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  1. I think I need to make a little sign for myself - "Feed the infinity bottle". I've had a few last drams and the infinity bottle has been the last thing on my mind!
  2. I've kept and de-labelled a Starward Nova bottle for that exact purpose. The bottle itself has a pretty cool galaxy-style print which suits the theme of an infinity bottle quite well. It also has a rubberised/poly stopper rather than cork, so should be well suited to long-term usage. I just need to swallow some brave pills and start adding whisky to it!
  3. Yes indeed, it sure is solid! The Stanton is a 'super-OEM' design manufactured by Hanpin. The motor is robust and performs well. The tonearm is probably the weakest link overall. The Hanpin super-OEM design forms the basis for some turntables sold by Audio Technica and Reloop, amongst others.
  4. I think you need to remember that this is a road-going version of the Yaris WRC rally car - not a clean-slate design. I don't think anyone would debate that it is is a 'purist' sports car as per your definition... but Toyota certainly isn't claiming it to be this. Each to their own at the end of the day.
  5. As I posted earlier... Toyota are saying it IS engineered as one. Aside from assumptions, what info do you have which suggests that they are telling porky pies here?
  6. Maybe this is marketing guff, but this appears to be more than simply a hot-rodded shopping trolley: Taken from the earlier quoted article: The GR Yaris signifies Toyota flipping the script. Instead of taking the road-car racing, they've made the race-car roadworthy. To loosely translate and quote "CEO Master Driver" Akio Toyoda, as he's referred to in the Japanese Yaris GR dealership material: "From the beginning we have built commercial cars and remodeled them for racing. This time it is different... It was created with a completely reversed idea". If true, it would suggest that is "the right chassis with appropriate geometry".
  7. It really doesn't matter who disagrees first - forums aren't about all being in agreement. Disagreement is entirely normal, and is not personal. With respect, I never said you were losing your mind, nor being greedy, nor having low morals. I did, however, disagree with your views and approach on the matter. In the end I was proven to be correct regarding it being a scam. I'm glad to hear that you got your money back - I hope the others also received refunds too.
  8. Unfriendly, bickering and biased? How so - because some of them dare to disagree with you, or suggest that the thread should remain on-topic? Sheesh!
  9. Haha! Yes, some careful rationing along with the consumption of other SMW's is a sure-fire pathway to happiness. I had an impromptu visit from my eldest-son's-mate's-Dad on Friday night which morphed into a slightly sore head on Saturday morning. A bit of Glenkinchie 12, Starward Fortis and Ardbeg 10 was sampled... along with a small bottle of port to wrap up proceedings. The Archie was kept at bay. It was probably fortunate that I'd hidden it towards the back of the shelf, otherwise we might have made a decent dent in it! It was really interesting to taste the influence on flavour that having a rich and fruity whisky like the Fortis has when jumping straight over to the Ardbeg 10. I usually get light notes such as apples and some light citrus underneath the smoke and peat of the Ardbeg 10 when snaffled in isolation... but the Fortis completely overwhelmed it and resulted in a very different experience.
  10. Oh yes, for sure. I've been very disciplined so far, and have kept mine as a bit of a 'special sipper'. Those who I've shared it with have been suitably impressed!
  11. I know that feeling! Haha!! EDIT: I've updated the earlier post to include the code. Forgot to mention it applies to the first purchase for new customers only. A handy saving nonetheless, particularly with the free shipping.
  12. If you don't mind online ordering, I have a new customer referral code for boozebud which will get you a bottle of the Rye Malt for $102 delivered. The code is: BUD53UK The code can be applied to any purchases over $50 to give 15% off and free shipping off your first order for new customers.
  13. Likewise... extremely disappointed!!!! John, I'm pretty sure that the bottle you scored is the standard release (the same bottle/release that I have here at home). These aren't marked as the 'first batch' as such, and can still be purchased for $119 from many retail outlets (despite Archie Rose having sold out). The first rye malt batch was individually marked and numbered and sold out within an hour of release back on 1 August 2019: https://www.harvestliquor.com.au/ardchie-rose-rye-malt-batch-1 But oh yes... the rye malt is a lovely drop indeed. Very very enjoyable.
  14. Oh, that's great feedback to receive. I stand corrected! Thanks mate
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