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  1. Howdy folks. Do hifi shops rent/demo out equipment so people can try it in their system at home? I'm wondering if a higher end dac, like a Chord Qutest would be a worthwhile investment (it would be by far the most expensive component), given our listening is 100% digital streaming. However buying a Qutest without being able to do a side by side comparison with my current DAC isn't going to happen. I'm happy to pay to rent. Figured i'd post up here and see if this is something shops do, or they only allow demo at their store? I'm in the inner west of Sydney, so would need to find a store who allow take home demo. cheers
  2. Thanks, I’m looking at the 4497 model with the upgraded op amp, not sure whether it would make much difference though. Appreciate there feedback.
  3. Am in the market for a new DAC, and this model caught my eye. has anyone used one of these?
  4. Price dropped. Note: Regarding the missing logo, I remove the logo from one of the grills and glue to the other speaker so they both have logos without the grills on, or vice versa.
  5. I got spikes from a UK seller on ebay. Search for "Monacor fine version". The speakers already had feet on them.
  6. Finished my stands, pretty happy with the result.
  7. Item: Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 bookshelf speakers with stands, and a Wharfedale Diamond SW150 sub. Location: Newtown, Sydney Price: $400 $350 $300. Prefer to sell in 1 lot, if no interest may split. Item Condition: 6/10, some bumps, missing wharfedale logo on 1 speaker and 1 grill. Sub missing logo, otherwise good condition, drivers present as new. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash on pickup. Extra Info: I purchased these speakers new about 8 years ago, they've performed flawlessly in that time. We listen to music at moderate volumes, they haven't been thrashed. The speakers have been in a living room with young kids, i've given them a good wipe down, they have a few bumps and aren't in perfect condition, but still very good condition for their age. Have washed the mesh which had a bit of dirt from little hands, i've had the grills on to protect the drivers. Drivers in perfect condition. One of the grills a corner plug has broken off, it still sits on fine with the other three corners attached. Note: I knocked one over about a month ago, have checked it over and there is no damage, have also had an extended listening session and they work as new. The sub fills the lower freqency range nicely, these have been great speakers, easy to drive and a very clear tight sound. The bookshelves themselves put out a decent amount of bass, i think the're rated to 45hz. Selling as i purchased new speakers and these are now surplus to requirement. Happy to demo for potential buyers. Photos:
  8. First DIY project, very basic. Thanks Raiden for the advice on building. Stands for the Paradigm 9se, they still need sanding, painting and speaker spikes installed (awaiting delivery). Very solid stands, using some Lego to bring them up to the intended height until the spikes arrive. Satisfying building something, lucky I have a relative with a table saw and clamps.
  9. I picked up a pair of these recently, am very happy with them. Paid a little more than this myself, bargain performance right here people!
  10. Moving from a 2.1 setup (wharfdale 9.2 and Wharfdale sub) to using a set of original mk1 Paradigm 9se. A quick listen turned into the entire evening, finished off with Dark Side of the Moon. Closing my eyes it felt like i was in a large theatre and could place instruments and voices, thoroughly enjoyable and more musical than my previous 2.1 setup. I'm amazed at the performance these 30yr old speakers are able to put out, they're rated at 4-6 ohms 10-150w, the 40w Rotel did a fantastic job of driving them (not at huge volumes due to sleeping kids next door, but loud enough to enjoy). Keen to get home for some more listening, i need to get some stands to lower them about 10-15cm. otherwise this new setup is a definite step up. The bass is so much more musical and full.
  11. I recently purchased some +/- 30yr old speakers (Paradigm 9se). I'd like to open them up to take a look at the crossovers so i can work out if they might benefit from having the caps replaced. I removed the screws from the rear of the speaker, however the rear panel doesn't budge at all. Will i need to unscrew a driver and try to push the rear panel out from the inside or is there some other trick to it? Could the manufacturer have used glue?
  12. Ok, i've just plugged the newer wharfdale bookshelf speakers in and the distortion is still there in the same channel, and if i swap the speaker cables it goes to the other speaker, so it's distortion from one of the channels from the amp. I plugged the ipad directly to the amp and the distortion still appears the same as if the DAC's being used. And swapping the RCA inputs to the amp does not effect which channel the distortion comes from. Took me 8 days to work this out, i'm useless. Bit of a bummer as i picked up the amp as a stop gap to listen to music while my other amp's being repaired for a dropped channel. I also unscrewed the back panel of the Paradigms i picked up, however the panels weren't budging at all so i'm not sure how to get them off, ended up just putting the screws back in. Maybe i need to unscrew a driver from the front to look and potentially push the back panel out from the inside?
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