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  1. I received one of Clay's Kraftwerk PSUs on Monday, but due to a super-busy week at work and being on the cusp of man-flu with the associated headaches, I didn't get time to listen to the PSU properly until tonight. Warning - wanky audiophile words ahead - viewer discretion is advised. Well, for me, the biggest difference is the additional clarity and separation. It's a clear step up. Pretty amazing really! When you go back to the stocker, the sound stage depth and width flattens a bit, and you are immediately aware of a more 2D sound. It's intoxicating - I can see this being a very late night. I note that the Klein III with the stock PSU is fantastic, and a noticeable improvement over the original Klein, so to achieve yet a further performance improvement with the Kraftwerk is the icing on the cake. It takes an already superb product to another level. Clay, you are a good man. Whilst I loved the Klein, the III plus the Kraftwerk is just sublime and it is bringing me so much enjoyment. Thank you! I am well and truly Gieselerised!
  2. pete_mac

    FS: ENERGY XL-250 floorstanding speakers

    SMS sent John!
  3. pete_mac

    FS: ENERGY XL-250 floorstanding speakers

    Photos of the actual speakers have been added to the first post.
  4. pete_mac

    FS: Technics SL-1500 Direct Drive Turntable

    No, it's a MK I (aka original version)
  5. pete_mac

    FS: ENERGY XL-250 floorstanding speakers

    PM not received as yet.
  6. pete_mac

    DIY Power "Conditioner"

    I think it comes down to what issues you are trying to address, and whether you need the MOVs for surge protection. I'm contemplating one of these - @andyr uses them in his dooverlackeys from memory: https://au.element14.com/schaffner/fn2090-10-06/filter-1-ph-10a-chassis-mount/dp/1304861
  7. pete_mac

    FS: ENERGY XL-250 floorstanding speakers

    Thank! Yes, I reckon they are sensational value for money IMHO!
  8. Item: ENERGY XL-250 floorstanding speakers Location: Gledswood Hills, south-western Sydney Price: $120 Item Condition: Excellent - virtually unmarked Reason for selling: surplus - need to reclaim some space! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale are a lovely pair of Energy XL-250 floorstanding speakers. They sound fantastic and the front fascia is quite slim. I love Canadian speakers of this era from Energy, Paradigm, Sound Dynamics, Athena, Mirage and the like. These are the models which were designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada, unlike the later Chinese-made models. They are in superb all-round condition. Vital stats: 1 x 0.75" tweeter and 2 x 5 1/4" woofers 8 ohms nominal impedance 93dB/1w/1m sensitivity 42hz to 20khz frequency response 15cm wide x 30cm deep x 85cm tall Pictures:
  9. I have some 'special' binding posts especially for the models with these kinds of connectors. Typically it's about $80 per set of four including installation.
  10. pete_mac

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Really happy with the streaming performance of Kayosports via an Apple TV 4K. The cricket looks great - noticeably better picture quality than free-to-air via Channel 7. One very happy camper right here!
  11. Still available, and super value for money!
  12. pete_mac

    FS: Sansui Alpha 907DR

    No, they are definitely both the DR. The last pic is deceiving as the angle of the lighting makes it appear as though the two main filter caps have silver tops (as per the XR/MR) rather than black tops, but they are definitely the black-topped DR caps. These pics were taken from: http://www.sansui.us/AU-Alpha907DR.htm
  13. pete_mac

    FS: Sansui Alpha 907DR

    Lovely amp - 33kg and 160WPC of Sansui Alpha X-balanced goodness. A few pics of the DR under the hood to give people an idea of what they are dealing with:
  14. pete_mac

    Klein III owners thread

    Agreed 100% - a fantastic DAC, and I can't wait to hear the LPSU soon!