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  1. New KLEI Banana plugs

    Abso-bloody-lutely. They absolutely, positively, cannot be pure copper. Copper lacks the requisite characteristics for thin-rolling and spring tension. Someone's having a laugh!!
  2. Yes, there's an old thread on the Muse DAC: I compared it back-to-back with the ProJect DAC BOX FL which has the same chips, and the modded MUSE DAC was as good, if not better, as the ProJect. My experience with TDA1543 DACs is that they have a lovely midrange and suit less complex music, but definitely lack bass extension/definition and 'air' in the upper registers. They are easy to listen to all day long - very un-offensive sound!
  3. XMOS-based Asynchronous USB to I2S interface

    Clay, are you aiming for this device to be a replacement for the Amanero384 board in terms of pin-compatibility, or will it be a new configuration altogether? Would I be jumping to conclusions by assuming that you are considering this option after hearing the XMOS 208-based Singxer device and liking what you heard vs the Amanero?
  4. Subaru Levorg MY18

    Agreed. In addition to them being mechanically robust, Subaru have done the hard yards on the electronic programming which has paid dividends. Whilst not a Levorg, I'll be getting a Liberty 3.6R with the CVT trans as a work vehicle soon, and the CVT is much improved over all previous CVT vehicles that I've driven. It even feels reasonable in 'flappy paddle' mode!
  5. Panasonic ED and EE series are high voltage caps (160-450V ratings) which you'd only really need if the unit has a SMPS. Panasonic FM and FR would be my choice, or even the FC at a pinch.
  6. Will this crossover work?

    It all comes back to how we define 'work' in this context. If mismatched driver output and peaks and troughs in the response curve are both included in the definition of 'work', then sure, she'll work alright!
  7. Will this crossover work?

    If the desired outcome is to chuck a bunch of components into a box without any proper testing and measurement, and either live with the speakers as-is or attempt tuning them by ear... be my guest! There are better ways to build decent-sounding, properly designed budget speakers for minimal dollars though...
  8. Will this crossover work?

    It's a bit like asking 'will these 13" wheels and tyres work on my Toyota Landcruiser?' In a physical sense, yes, the car will roll down the road, so I guess they would work. It doesn't mean that's is anywhere near optimal though.
  9. Will this crossover work?

    Absolutely - but implementing L-pads by ear for a first-timer (which is what I'm assuming the OP is) is a real crapshoot. I'm not necessarily advocating having a full custom crossover designed by a third party... but having the ability to tweak the crossover based upon measurements (particularly in-room measurements) is very useful indeed IMHO. Each to their own though.
  10. FS: SANSUI SP-L150 speaker pair

    Very cool! I've heard good things about this very rare Sansui speakers.
  11. Will this crossover work?

    Absolutely 100% In my experience, off-the-shelf crossovers rarely work all that well. They are a 'blunt tool'. They may get you in the ballpark, but you will be a long way off an optimised design. You also won't have allowed for the different sensitivity of the different drivers. Proper crossover design caters for this. If using off-the-shelf crossovers with random drivers, you really need to have the capabilities of measuring the speaker once cobbled together and making changes to the crossovers afterwards.
  12. Amp Considerations.

    I think we've found our new name moving forward! Quite catchy, yes?
  13. High End prices....why so expensive?

    You sure can! Dussun is the brand you seek!
  14. Sansui AU-317 MK2 Repair/Restoration.

    Element 14 or RS Components are your local choices for capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes etc. Mouser or Digikey are your main overseas. Avoid ebay... too many fakes. Definitely look at using Panasonic FC/FM/FR or Nichicon PW/HE series caps if possible, or even United Chemicon. They are cheap when purchased from the above sources. You also have the opportunity to replace any of the smaller signal path coupling caps with film caps while you're in there. WIMA and Panasonic make compact stacked-film caps that will fit.
  15. Audiophile banana connectors - Simple question

    Indeed.. the Sewell connectors are the same as the Nakamichis. They are about a dollar each via ebay. Neither of these are 'pure copper' as are claimed, but are high copper content brass. They are very robust and good quality for the price.