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  1. Curious to hear your thoughts on the M6 500i compared to the A5. What differences could you hear between the two? How did the two sound at low volumes?
  2. I just read a forum post from a musical fidelity repairer in the UK. Apparently, there is a common problem that will show up in all M6Si eventually. Some sort of design flaw in the power supply. Not sure if your unit is experiencing the same problem, but there are quite a few posts from M6Si owners having issues. Might be a model to avoid if you're looking second hand. If you own an M6Si, the current work around to stop the power supply going bad is to always leave it on. Not sure how practical this is but if you love the amp and it's out of warranty, it might be worth it.
  3. There have been reports of the M6Si experiencing the same problem being sent back under warranty and having the power supply module replaced. If it's under warranty I would record it on video when it happens and send it back. You wouldn't want the problem to reappear as soon as the warranty expires.
  4. Item: Velodyne SPL-1200 Ultra Subwoofer (Optimum 12) Faulty or Working Price Range: Fair price based on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: If you have a faulty one sitting unused let me know. I'll buy it for parts. Might also consider buying a Velodyne SPL1500R.
  5. Out of curiosity, I bought both the Modi 3 and Modi Multibit several years ago. The Modi 3 arrived about 2 weeks earlier and to be honest, if I didn't have the multibit coming, I would've been perfectly happy. It's a pretty good dac for the money. When I first listened to the multibit I couldn't at first hear a difference. I don't have golden ears. After spending a lot of time listening to one DAC then switching to another with music you know well, the differences are obvious. The Modi 3 is cleaner, more neutral. The multibit is fuller and lush sounding. I don't tend to believe there is a "best" or "better" but differences are merely preferences. DAC differences are small but my preference is now squarely with the multibit tech despite how poorly they measure. Don't spend a lot of money on a DAC until you've got a fantastic amp and speaker setup. More bang for buck in speaker and amp upgrades IMO.
  6. I would normally agree except I've had this exact example in my home. Two amplifiers connected to the same mains supply except one sounded like a power substation and the other was virtually silent. My guess is slight differences in windings makes some toroids more audible than others.
  7. If you are getting buzzing from the transformer it is DC offset in the AC mains power. Large toroidal transformers are very sensitive to DC offset, resulting in core saturation and a mechanical hum. If the hum is lower at 3am on Sunday morning, due to less industry/people using power, then you have confirmed your source.
  8. Let us know what the repair quotes are, I'd be interested to know since I own a few Velodyne subwoofers myself.
  9. How old is it? It might have a dry capacitor somewhere.
  10. That spike is at 30khz. Absolutely no way it’s audible unless you’re a bat.
  11. Get yourself a nice warm tube amp and match it up with an R2R DAC
  12. Lossless CD quality can be streamed from Tidal. When you have it all set up, come back and tell us what you think of the speakers. I'm a fan of Monitor Audio but I've always felt the older RS8 and RX8 series sounded better than the current models. There's lots of chatter on facebook as well about the newer models sounding brighter or needing lots of break-in to sound good. Perfect if you like forward sounding speakers.
  13. Are these original pressed HD-DVD and Bluray or burnt media? I have family photos backed up on BD-R that I do error correction scans on every few years. This tells me how hard error correction is working and lets me know when a disc is about to fail, before it fails. Humidity seems to be a killer. Some discs just don't last. Somehow moisture starts them corroding so we re-burn them before they fail. Don't trust physical media. They do fail but also don't trust hard drives or cloud storage. Hard drives and cloud data can be lost in an instant. We have backups on each for critical stuff like photos. Not so much movies.
  14. I’ve experimented with top of the line AV receivers and my Monitor Audio speakers. I found an AVR with external power amps absolutely destroyed the AVR internal amps with all comparisons. I refused to believe it at first due to the amount of money I had spent on the receivers. Now I just accept that a cheaper AVR with preouts and a good power amp is the way to go. I’m using Musical Fidelity amps which match very well with Monitor Audio. If you see second hand Musical Fidelity amps in the classified or on gumtree, jump on them. They get snapped up very quickly.
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