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  1. Could be worse. Try figuring out feet and inches if you aren't from America.
  2. I read somewhere - I'll let you know when I find it - that 5th order (I guess that is what you mean by "higher order") is to be avoided like fingernails scratching a blackboard, even in nearly unmeasurable tiny amounts.
  3. This is excellent advice. Now, from time to time I read where people say it is a good thing to clean re-install Win 7 every so often (how long is a piece of string?). I have no doubt that is a good idea if things get a bit clogged up - clearly that is technical terminology - after using all day every day for a period of time. Now how does that work with activation? You are not installing a new HDD/SSD, so that's no excuse.
  4. A combination of factors, obviously (including technology, certain legal factors etc), but sometimes the simplest explanation is sometimes the easiest - inflation. If Australia has averaged say 4% inflation since 1985 (it is currently lower, but it has often been higher), then what was $25 in 1985 would now be about $100.
  5. Totally agree. My first amp circa 1988 (January, to be exact). Blown a few fuses along the way (edit - my fault. Must stop touching speaker wires together...) and gave it treatment that I wonder how it survived. Built surprisingly well, I think. (Evidence would suggest so). I wonder what Rotel's new A10 is like? We shall never part, despite me moving along several dimensions.
  6. This whole grounding issue makes my head hurt. I have read so much advice from people who reckon they should know. And guess what? No two people provide a consistent and definitive answer. If it isn't a simple and elegant explanation then it is wrong.
  7. I'm always too drunk to turn anything off.
  8. Only now did I read - "I’m trying to work out if they are plug and play. It looks like a 22uf cap after them on the schematic and it says the aqua was designed to run up to 47uf from memory. " Oh, fair enough. I think this is worth investigating further. I must re-check my own if I can find the manual - I use 5ar4/GZ34, although seemingly compatible with 5U4G which I dunno is right, either. I do know there was some issue, but crickeys, that was 10 years ago.
  9. 274B is not a drop in replacement. Adjustments and stuff would need to be made. I have known to be wrong once, so just go ahead and do it and see what happens.
  10. If its the Valve Tube Valley 6SN7 guide that highly recommended CV181 valves, people who know their 6SN7s will recognise issues of credibility.
  11. I'd be only too pleased to contribute to that in any small manner possible. I reckon MS lost the plot after Mr Gates (who, by some reports, was actually surprisingly hands on in the tick-off of anything new - like, in a version of Excel, he found a fundamental maths error - that only a true geek would know about - after about a minute of playing with it) departed around 2008. Edit - actually, not rocket science. BODMAS rules kinda stuff, or something to do with trigonometry.
  12. I find solace in adopting some tweaking advised by the Black Viper dude is these distressing circumstances. Not that it happens much with Win 7. Click on whatever you like, but Win 10 Service Configurations is what you are ultimately seeking. Turn ya PC off after making changes. Don't be in a hurry. http://www.blackviper.com/ You may also wish to consider installing much more RAM than would normally be prudent with a decent OS such as Win 7.
  13. I have no idea what I mean. Glad you filled in the blanks.
  14. There is a very good reason better rectifiers make a significant difference to sound. Just can't think of it at the moment. Its just that I'm not in a creative mood to make something up. Must read more marketing spin. edit - now I remember - voltage drop. Makes perfect sense.
  15. Mullard did not make a drop-in 6SN7. There are some reliable goodies. Below are generally GT (compared with GTB, which are OK of course, but...) Mostly from the 40s or early 50s. VT 231 is the same in every respect. RCA in general (including their GTBs), but with the grey glass is best. Sylvania. Also 6SN7W, is premium.. Ken Rad (usually black) with diagonal grid plates (you can tell from the top). Tung Sol round plates - great, but over rated and expensive. Their others are still pretty good. National Union and Raytheon. Then there are are a bunch of others like CBS/Hytron, GE, Brimar, a few others. All worth a look. Only get NOS - new old stock, possibly (hopefully) tested. You may be disappointed with used - they are false economy, in general. Absolutely nothing "wrong" with your supplied valves, naturally. I always mix n match. Two RCA grey may be too lush, for example. Need really decent speakers, of course, to appreciate the nuances. Edit - from a pic of the Tempest, I see that they run 3 6SN7s. I use a 6SL7 in front.
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