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  1. I have a pair of these and the stands that compliment them so well, they are great speakers. Great price, somebody will be happy with these. GLWTS
  2. Thanks Rusty. Any interest before I pack it away?
  3. Item: Origin Aurora Mk2 Turntable +++++ Location: Goulburn Price: $2400.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not Using Turntable or even listening to vinyl - I have tried, it so sad. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I have tried to get back into vinyl after many years away and its just not working for me, I bought this from a fellow SNA'er and all of the accesory items pictured (acessories are all under 1 year old) I am about to move and before I pack this lot away I thought I would see if anyone wants this beatiful turntable. The Silver Mk2 tone arm is fitted with a Garrott P77i cartridge which has literally only played about a dozen albums once, I dont have any more than that !!! All the exquipment to setup and maintain this is new. The Graham Slee Special Edition Gram Amp 2 is also new. Any Questions PLEASE ask away, I would prefer Pickup, postage is an option but please allow for insurance and postage. What will i get ? Everything Listed Below. . . . . . . 1. Origin Turntable https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/turntable-record-player/turntable-aurora/aurora-turntable-reviews/aurora-turntable-review-st/ 2. Silver Tone Arm https://www.originlive.com/shop/silver-tonearm.html 3. Garrott P77i Cartridge http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/garrott-p77i-with-microscanner-ii-stylus/ 4. Origin Live Turntable Mat https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/turntable-upgrades-modification/turntable-platter-mat-best/ 5. KAB Speed Strobe http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/kab-speedstrobe/ 6. Graham Slee Special Edition Gram Amp 2 https://www.analogueseduction.net/phono-stages-phono-boards/graham-slee-gram-amp-2-se-phono-stage.html 7. Qty 2 spirit Levels 8. Lofgren Cartridge Alignment Tool http://turntablebasics.com/align.html 9. Scales for setting stylus force 10. Turntable instructions. Any other instruction books that came with the numerous items. 11. Record Clamp. 12. Turntable Perspex Cover. 13. Seperate motor and drive belt with standard power supply (can be upgraded) 14. Origin Oil for turntable spindle. A TOTAL BARGAIN Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Havent you got anything else you could sell to reduce your STUFF, I would never sell mine they are just magnificent speakers. I think you will regret the sale but good luck with your sale. Nice Legs by the way, did you have any plans for them?
  5. Item: STAX SRM-T1 & STAX LAMBDA Headphones Location: Goulburn NSW 2580 Price: 1200.00 inc postage mainland Australia, You pay insurance if required. Item Condition: Excellent Perfect Working Order. Reason for selling: Not Using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Sadly I have not been using these since I had new foam inserts and earpieces fitted to the headphones and the energiser serviced by an electronics firm. I hate to see it sitting there unused so the time has come to sell. The sound is gorgeous. There is also a brand new Stax Pro extension lead. I have never used it other than to test it. These are the Pro headphones and leads with 5 pins, dont worry though you are able to use non Pro headphones as there is another output for these. I have never tried it as the Pro is the best. I would prefer local collection, if posted I will double box and use plenty of packing to keep the contents in their pristine condition. Price is ONO so make your offer but sorry I am not looking for any trades. If posted I will pay the postage at the asking price, You pay insurance if required. From a NON Smoking Environment. Photos:
  6. Hi Willco, would you take $140 inc postage to NSW 2580 please? If so its SOLD to me, please send bank details in a pm for me to pay. Regards, Nick
  7. Hi, I will ask if he had any plans to go up to Brisbane.
  8. Item: Tang Band & O Audio Plate Amplifier Sub Woofer Set Location: Goulburn Price: 250 Item Condition: Good Condition Fully Working. Cable ends need connectors to finish Reason for selling: Surplus and moving house, no room at the inn. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: This Sub Woofer Set consists of three boxes, the smaller contains the O Audio 300 Watt Plate Amplifier, The other two boxes are the Sub Woofers in bespoke cases made by Andrew Tilsley Creator & Owner of Creation Audio I have hardly used them due to their immense power, it is truly earth shattering, if your into bass then these are for you, dont blame me afterwards if your pictures fall of the wall and other breakages occur they are truly earth shattering, the Tang Band woofers model number W6-1139SI have a 13 mm Xmax! You will need a cable to connect the subs to the plate amp, this could be finished by using plugs and sockets, cable length to be determined by the new installation, that's why there is none fitted. They are NOT the prettiest to look at but being black disappear and all you feel is the bass and i mean FEEL it. These will be ideal for a man cave or full Movie theater. Strictly Pick Up Only due to weight and size, BUT a friend here on SNA has collected and delivered for me from Melbourne and Brisbane, he may be doing so again in the future, he could collect and deliver for a reasonable fee at a date and time to suit him. Video of cone travel: https://www.parts-express.com/tang-band-w6-1139si-6-1-2-subwoofer--264-832 They appear blue due to flash - they are in fact BLACK
  9. yes get the Kmart job and spend the rest of the money on this guys equipment?
  10. Then I would takeMiles Davis SACD kind of blue depending* on your price? ( new 54au$ on amazon au)
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