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  1. AI: yes but no, but....

    Quite so. The crude steps on the way are I think the salient point of this thread. Reminds me of the book (and film) 2001 where by virtue of an unknown entity, they picked up a bone. And used it as a weapon. Stanley Kubrick *loved* issues of duality.
  2. AI: yes but no, but....

    Well, as @proftournesol correctly says, it is not sentient. It is not intelligence - just as we all wonder why say ASIO is called intelligence........WTF? Knowledge does not equal intelligence. I digress. The person putting thoughts into the inputs is the intelligent one. Everything needs to be set up. In a personal and professional capacity I have used a genetic algorithm software to find optimal solutions where conventional methods could not come close. Those days with a Pentium 160, took hours after hitting the enter button. That was then, this is now, and neural networks are the go. Not obsolete - my most recent foray, the software finds solutions to the most complex questions in financial markets. Designing the inputs VERY carefully. BS in, BS out. This takes a great deal of thinking, and that is an understatement. And with a quad core 3.9 I just let it number crunch overnight - not on lappie! It would melt.
  3. Damping Factor

    I totally disagree. Zero out of ten. As someone who has studied maths, econometrics, and time series at Uni level, not much of this makes sense. And I taught, in a manner that my students would understand. And they all passed! First rule - define *exactly* the variable that you are speaking about. Not voodoo speak. This has been elusive. They say economics is a dismal science. Compared to this, it is a walk in the park on a pleasant day with your beloved. Don't use archaic stuff from many decades ago. Your students will fail you as a teacher and walk away laughing, as do I. Edit - I fully understand that the minds of engineers and economists are hardwired differently. We both understand maths at an advanced level. So do so in a manner that is comprehensible and consistent. This may not find happiness with those over the age of say 60.
  4. AI: yes but no, but....

    I think that we should all be very scared. Not. Psychologists have been preaching nuts for as long as I remember. I'd so love to elaborate at some length, as I have a great deal of experience with AI and neural networks. And then I noticed that the topic starter is a Mod. So I can't. I cannot possibly challenge facts. I shy away.
  5. Show us your tubes

    Maybe I am. I am naturally careful in many aspects. I have asked Earle what valves can I use, and he said a big NO to some, and he makes tremendous transformers. I forget, that was a few years ago. I think it was more to do with output valves. So, I err on the side of caution. No way am I in a position to rewire anything. By the way, dunno if this has changed, but Earle used to make his amps in a shed in his backyard, so.................
  6. Centenary of the October Revolution

    @MusicOne Fair points, but Oz cannot become a republic under our constitution. Yeah, reserve powers are a bit sticky. How is that for an understatement? Edit - to clarify. I have probably said this, but it is worth repeating. The Preamble to the constitution sets Oz up as a monarchy. It cannot be changed except by the UK, as it is a UK Act. Section 128 only covers the constitution, not the preamble. A legal technical thing - but something not well appreciated outside those who have not studied Constitutional Law. The Australia Act 1986 forbids the UK changing any law for Oz. Queen Libbie actually came to Oz in about 1986 to sign it off.
  7. Show us your tubes

    ECC32 draw a 50% higher current than 6sn7s. 5692 - 43% over max rating. You sound as if you know what you are talking about, but.... Look forward to fried transformers.
  8. Show us your tubes

    I have a box full of three hole plate Sylvania 6SN7s from early 1952. NOS. Amongst a bunch of other 6SN7s, like RCA, Ken Rad and many others like the black round plate TungSol - including the famed metal bases. A bunch of TS 6SU7 GTYs - the best version of 6SL7. Not for sale in the foreseeable future. And even then, only under extreme torture, and only to people with an @ehtcom amp and can demonstrate that they have their head screwed on and an open cheque book. I now look on eBay, and offerings for NOS are sparse compared to just a couple years ago. That is OK, as I understand that some new production can be perfectly good.
  9. Centenary of the October Revolution

    I agree. It was quite a wonderful interview. I don't know the answer to your question. Is it social media, and the need to be popular to millenniums? Of course Mr Fraser made mistakes, who doesn't? We currently have a Fed Parliament in chaos. I reckon it is time for the Governor General to exercise reserve powers (but can only do so on the advice of the PM - who is a snake). This High Court thing sucks. I would often tape Mr Adam's interviews on LNL in the 90s, and if worthy, burn them to CD with my then pretty basic laptop. Such an intelligent bloke and was rarely confrontational, and could gently "listen" to the people he would talk to, and empathize with them, however much he would disagree with them. Naturally I am no fan of his politics and a couple other things.
  10. Weston accoustics 2

