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  1. No thunder-stealing to be seen here! Just sharing the Alpha love!
  2. Sounding beautiful... just beautiful! Not enjoying moving around 33kg of amplifier though!
  3. It's a very impressive bit of kit. Incredibly similar to the 907XR. It still amazes me regarding the path that Sansui took towards the end of their life as the company that we know (knew?) and love(d). Brilliant brilliant amps.
  4. A challenger has arrived... enter the 907MR! The 907XR still occupies the penthouse in the Tower of Alpha... but for how long???
  5. A quick comparison to show the similarities between the above car audio amp and a Sansui AU-Alpha amp (in this case, the B-2103 power amp): SM-A1 (top) vs 2 x B-2103 (bottom)
  6. Aaaaaaaaand.... it's an alpha x-balanced design. Mind blown!
  7. Nooo... I was wrong... THIS is the ultimate - the SM-A1: http://amp8.com/sansui/etc/sm-a1.htm RIKEN resistors... in a car amplifier!
  8. Could this be the ultimate car audio amplifier for the true Sansui nutter? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sansui-...m23ba63077f:g:IdkAAOSwm79csqgQ&frcectupt=true LAPT outputs, a few Elna Silmics, U-Con polypropylene caps, copper plates to clamp the outputs to the heatsink. The PCBs look similar to those found in the Sansui Alphas.
  9. It just seems odd for a seller with low volumes of sales, to suddenly list 30 turntables which sell for $400-500 for only $80 including shipping Australia-wide. He might as well be giving them away. Across his various listings, 24 have sold in the past 24 hours.
  10. As I posted above last night, the seller also had Garmin watches at $80, but those have since disappeared entirely. I wonder if those listings were reported to ebay...
  11. Hrmmm... given that it includes postage, it seems too good to be true. Likewise, the Garmin watches that he has listed are silly cheap. Hope that this is not the result of a hacked account...
  12. I recall hearing this model at Darko Manor back in the day - I dragged my old Proac 1S Clones and a Sansui amp along for some comparisons. The Audion is a lovely bit of kit - awesome build quality and fantastic sound. Superb buying at the asking price! Good luck with the sale.
  13. Yes, any pair of the above-mentioned speakers will work fine. As for what is best, try them all and trust your ears.
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