faced Gieseler DACs, Technics SL-120 turntables, and late model champagne silver Sansuis from the 90’s. These days I just mix and match.
  10. pete_mac

    Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T300RS

    The G27/29/920 are good entry level wheels for sure, but have a particular feel to the steering resulting from the gear driven feeback setup. The Thrustmaster TMX Pro is around the $400 mark and includes the decent T3PA pedals with conical brake mod, and is pretty decent bang for buck. The Thrustmaster TX/T300 wheel base is a better unit though - much stronger feedback and interchangeable wheels. Sadly, the cheapest TX setup comes with a crappy plastic imitation Ferrari wheel and a rubbish two-pedal set. You're forced to spend $700 to get a decent baseline TX/T300 setup. I went a little bit silly a while back and took over the kid's toyroom, much to their disgust. This started out as a way of getting them used to driving, whilst also giving me some thrills from time to time... After buying the Thrustmaster TX Leather setup, I whacked a WRX bucket seat on a moveable base, hard-mounted a TX wheel and T3PA pedals onto a piece of Sweden's finest furniture, hacked into a USB keyboard to create a brain centre which controls a button box, DIY handbrake and sequential shifter, and carbon-fibre magnetic paddle shifters from Ascher Racing installed on one of my DIY OMP steering wheels (thanks China via ebay!). There's also the TH8A H-pattern gearbox with shorter shifter, and the pedals have been extensively modded with different springs to give more realistic feel, and a load cell on the brake pedal which turns the brake pedal into a pressure-based setup, rather than travel-based. Ironically, it's getting to the point where the kids can't use it - the brake pedal is too firm for little legs! Bad Daddy... I desperately need a better TV in there to make the most of the XBOX One . The old Hitachi plasma has since gone, and there's a freebie Soniq 42" 1080P LCD in its place which looks surprisingly OK. A 55" 4K is on the wish list.
  11. pete_mac

    Klein III owners thread

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. pete_mac

    FS: SWANS D2.1SE stand-mount speakers

    No, they are HiVi drivers, and Swans is the brand name used for HiVi's line of speakers. They do indeed look VERY similar to Dynaudio drivers!
  13. PM replied - sold pending payment
  14. pete_mac

    Klein III owners thread

    Yes, there can be a sonic difference, but it's not cut and dry - for me, it ultimately depends upon the source gear.
  15. pete_mac

    Klein III owners thread

    Sorry, I'm drifting a bit off-topic in Clay's Klein III thread, but I currently use a Squeezebox Touch via USB to the Klein III, but I'm seriously considering the Allo USBRIDGE in future, which is supposedly a sonically superior alternative: https://allo.com/sparky/usbridge.html