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  1. I reckon we have a winner!! Tonegen tweeters and the same woofers.
  2. I'm a fan of the 'Bob Crump' design - I made a bunch several years back and found them to be worth the effort, for minimal outlay.
  3. Unless your system is of a pretty high calibre (and I know nothing about your system, of course) I'd be investing the dollars on room treatment, better gear, and then interconnects and speaker cables, well before worrying about upgraded power cables. Spend money on the things which make the biggest difference. Each to their own though! People have different opinions and experiences in this area - it's a contentious topic to say the least!
  4. Like these? They were advertised as HN493, with the numbers most likely being the serial number: Midsized 2-way stereo speakers 70cms high. Infinite baffle design, 120watts, 8ohm impedence, 90db sensitivity. Speaker terminals facilitate bare wire or banana plugs. Original removable grilles in good condition with badges intact. Beautiful real timber veneer enclosures in jarrah.
  5. From what I've read (no personal experience) the SW700S is quite a tight and dry-sounding woofer, not a boomer. Great for music, and good for home theatre, but not necessarily an outright bruiser. I've repaired KEF subwoofers in the past - the earlier 10" versions often suffered from age-related issues due to a compromised design, but the later models might have rectified this. I have no personal experience with Velodynes.
  6. Each to their own on this one... many people's experience does not align with this opinion, and there have been countless cable threads started and closed on this forum and others over the years, with plenty of war-stories to tell and battle-scars on both sides of the divide. However, I'd certainly suggest that at the entry-level/budget end of the spectrum (which is the theme of this thread), money is better spent on upgraded components rather than investing too much in cables.
  7. Indeed - the Australian Mazda 6 turbo was spec'd at 170kw with 91 RON or 184kw with 98 RON.
  8. I really feel for Albon - two bumps with Hamilton in recent races have deprived him of his first podium finish. Chuffed for Lando after scoring his first ever podium. Great drive and real pace towards the end to narrow the gap and get into third place after Hamilton's penalty. Bottas drove nicely too - I like his no-nonsense approach. A well-deserved win!
  9. I strongly suspect that anyone who has seriously investigated the benefits of a 8k screen over a 4k screen won't be buying one either.
  10. Very nice mate! So glad to hear that you're enjoying your current setup so much. And please don't apologise for your English... I was being a bit picky regarding your wording. You communicate very well indeed!
  11. Very interesting! I'd probably describe it as something other than a 'clone' (which means an exact replica). It looks to have the AU-9500 heatsinks and outputs, but the rest is quite different and it certainly looks worlds apart. An interesting amp nonetheless!
  12. Hmmm... looks OK to me, noting that the service manual needs to be reversed to correspond with the solder-side of the PCB:
  13. @lebowski - not sure if white is up your alley?
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