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  1. This is a reason why auctions are optimal for everyone.
  2. I hope I am not alone in finding some of the well meaning advice here rather confusing. Makes no sense that an amp ought to be rated greater than the speaker? My valve amp is 25 p/c watts so huh? Thinking about grabbing a "toy/fun" valve amp made in China, rated at 3.5W p/channel at 8 ohms. {Edit - that is 3 point 5 watts!} that @twofires perhaps makes reference to in the OP. Some of the comments (see link below) say they use Klipsch bookshelf high efficiency (>92 or 93dB? 96 would be pretty cool), but now I'm not sure WTF. I'm not prepared to splash big on speakers for something of a desk/bedroom/gift amp. Watts become irrelevant, I think. Cuppla watts output max will be more than tasty. edit, oops - https://tubedepot.com/products/tubecube-7-stereo-vacuum-tube-amplifier
  3. Yeah. Zep original vinyl in reasonable condition are generally not cheap on eBay. For CDs, the Barry Diament masters from the 80s are sought after, despite many issues in their production.. There is nothing much good to be said about the audio on the remasters (90s and 2014). Nice for audiofools who may know no better. That's OK on some level, but not fair.
  4. On the basis of this fruitful discussion (it sorted out some nagging questions), I *might* pick meself up a pure sine wave CyberPower 675w/700VA bit of kit for about $400. Need some cords as outlets are IEC which is a bit awkward. If for nothing else, in the event of pesky blackouts which are becoming more problematic in our first world country, to be able to shut down without power coming back on again a minute or so later - those with valve amps may appreciate the import of that - and ya get all the bells and whistles thrown in. Edit - I see some much cheaper, but not pure, which is probably OK for most things outside of the man cave.
  5. Should I find a "store" (however defined - it may be a service, like an honest mechanic or lawyer) that pleases me I don't actually mind paying a premium. I want them to stay in business. Its a two way street. I look after them and they look after me. And, being a return customer, they are cognizant (if they are half smart) of their competition and also want to retain my patronage. As mentioned - this is not for "generic" stuff, but that which requires skill, knowledge, experience and other worthy attributes.
  6. Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were. "Anis puffed on his pipe. He seemed to be somewhere else as well. He seemed to forget that we were there. He looked out the window and he had a look on his face of a person watching a beautiful sunset. He sat there, puffing on his broken pipe and staring out the window as the music floated over the ruins of his house and the city outside...After six years of war, the Syrians want life. They just want to let the music play."
  7. I do both. Valve amp for critical/extended listening. Usually weekends. SS for music the rest of the time just "being there"/background if preoccupied doing other stuff and flick on/off at will. Just an old Rotel, but hey, surprisingly adequate. Does not replace valves. Although, having auditioned a Rega Brio a while ago, my thoughts did turn impure. The moment passed. Takes just a minute to flick over the cables.
  8. No brand, but exact same speakers, configuration, box, front cover, and even the velcro strips to hold the cover in place. I reckon that Rotel would be a bit of a keeper. One review of unknown credibility begins with " It's oblong shape is your first clue that Rotel's RX-602 isn't just any auld vintage receiver. Upon power-up, out pours this refined yet relaxed tonality. After about a half-hour warm up, an expansive soundstage joins that magical mix....Relaxed yet refined 50 watts-per-channel of m.o.s.f.e.t. warmth coupled with expansive soundstage, offering an inexpensive replication of high-end tube performance" . Yeah, well. Grain of salt and all that. But at 200 bucks the lot, I reckon you have done pretty well for a first jab at this obsession. Tremendous. They are worth what you reckon they are worth, with vintage kit. To sell them, though, you may have to lower your expectations. Some things are sometimes not for sale at any price. On the other hand I used to find it astonishing the rare and valuable stuff left out on the nature strip on hard collection days (especially in the "leafy" suburbs), to which I have sometimes contributed in my own small way.
  9. Hey, what ya reckon about those black base Russian 6sn7s? Designated 6n8s? eBay prices them similar to a meat pie at the footy, or maybe even less. Might grab some for fun if good for blues guitar.
  10. I had an identical pair of them, picked up from Encel's basement circa 1990. Quite efficient, actually (I think). Like you I had no idea what they were, and neither did the folks at Encel. They are no longer with us. Inquisitive young nephew with toolbox after he found them in storage shed looking neglected.....
  11. I regret selling my genuine Torana LJ XU1. Bought in mint condition in 1990 for 8 grand. Sold for $500 a few years later in somewhat less than mint condition. I might share a pic, but there may be tears amongst enthusiasts.
  12. oops, duplicate - will edit previous post.
  13. Someone more qualified than myself is probably in a position to explain better. Edit - I guess you could do a controlled A/B test with identical matched quads, one tested at 80 and one at 30. I too would be interested to know if there is a material difference. I am also guided by what Mr Weston advised when I was graced with his presence. I have no idea about different bias settings, makes my head hurt when I read forums where guitarists discuss these matters. The Topaz and the Trinity are cathode biased.
  14. I'm not a guitarist so I can only go on what a guitarist mate of mine preferred. Something to do with breakup/sustain/distortion. And they have all those fancy pedal things, bias control and other gizmos as well. Higher Ip valves are "cleaner". More headroom and stuff. HiFi seeks to avoid distortion.
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