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  1. Lloyd


    Yes. Excellent news on so many levels. The brutality dished out was not unexpected. The lefties are probably still hanging around like an ex peering in ya bedroom window. Trump +1, lefties Kelvin zero.
  2. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Serena, what can I say towards such a robust analysis by a bank teller?
  3. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    On a personal level, you (and everyone here) know I don't care a toss. I am speaking ethics, something which is clearly absent on SNA. Offence is reserved for delicate leftie petals.
  4. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    No. It is clear that rantan suggested that I am disabled in a manner that a reasonable person may interpret in a manner to be questionable. I was not playing games, I wanted clarification. This was not forthcoming. Apparently it is just having fun poking fun at disabled people, and there are quite a number of people here on the SNA community who endure personal difficulties, and who kindly share their daily prevails. Should I call anyone an idiot I'd be banned, with some justification. Different rules for different people. I am sure that not all lefties are so grossly and demonstrably dispassionate as rantan.
  5. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Thanks, and is all interesting. The legalities of the decision/s are not for me to comment on in any meaningful manner. It does seem that he got off pretty easy. I kinda liked that quote about enemies! That's a keeper. I think that your point is more general like the cliche that actions speak louder than words, which of course is quite profound in our day to day lives.
  6. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Suggesting people you converse with don't have a functioning intellect is your idea of fun? There is maybe another word you were seeking - retarded. I am immune to the hypocrisy of the left and what they are accustomed to getting away with stuff that I could not.
  7. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Is this a new thread into the regulation of the media and free speech? Being Mexican, I can't hear 2GB but I understand Jones is a bit of what is known as a a shock jock, and pushes the limits of what is politically correct. That's what they do. Its their job. If they do anything illegal they go to jail, as Derryn Hinch did.
  8. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    I did need to ask. Your assessment is noted for the record, and the SNA mods may be interested.
  9. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Define a functioning intellect.
  10. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    Seems to me that Alan Jones might be doing something right if he infuriates lefties so much. I was reminded today about a quote made by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1932. "Judge me by the enemies I have made." And yes, keep the dislikes coming.
  11. I suppose they might allow some basic stuff like a clock radio or TV. Don't read this if you are squeamish. Or, do - it is important. There used to be other much more detailed accounts of the efforts by the cops to spy on his online activities, but they seem to be deleted.
  12. Someone I used to be loosely acquainted with had his every keystroke on his computer monitored by the Victorian forensic cops. They had to wait until he used his credit card to nab him. With very good reason. He is a very bad man and is about now probably near the end of a minimum five year jail term. Will not post details here (although I'm tempted, as it is in the public space), but I can PM if you like.
  13. If you want to quote something, get it right.
  14. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    My original post may be a bit too nuanced about ScoMo.. Think - I know you can be creative.
  15. Lloyd

    Sco Mo must go........

    I am curiously pleased that the first name of Mr Morrison isn't Howard.