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  1. @earlcole I managed to grab a pair of Black Box 3 speakers this week! The crossovers use poly caps and air core inductors throughout which is a good thing. The drivers are good quality - Tonegen for the tweeter and I’m not sure about the woofer yet. The easiest way to improve the performance of these speakers is to address the cabinets - they are quite resonant and don’t pass the ‘knuckle-rap’ test vs more accomplished designs. The cheap and easy way for the Black Box 3 was a roll of double-sided butyl rubber adhesive/sealing tape from Bunnings for $20
  2. Welcome! Unfortunately the genuine tweeter foam acoustic lenses are no longer available, however some fellow SNAers put in considerable effort in arranging for replacements to be made. There is more info in this thread below. For the passive radiator and woofer foams, I'd suggest Queensland Speaker Repairs
  3. Yes to the first bit, and not so yes to the second bit... any CD media can be used in a CDJ player equipped with 'scratching' functionality. There's no special CDs required.
  4. They are standard type black CDs media with a nice vinyl-look finish on the ‘label’ surface. They were aimed at DJs back when CDJs were all the rage. They will play in any CD/DVD player which accepts burned media. I’ve got a bunch of the Verbatim equivalent floating around Casa Del Mac.
  5. The 7900 is the big pappa - slightly more power and more features/switching options as shown on the front panel vs the 6900. Sonically they are cut from the same cloth:
  6. I'd just add the links to this thread - I reckon your current title will attract plenty of attention, and it avoids cluttering the forum with multiple threads.
  7. Further information: For sale is an Apple iPad 4th generation with 32gb of storage which has been freshly reset and is not iCloud-locked. It is ready for use by the new owner. This model is a wifi and cellular model, meaning you can add a sim-card to allow mobile data use where you have no wifi available. The condition is good overall with minor signs of use as expected, however two corners have dings as shown in the photos. This does not affect the operation of the iPad, and these are also covered up if you use the suppled smoked grey rubber case. I've trie
  8. Since last Australia Day I have upgraded from the lovely Gieseler Klein III DAC to the Gieseler Kompakt. Both of these DACs are a perfect example of the design nous that we have on our shores and producing world-class components, courtesy of @Gieseler Audio .
  9. In addition to a measurement mic, something like DATS to measure the parameters of individual drivers to enable crossover design simulation to occur would be a very useful tool. https://www.wagneronline.com.au/dayton-audio-test-system-dats-v3/speaker-components/audio-speakers-pa/dats-v3-88766/1001755/pd/ This allows for much simpler measurement of the following: https://sound-au.com/tsp.htm I had a UMIK several years ago to assist with revising a crossover when installing different tweeters in a pair of Osborn floorstanders. It was certainly usef
  10. A piece of acrylic sheet (probably 3-5mm thick) cut to size with holes for the pot shafts should do the trick? Paint the inside of the sheet with black paint, or source smoked acrylic, and it will look quite neat. Alternatively, aluminum sheet will work and is easy to cut and drill.
  11. I'm 99.9% sure they are referring to shorting rings as I mentioned earlier in the thread - different terminology for the same thing essentially. Scanspeak's patent refers to short circuit paths: https://patents.google.com/patent/US5815587A/en
  12. No, in this instance the speaker driver manufacturer (Dayton Audio) specifically refers to "Low-distortion high-excursion motor system with two short-circuit paths" as a feature of their drivers. An example is below: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/audio-speakers-pa/speaker-drivers/7-reference-series-woofer-8-ohm-dayton/994130/mfl/
  13. Agreed - my thoughts are that something has been lost in translation with the manufacturer. It makes no sense to have ‘short circuiting’ incorporated into driver design - goodbye amplifier output stages!!
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