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  1. Item: Dynaudio DM 2/7 SPEAKERS finish: Rosewood Satin Note: Stand not included. Location: Melbourne, wollert Vic 3750 next to Epping Price: $700 or nearest reasonable offer Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: have other speakers now and do not really need these any more. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred or paypal. Extra Info: >4 ohm / 150 watts >sparingly used and never been played loud or abused. >These have had good reviews all round. > https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/dm/27?c=rosewoodsatin Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. I cant seem to find polymax xhd in melbourne. I did find this product though. http://www.huttoninsulation.com.au/soundscreen/ Any comments ? Thanks
  3. Thanks all ,so is thisokay for use in making my diy panels ? http://www.insulation.com.au/products-1/semi-rigid
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply.. sodoes that mean that thicker / more dense the panel the more bass it will absorb ? I am looking at these http://www.insulation.com.au/products-1/semi-rigid
  5. Hi did you mention that these should work better than accoustic foam ? Also any idea how these will be ? http://www.swamp.net.au/fibreglass-acoustic-panel-grey.html Thanks
  6. hi sorry for the late reply, didnt have inet access for a few days thanks to everybody. called onkyo who said to try the fm reciver , : ) , didnt think of that lol neways i tryed it and the power output seemed good so i think it is the ipod out put as far as the bass goes i dont have a sub but i thought a sub was generally not the way to go if u wanted pure music experience?? thanks??
  7. :ohi i am really new to all of this audiophile stuff so excuse if i say any noob stuff Ive recently got an Onkyo tx - sr304 e 5.1 Receiver which im using to drive a pair of Jensen Qx 15 bookshelf Speakers which are rated to 110 Watts @ 6 ohms, not the best speakers i know but sounds like heaven to me. as i havent heard nething better. : ) Problem: I play my ipod with about half volume through the amp but i cant hear anything through the speakers till atleast when the volume reaches about 30 - 35 on the amp and i also need to pump the bass on the amp to full ( +10) to get good bass from the speakers in addition to having the ipod on high bass setting. Im not sure but i think the amp is rate 75 watts / ch and im thinking maybe this is the problem as the amp is rated lower than the speaker .?? Please enlighten . I play it on Stereo Mode with the speaker config set as follows sub: none center: none surround none crossover : 100Hz Trebel is not a problem at all though at all. and this is the amp that JB HI FI suggested to me . Thanks
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