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  1. Hi, how would they travel in the post? Any experience? cheers Nick
  2. I hope thats a CD for scale and NOT an Album LOL Good luck with selling hese great amps.
  3. Snap, Been using mine for years and steady as a rock with solid Merbau shelves.
  4. I also use the Ming Da 7CR3 and can concur with others that they are extremely well built and sound wonderful, other equipment has come and gone but the Ming is still with me. Good luck with your sale and I hope this is sold soon for you.
  5. Hi, I have a as brand new Graham SLEE Gram Amp Special Edition, bought for my turntable which I have since sold literally used under a dozen time, purchaser of my turntable already had a phono pre so didn’t need this. I couldn’t find one in Oz so I bought direct from Graham so had carriage and GST I would take $500 posted to you. They are very highly regarded. regards, Nick
  6. I have had my Ming paired with several different amps, a Yamaha MX-D1, a Quad 405, a pair of Opera Consonance 405S, this is a really good all round PreAmp with many upgrade options not least the valves. The other amps have moved on but Ihave kept my Ming Da.
  7. I have the same pre but modified in the USA by Bill Baker, and they sound glorious - not something I will ever part with. GLWYS
  8. Lovely, I’m guessing WA to NSW would be a fair chuck of coin? I would grab these otherwise, are you able to get them over to Newcastle NSW?
  9. Thanks for the help guys, tonearm description now edited & Link changed. Offers are taken seriously. Regards, Nick
  10. Zu Soul Superfly Mk 1B Sadly I must sell my Zu's, I have moved to a smaller house and have to downsize my audio as well. If you wanted these new you will pay around AU $6,495 PLUS carriage in Oz. These have sequential serial numbers 501 & 502 Despite my photos they are exactly the same colour and match each other perfectly NO damage anywhere, these have been babied since new. I keep the covers on them when not in use and they are still a snug fit. I am the second owner, not sure of their exact age I have had them about 6 years so they are nicely run in for you. I have three systems in my house, they have had little use as I mainly listed to my Quad ESL's. I have the original boxes. Any Demo is guaranteed to please, bear in mind current restrictions. Soul Superfly is a high-efficiency, high-output floor-standing loudspeaker capable of world-class performance. Welcome to the next level of Soul Superfly, with its high-impedance, high-output 10” [26cm] paper-cored nanotech full-range driver that’s matched up to with same tweeter as used in Definition Mk.II and Mk.III, all mounted in a tapered cabinet and interconnected with Zu Event cable featuring our ZuB3 technology. Other features include ultra premium capacitors, Cardas pure copper binding post, and the Soul Superfly post lay-up cabinet adhesive infusion process. The end result is a modestly-sized loudspeaker that’ll give most any low powered, 16 ohm optimized amp the dynamics of a Fender stack. More info available here, https://hificollector.com.au/product/zu-audio-soul-superfly-mk-i-b/ Showing Covers Removed Showing Covers In Place Serial Numbers Showing One in Transit Box.
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