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  1. If 2020 hasn't been crazy enough for you. The AKM factory in Japan has had a fire and there are early indications there will be no high end DAC chips made at AKM for 6-12months. I personally prefer R2R DACs but AKM chips are found in everything from AV receivers to SPDIF interfaces. https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/business/akm-factory-fire-shakes-up-pro-audio-industry Chinese semiconductor distributor CGoC Industrial Electronics publicly noted that it expects various AKM DAC series (AK4332, AK4331, AK4432, AK4382, AK4385, AK4373, AK4396, AK4431, AK4456, AK4490
  2. Further information: High quality gold 3.5mm TRS to RCA cable for those wishing to use their Chord Mojo as a desktop DAC. Can also be used for any DAC requiring a TRS stereo headphone jack to RCA interface. Free postage Australia wide Photos:
  3. The 15v AC is put through two half wave rectifiers to make a +15v DC and -15v DC rail required by most opamps. If you put in DC you'll only get one of the power rails needed inside the device. It might sound funny or not work at all.
  4. It was manufactured in Dec 2011 and is in very good condition. I've never had any issues with it.
  5. To the interstate buyers who inquired about shipping. I’ve now decided to include shipping for no additional charge. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. I don’t get offended by any type of offer
  6. Further information: Extremely powerful subwoofer. I had this placed in a corner for home theatre and music and was amazed by tight and punchy bass. If you like high quality bass and don't want to pay the retail price of $2,599, this subwoofer is what you need. Velodyne makes outstanding subwoofers that are compact yet have huge amounts of power and driver excursion. This means you get powerful, clear, accurate bass without needing a bar fridge sized box in your room. Features... ** Amplifier: 2400 watts Dynamic / 1200 watts RMS ** Tiny cabinet dimensions
  7. USPS and many carriers are severely impacted by COVID-19 at the moment. Most of their capacity comes from renting space in the belly of passenger planes and there isn't much travel at the moment. We received a notice from our freight forwarder that USPS is experiencing delays of up to 1.5months at the moment. DHL has its own fleet of cargo planes so doesn't seem to be impacted but you'll pay them well for the extra speed.
  8. Curious to hear your thoughts on the M6 500i compared to the A5. What differences could you hear between the two? How did the two sound at low volumes?
  9. I just read a forum post from a musical fidelity repairer in the UK. Apparently, there is a common problem that will show up in all M6Si eventually. Some sort of design flaw in the power supply. Not sure if your unit is experiencing the same problem, but there are quite a few posts from M6Si owners having issues. Might be a model to avoid if you're looking second hand. If you own an M6Si, the current work around to stop the power supply going bad is to always leave it on. Not sure how practical this is but if you love the amp and it's out of warranty, it might be worth it.
  10. There have been reports of the M6Si experiencing the same problem being sent back under warranty and having the power supply module replaced. If it's under warranty I would record it on video when it happens and send it back. You wouldn't want the problem to reappear as soon as the warranty expires.
  11. Item: Velodyne SPL-1200 Ultra Subwoofer (Optimum 12) Faulty or Working Price Range: Fair price based on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: If you have a faulty one sitting unused let me know. I'll buy it for parts. Might also consider buying a Velodyne SPL1500R.
  12. Out of curiosity, I bought both the Modi 3 and Modi Multibit several years ago. The Modi 3 arrived about 2 weeks earlier and to be honest, if I didn't have the multibit coming, I would've been perfectly happy. It's a pretty good dac for the money. When I first listened to the multibit I couldn't at first hear a difference. I don't have golden ears. After spending a lot of time listening to one DAC then switching to another with music you know well, the differences are obvious. The Modi 3 is cleaner, more neutral. The multibit is fuller and lush sounding. I don't tend to
  13. I would normally agree except I've had this exact example in my home. Two amplifiers connected to the same mains supply except one sounded like a power substation and the other was virtually silent. My guess is slight differences in windings makes some toroids more audible than others.
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