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  1. Hmm - the rated frequency response goes to 15Hz @-1dB. Not so for your speakers. Always try to do other things first, as is always prudent. What gauge is your speaker cable? I have witnessed some folk using stuff that is just way too thin. Ortofon 2M red is OK of course, I'd recommend maybe 2M bronze, but I digress. Onto valves. Yes, the EL34s ought not be an issue. Many rock guitarists use them. Now things start to get a bit expensive. Technically, rectifiers ought to be negligible. Having said that, try running a NOS GZ34/5AR4. Mullard are OK. Specs differ slightly from what is supplied. Anyway, by the pic, the Cetron might have some miles on it - might be a reflection, so I'm just sayin'. I don't have one handy to compare it with. Try two quality NOS 6SN7GTs at the back, retaining the 6SL7GT at the front. Didn't ya get to keep the NOS 6SL7GTs? The Philips 6SL7WGT that I saw in the pic is pretty good. Quality? The eternal and vexing question. Ken Rad (black) with diagonal plates are well known for detailed bass. Quite rare, must be patient. Pretty much any NOS GT is better than new production GTB. In my opinion - I have not tried the recent pricey new prod'n. Tubedepot has both suggestions (GZ34 and Ken Rad) in stock.
  2. Tremendous news....although not really news for those of us blessed with an amp handmade by Mr Weston. After about a year or so you may become accustomed to it. Hey, on this warm up thing, I stand corrected. I mentioned I have a modest Graham Slee phono stage. I didn't check your model, but I have 100% respect for Rega. (I am channeling our maybe next PM). Mr Slee recommends to just leave it on. Is a tiny bit of DC current. When switching it back on from your holiday......72 hours!! Then its good to listen to. The link for those who want to read more - https://www.hifisystemcomponents.com/about/always-on.html Clearly this is not relevant to Class A valve amps which kinda need to be watched a bit, however defined. I am beginning to like the idea of that little switch.
  3. Its a good thing, if you mean you are open to learning about this new gem you have picked up. I knew nothing about valves before Miss Trinity - it is a learning (and enjoyable) process. I trust that I'm not alone on that - welcome to the club. There are many nuances that differ significantly from solid state. Without knowing exact details (maybe consult the manual if all else fails?), I'd suggest using just the switch at the back. As far as I know, class A valve amps are either completely on or off - this standby thing is news to me. The comments above leave me scratching my head, too. When that happens it may be a signal about who you are communicating with. Never flick on and off at will like you may do with a solid state amp, see my previous comment about brief power outages. Bit like you don't flick your desktop computer off, then on, each time you wanna take a short break from the pain. Unlike solid state amps, important to have patience before supplying any input signal. Waiting 10 or 15 minutes warm up on zero volume before flicking on ya CD player (or, down the track, your turntable) may be too much for some, but prudent, I think. Must always have speakers attached. Grab a couple spare 2 amp slow blow fuses (consult manual on that spec, I haven't checked for years) in the unlikely but inevitable event that it may blow if you have a dodgy valve or something. Located in the back switch, bit tricky the first time, unless Earle has upgraded that.
  4. I'd like to send you a prize in the mail, but like you I still quite don't understand. Edit - "They have some high voltages in WA I hear." I think that Bon found his final resting place in Freemantle. Explains everything, ya know?
  5. Learning about this "class" thing. I don't mind AB, what would we do without it, but why settle for less? I found this short article from 2005. Its not written for audiophiles, as it is about guitar amps, which is cool, of course. By "Mitch Colby, senior vice president of Product Development and Support at Korg U.S.A." I don't find any of the disadvantages of class A to be an issue. Bit off topic, I know, and probably passe/kindergarten for many folk here. On topic, he says "A 30 watt Class “A” amp will sound louder than a 30 watt Class “AB” amp." https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/class-vs-class-ab-guitar-amps/
  6. I was thinking it might be to flick between triode or ultralinear, or something like that - no mention of that feature in the ad, so like you I am guessing. The power switch is usually (??) hidden at the back where ya plug in the 280 or so watts of quality juice. I hope it is juicier in WA than here in Vic. In recent times Ms Trinity has had to endure some snap blackouts, and then the power comes on again +/- 10 seconds later. I'm not sure that can be good for her higher brain functions. Incidentally, there was a very brief discussion on triode vs ultra-linear here, nearly a decade ago. Thank SNA that these things are archived and not lost. I digress.
  7. Excellent choice, @ForestForest Mine is a Trinity EL34 which predates Topaz. Slightly different with subsequent developments - Trinity is triode rather than ultralinear, and zero negative feedback. Rated at 25 watts rather than 35. Topaz has the Pi output transformers. And what's that little switch in front of the rectifier? My MM phono is a little box from the stable of Graham Slee, one of the less expensive models in the range.
  8. I picked up a two boxes of vinyl for a few bucks the other day. Op shop. Maybe half a dozen might be good, who cares for the rest? In the meantime, I saw that ad for a Rega Saturn. I have one, and it is quite splendid - a keeper.
  9. Yes, electricity - In regional Victoria, many short (sometimes less than a minute) power outages due to electricity outages are maybe doing damage to my Class A valve amp. The obvious answer is to have a big block of a thing (they have a name) that lasts for maybe 5 minutes if I have ducked out for a rollie. The other alternative is something like this going all the time, sadly, as everyone knows Victoria has abundant wind farm generators to light up any inner city dwelling priority - https://generatorstore.com.au/generator-products/generator-by-brand/honda-generators/honda-eu20i-twin-pack?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwq3ukbeH4gIVkjUrCh3xMwOEEAQYBSABEgI-IfD_BwE
  10. Pay 100%. Into an account where you can't try to claim it back. Better, make that 150%. Simple and pretty basic advice for anyone, except for those who cannot or refuse to believe that they are kneeling in the presence of greatness. I assure you that you will receive Earle's full attention, in the fullness of time. A man who says he will do something in a minute may not do so in said minute. But he will do it.
  11. You speak of heresy, this upgrading thing. You know that in past times women found an unfortunate demise were they to question accepted wisdom. Witches.
  12. I've had a quad of GL KT77s in my Weston amp for a few years. I have always enjoyed, and highly recommend. High Ip, although probably getting a bit tired now and out of whack. Apparently JJ KT77s are pretty good from what I have read. 6CA7 recommended. Pass on EL34.
  13. Say, that's a nice bike. I am only just old enough to remember what a legend the Z1 was. I think the 750 was pretty popular, but this was portrayed in the Aussie movie Stone. And then I turned age 10.
  14. I also note how many times he uses the word believe. I stopped counting.
  15. Lots of good BS there, thankyou. By the way, what's a toob?
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