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  1. Those Pitt and Giblin Superwax mini give me a major case of the wants! Super cool waveguide, massively high WAF factor. https://www.pittandgiblin.com.au/swmini
  2. My wife's been very understanding to this point. If i try to install additional "furniture" in the living room, hard to say how she'll react. I guess you don't know unless you try. What amplification are you using for the system?
  3. Bass is addictive My TG 3wc's have excellent bass, but i've wondered if a sub running 20-40hz to complement the speakers might not round the system out. I reckon I miss the very lowest notes. A good example is Kendrick Lamar's "Loyalty", the bass line drops very low around 30-40 seconds in, and goes lower and lower, the very lowest note i'm just getting, but not strongly. A mate's Duntech Princess (new model) tickled my ears at the lowest notes.
  4. How's the sub go? Was it a DIY plan or you designed yourself? Cool setup, that upward firing speaker on top, are you running an atmos setup or something?
  5. Awesome, keen to see some pics of the installed tweeters.
  6. Thanks Xlr8or and deanB for the advice, on Xlr8or's advice i'm now waiting on a set of NOS matched Voshkod rockets from Moscow, and a Raytheon 5751 from Nevada. Looking forward to comparing the Telefunken and Raytheon. I'll learn to enjoy the "rush"
  7. Welcome, feel free to add some. Photos of your stereo setup
  8. Thanks, yes the “rush” is only from a few cm off the tweeter. I’ll try cleaning and lifting the 6n1p and see if that deals with the crackle.
  9. So there are 2 x 6n1p-ev tubes and when I swap them the crackle moves from one speaker to the other. Both speakers have a hiss at the same time regardless. There’s only 1 x 12ax7 tube. So might be this one causing the hiss? Or else both of the 6n’s? ive got some 95-96db efficient DIY 3 way speakers. thanks for the help!
  10. is the hiss from the tweeter likely to be noise from the tubes? the original owner of the amp (twice removed) has kindly offered for me to drop around and try a few of his spare tubes to determine if the hiss is coming from the tubes or not. I’ll keep an eye out for the ev version of the 6n1p’s.
  11. Another question, my speakers are quite efficient and so i barely get past 9 o'clock on the volume dial. Would i be better off with a low gain tube in this case? does gain in tubes impact volume? Can you get different gain levels in the same brand/model tubes? Is there a way to test the 12AX7 so i can work out if it's causing the hiss or not?
  12. My Vincent SV-237 has developed a light hiss in the tweeters, and a crackle in one, both with the volume set to zero, and the hiss/crackle doesn't increase with the volume nob being turned up. The amp has a 12AX7, and 2 x 6N1P. I swapped the 6N1P over last night and the crackle moved from one speaker to the other, so i'm confident it's a tube issue with the crackling (there were no inputs connected at the time). I'm not sure about the hiss though in both tweeters. At this point, i'll try replacing all 3 of the tubes, and hopefully it solves the issues. I believe the A
  13. @aris had some CNC work done in Melbourne, he might be able to assist.
  14. I did some side by side comparisons between Qobuz 24/192 files, and Tidal MQA. From the couch i wouldn't say i could tell one was better than the other. The Tidal program is definitely a bit nicer to use than Qobuz. I'm listening through a multimedia pc --> Ifi Zen (MQA) dac --> Amp > speakers. For the same price, to me it gets down to whether you think MQA loss has any impact on SQ, enough to justify using a slightly less user slick interface (only slightly, it's still fine). I'm not convinced my ears care whether i'm getting MQA or native 24/192.
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