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  1. I would certainly like to come have a listen. I do have concerns over transportation. PM to follow.
  2. Im very interested in these Would these be too big for my room its 4.5m deep by 5m wide. I would run them from pre outs on my Yamaha Aventage 3010 I do want a speaker that has a large room presence and goes loud when needed Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Steasa I would be interested if you still have them depending on where pick up is Cheers Paul
  4. Steve are you planning to put up some plans for these - plenty of us are drooling just what Ive been looking for on here for 2 years
  5. thanks Bear and Grumpy I currently have the Cambridge catalogue in front of me and the gear seems very nice. the 640r with 100w per channel into 7 or 120w per channel into 2 seems like maybe what I need to get my balance of sound in surround and stereo. Im thinking maybe if I go with this receiver and a good set of front speakers (+ 91dB) I can maybe replicate what I get from the old Pioneer and still get my 5.1. Any thoughts appreciated.
  6. thanks for the welcomes all Grumpy no I dont play in a band - my guitar is only for my own ears punishment, I would have to pay people to listen to me not vice -versa. Nigel thanks for the comments and I hear exactly where you are coming from. Your comments made me realise I maybe wasnt clear on my first post. I am also a stereo nut when it comes to listening to music, turn on 5.1 and it loses its magic. Thats where I have my dilemma, when i go to listen to new gear they seem to want to push everything as surround. when I say that I want to hear music in stereo they look at me strange. I want 5.1 purely as a HT movie feature but still want my music stereo. thankyou all for your thoughts, I have a thread in receivers for any advice cheers Challpa
  7. Hello All I am just getting back into Hi Fi and was after recommendations for quality 5.1 or 7.1 AV receivers. What I am hoping to achieve is a good 5.1 sound for movies but great stereo sound for music. I have listened to a few Yamaha, pioneer, denon up to ~ $1500 mark and been a little disappointed with the stereo output (maybe the speakers were the problem also) None of them seemed to have the sound of my 20 year old stereo (130 watts per channel pioneer with large pioneer speakers 15" woofer, 5" mid and tweeter at 89dB) I am hoping to build my own speakers so would be grateful for any recommendations there also ( currently looking along the lines of the Hi Vi 3way 1.618 towers on DIY audio website using parts from parts express) This going to be a project for me over the next 12 months or so but would like to at least decide on my AV receiver so I can start scouting for a bargain. thanks Challpa
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking at getting back into Hi Fi as my current set-up is over 20 years old and I feel a need to go to at least 5.1. When i went looking at some new gear I realised how clueless i was and thought id better join a forum to bring myself up to date. I am 42 years old , electrician / electronics tech by trade living in Brisbane. other hobbies are playing guitar, computer and my old Nissan 300zx TT. I will post shortly in the AV receivers section with what I am hoping to achieve and ask for some advice. Current system Pioneer SA 1480 stereo amp Pioneer CS-M90 speakers (rebuilt 2 years ago) Pioneer PDz 86M CD player turntable and cassette deck long gone other gear about a dozen electric guitars, Pod x3 live, KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors and Behringer Vampire lx210 guitar amp.
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