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  1. I'd be curious to see what your views are of the headphones. I was a backer of their kickstarter campaign but ended up returning them. For me I couldn't get a sound profile that I was happy with and the sound profile which my friend had actually sounded better than mine. The issues for me revolved around the basis that they've created an algorithm for a sound profile based on what they believe you should hear from the otoacoustic emissions. This is all well and good but really doesn't cater for the fact that we also like to tweak things to our personal preferences. Instead the company line is we know what you need to hear and will control that, there's absolutely no way to tweak your profile, only vary the level of bass immersion. The other aspect is as wonderful as the concept of having that inner earphone and cups, I found that the inner earphone isn't really set out to work against the variance of ears and canal distances. I could never get comfortable enough to forget there was something pressing in and down on my ear canals. You can use an analogue cable but for me that sounded terrible and couldn't be controlled by the app which basically nullified any profiling. I was quite happy to support a local company in their product but sadly not for me, nor their sound algorithm.
  2. @@aaleks any update? can't PM as your inbox is full.
  3. PM's replied. Pending sale. @@DMax yeah I've disappeared for sure.
  4. Item: Markhill MC6L6A Valve Integrated Amplifier. Location: Bentleigh , Victoria. Item Condition: 8.5/10. Unmarked, with all packaging. Tube cage included for those who use these things (missing two of the lower screws to hold the cage in) Reason for selling: Don't use it Price: $400 neg plus shipping. SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Bank Deposit. Extra Info: Previously purchased off SNA in 2009, details in this thread http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/14880-fs-markhill-mc6l6a-valve-integrated/. Since then it's done at best 60 hours of play with a power up once every few months to remind me that it works and just why I bought it. However after 2 years of doing that I realise I just won't use it enough to keep and it's time to sell it off. As a starter to the world of tube amps it does a fabulous job and I will miss it, however I don't have space for a HT system and a 2ch system. Still have the original box and packaging so could send if required though pickup is preferred. Key points from the previous owner: This amp has spent time on the workbench of Earle Weston; in fact he took it as a trade-in on one of his own models. Prior to any further use it was rebuilt by Earle to be safe and reliable. It now happily runs on 240V without compromising the valves and the cheapo Chinese 6L6's have been ditched in favour of a quad of Tung-Sol 5881 brown base valves (not NOS, I don't think; probably re-issues - but still far better than what was there). It's been measured at 22 w/ch and is amazingly powerful-sounding. Pictures:
  5. @@aaleks Could you send me a PM when you have a postage quote thanks.
  6. Still keen on the centre, could you get me a postage quote thanks. @ are you still interested in the m's?
  7. Would you split the centre speaker? I'm keen but postage to vic required.
  8. huy

    Any cyclists here?

    ditto Jake. Knicks make everything better. Personally i prefer bib knicks as it removes the restriction of a waist band. I don't know how i could ride 1hrs+ without knicks. and remember, go commando under the knicks. Shorts with a chamois pad can cost more so what i did at the beginning was just throw my soccer shorts on over the top of the knicks
  9. huy

    Any cyclists here?

    wow 250 for the weekend is pretty damn good. I managed a 115km ride out the Mt Dandenong and back, some nice climbs and fast descents. The only part I hated was riding home with in 30 Degree heat and the sun burning a hole on my back. And following up on before, my frame has been given approval for warranty replacement and I checked it in yesterday. Hopefully i get it back today or tomorrow all fresh and new (replacement frame took 2 weeks to arrive) NellaJamba, better off with a computer that does cadence Personally i haven't had any experience and most of the guys I ride with say that they've never felt the need for it, even though they race.
  10. huy

    Any cyclists here?

    Thanks for that John, much appreciated.
  11. huy

    Any cyclists here?

    JohnA you're lucky to have the chance to ride during the day. Sadly my rides are restricted to commutes and weekends. The rest of the time i sit in the office dreaming about being out there on a ride. Anyway, does anyone here know of any carbon frames around 56cm for sale? my scott cr1 has developed a crack and the LBS cannot give me a time frame on its replacement. Usually I wouldn't be worried but I've entered into a ride in March and this time off the bike is starting to affect my training heavily.
  12. great work marc. i check back every 30 mins and it's always different. good to see vb4 up and running and the fact you're making most of the changes live rather than shut down SNA more
  13. I'll grab it if it's still available. PM Sent
  14. perspex same as acrylic. just don't get polycarbonate, it scratches too easily.
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