    @Setiawan - Earle is usually pretty good at responding. Like @Dasher, I have what is now known as a Topaz (back then they were named Trinity - he changed the wiring from being Triode mode to ultralinear, and has introduced a little bit of feedback - mine is rated at 25 watts, topaz 33). With reasonably efficient speakers, my rig sounds divine. I haven't heard about his a/b PP.
  11. KT88's v EL34's

    Just read a very recent review, which wasn't a review at all, as the dude had other priorities. But some people commented, and this is a copy and paste from one guy - I’ve clocked close to 100 hours on the Sophia’s now. I think they surpass the Gold Lion KT77’s in every aspect except bass extension. The KT77’s do bass so well. I’m not saying the Sophia’s are bass light, but i can hear how they gently roll off where the GL’s would just keep going down. That aside, the midrange and treble from there Sophia’s are easily the best i’ve heard in my system. There is also much better tone and timbre. The sound stage seems wider and deeper too. The sound is very seductive. The Sophia’s will stay in my amps. They are a wonderful tube. I just hope they’re reliable. Lloydie back - so, there ya go, people with 77s. Be not ashamed at all - fear not the marginal inferiority of thine kit. Bass is good. Commentator *thinks* too much. But then, of course I am jealous.... Edit - oops, forgot the link http://jeffsplace.me/wordpress/?p=11394
  12. KT88's v EL34's

    Me too!! Drool. Down the track. From SE direct, USD$125 a pop. Plus P&H - how long is a piece of string? $100? Plus $25 a pop for 12 months warranty. Ouch!! I am yet too google reviews on them on forums, except from what I have read on this thread - often a good source of advice. However, I reckon that they are designed for critical audiophiles - the same cannot be said for other outfits, which cater for musos with their Marshall amps etc. Would this be a reasonable assumption? http://www.sophiaelectric.com/ Don't buy off eBay. There are class A and class B - I am guessing class B are sold on eBay, as the numbers indicate that. If anyone can afford such jewels, why skimp a few bucks to get class B? Remember that they will be with you for hopefully quite a number of years if your amp is designed well and ya do things like a 5 minute warm up before even switching on any input into ya amp. Excellent to see that they have a quality control process in place. Go to their website and check out details and buy from there, where for a few bucks a 12 month warranty which I mentioned - worth it in spades. Ebay sellers don't offer this. Off topic a bit - but after many years of heavy smoking I gave up a few years ago. So that is about 3 grand a year extra in my pocket which I can now use to justify buying bling. Squee! Edit - and as Mark kinda says, they *look* divine! [my word]
  13. KT88's v EL34's

    I use a quad of GL KT77s. They are smashing good. Mine may be getting a bit tired - at least they haven't blown on me in a few years. Tough buggers! As you probably know, equivalent to EL34s, just different cats-guts underneath. This may make a difference to the lack of freq extremes, dunno if it has been mentioned, but get the highest Ip reading possible for home. Say, greater than 60 - may be hard to find...because musos prefer low numbers. I used to know why - distortion or something? Avoid those who don't publish these numbers - it also goes to them being balanced, of course, not just the Gm numbers. Trivia - Apparently Eric used KT77s. Edit - now I have read page 1 & 2, and agree with bronal and Mark. So I didn't contribute much except the plate current reading which is a general observation on output valves. Yes, I think EL34s are lush; the KT77s are a little bit more snappy and precise. I dunno, I can't make up the appropriate words. It has been years since I had plonked in EL34s, which were actually new production (Electro Harmonix) fat bottle 6ca7 (again, drop ins), and very good, and well worth an audition. In fact, I have a few quads of the originals (from the 70s?) fat bottles somewhere in a box - very much doubt if they would be matched, but hey. I might sell them. Eddie used them, exclusively. Och, I a so full of trivia! For those interested with a spare minute or two, this is worth a read - http://www.woodytone.com/2011/01/13/finally-some-info-on-the-evh-favored-6ca7/
  14. On Zep. 20 Hz need about a 20 metre distance wall in their listening rooms to deal with the full sound sinewave.. Many people are not royalty and have not the capacity to do so outside of a tin shed, Think a tin shed, opposite of exoskeleton. A well designed rectangular woolshed, maybe 30 metres at most. Lots of beams and so on and so forth. The outside tin held in by inside beams, Some wool scattered around in bins all over the place. No significant windows except if the sliding doors were opened. Now, slide Zep II into the gate and understand why I may have caused some damage due to bliss. Sheep told me to go home, get a life. Who are you? I don't know you . Prank call, prank call!
  15. This is kinda an old link (over 10 years), but for those pedants amongst us who are not engineers it makes for a jolly good read if you have a spare hour or so. 6SN7 only. http://www.head-fi.org/t/117677/the-reference-6sn7-thread Edit - outside of Australia those glass things are called tubes. Americans must love their tubes.