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  1. Further information: This is for a pair of Planet Tech SFP modules for optical ethernet, of type MGB-TLX Mini GBIC LX Module - 20KM Does not include optical cable. Photos:
  2. Narrative-wise it definitely does and links more closely with the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League which is out on UHD on May 26. Hang on wasn't the remastered second release of Batman vs Super due to be released on that date as well?
  3. For 12 months it didn’t exist for me. I had an ER from the second batch. I had a linear power supply on every component. I was a happy rabbit. The sound I had from my system was the best I’ve had in my life. The grass was green, the carrots crunchy. However some of the time, on some material the highs were a bit pushed and metallic. It was probably my preamp. Couldn’t be anything upstream of the DAC as that is now all sorted. Dropping into some forums there were lots of rabbits, noses twitching, nattering about esoteric things to do with optical connections, cascading
  4. You have motivated me to do the same. Where did you get these from? IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 stand Black 10mm Aluminium plate Townshend Audio Seismic Pods Was it from Australian suppliers? What other vibration controls do you find effective?
  5. Finisar FTLF1321P1BTL-HW SFPs burn in update. Now I am over the 10 day continuous burnin hump, connecting a Sonore Optical Module to the EtherRegen, in short I do like these better than the PlanetTechs. The midrange is slightly more natural and warmer. Lower treble a little better. Piano sound more realistic. Lower bass is slightly more extended, more like a hardwired Cat ethernet connection. Plus the soundstage is wider. All up these things together are a good upgrade from the PlanetTechs and I don’t want to go back. @RussB if you still use the PlanetTechs, you might wa
  6. Finisar FTLF1321P1BTL-HW SFPs arrived and burning in, sound good, smooth and bassy right off the bat, piano sounds a little more natural in the mid range compared to the PlanetTech (which now sound great after a solid 3 week burn-in). Im suspecting these Finisar were actually second hand so already burned in. Will give more impressions after 2-3 weeks. If anyone is interested in getting some, without using Alibaba this is where I got mine: https://www.hkwilwin.com/products/ftlf1321p1btl-hw?_pos=1&_sid=24c4c3ac1&_ss=r @Duke40 - How are your PlanetTech
  7. PlanetTech SFP burn-in update. 3 weeks of solid burn-in and they sound great! The initial high end metallic tint has gone. The midrange is even clearer. Going back and forth between ethernet input and optical input to the EtherRegen is like night and day. I’ve left the ethernet cable next to the EtherRegen to quickly demo to bits-is-bits visitors if they need any convincing. Both input types have different pros and cons so there is not a winner in all areas. In my setup Ethernet input has way more bass. It’s like sitting on a big warm bouncy cushion of bass in comparison
  8. @Duke40 My gut feel is that scenario 2 will be the best. I can see a major flaw that you probably know already but needs to be mentioned just in case you didn’t know. Using both outputs on the JS-2 will kill any isolation between the two items powered. It will effectively tie the ground of the two devices. In fact in Scenario 4 this could also create a ground loop which may not only share the noise on the ground plane but amplify it. There are some very limited cases where using both outputs of a JS-2 (or any power supply) is not too terrible. An example would b
  9. I’m new to all of this so if you want real tech knowledge Dbastin has a dedicated optical networking thread. My guess is that longer wavelength 1310 go longer distance??? What little I do know is that under 300m are multimode systems with cheaper multi core cabling. For longer distances it’s single mode with a single fiber. However single mode anecdotally sound better than multimode. And yes, longer distances require higher signal strength, more power and are most probably RFI noisier. As it relates to audio applications, I think we are seeing correlation with the SFP p
  10. @Snoopy8 talks about rabbit holes. Well these SFPs need an entire labyrinthine discussion on their own. As usual most of the empirical investigations are reported first in the massive “Novel way to massively...” thread at AS. In the back of my mind for the last month was the concept that yes optical separates us from the electromagnetic influences upstream. But the very component that does the conversion, the SFP on the downstream end, is the Achilles heel of the entire system. If that creates noise then it doesn’t matter what the optics prevent from entering the walled garden, the
  11. Really appreciate your post. I do have some news, the sound on the PlanetTechs is changing. For at least 8 days no change. Harsh slightly metallic highs. Now the highs are noticeably different, less harsh, but the midrange is now murky where it wasn't before. I will give them a few days until the sound stabilises and stops changing and report back with more detail. Please post your impressions when you have >10 days on yours. Also kennyb123 who posted early opinions of the PlanetTechs has reported back with some new SFP darlings - the Finisar FTLF1318P3BTL and FTLF1
  12. My wireless endpoint router has a 12v Welborne Linear - the OpticalModule has a 5V CIAudio linear supply - the EtherRegen has a 7v Farad 3 - the ultraRendu has an UpTone Audio JS-2 (7v). Downstream the MScalar has a 15v Farad3 and the Chord Qutest DAC has an UpTone JS-2 (5V) Ive also been wondering about supplies. the DAC has to have a good one, that is critical. And I used to assume that as you go further upstream away from the DAC that it’s less important. But now I’m questioning that assumption. Plus UpTones Superdad mentioned to me one day that different components
  13. EtherRegen fixed. Some words I have major problems with some words especially SFP. I always have to look up what the acronym is I can never remember! SPF, ETF, FFS? No, SFP!! And I give you more credit with high frequencies. The eff sound people make when speaking is comprised of a large proportion of really high frequencies, well over 14khz. If you notice that the reproduction of effs sound more like vees, then it’s your acuity noticing something isn’t right with those high frequencies. Your ability to hear 18khz maybe quite a few dB down from a teenage girl, but it doesn’t mean tha
  14. As a side effect of me reconnecting and changing things around and trying things I haven’t tried before, I happened upon a couple of EtherRegen tweaks I should share. Just after I got my EtherRegen I found that putting it on the same circuit as the wireless endpoint router, sounded better than if it were placed on the same circuit as the downstream ultraRendu streamer. Today I noticed a free socket on the circuit that my power amps and home cinema is on (which is never in use when I listen to audio). I plugged the EtherRegen in there so it is not on the same circuit as
  15. OK I’ve had the EtherRegen fed by the Sonore OpticalModule all week. And today I sat down for some serious listening including going back to the previous ethernet connection. The SFPs were the PlanetTech single mode (20km strength) using a 3m cable without attenuators. Audio wise the midrange is improved in that more-precise-but-relaxed way that the etherRegen brings. It enhances this aspect of the EtherRegen. However in my setup, for whatever the reason, the highs are worse. There is a metallic twang on the very high frequencies, just below ‘eff’ sounds. I noticed it when
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