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  1. Great advice, thanks will do!
  2. The cabinet looks ok, it made a pretty solid “think” when it hit, nothing cracked on the outside anyway.
  3. just knocked one of my wharfdale bookshelf speakers off a 70cm stand onto the carpet (hard carpet). My amp's out of action until early next year when i will have it repaired. What are the chances i've damaged the speaker?
  4. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    Do the dimensions odd the box make much difference, or is volume just volume?
  5. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    Thanks very much for the help and advice, I was thinking maybe I make a box where the base of the box is cut to sit flush in the box, then I can slide the base in and out to get different volumes, would this be a decent idea?
  6. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    Tried using the calculators to give me an enclosure volume, but not having much luck I'm afraid. Any advice? I found the specs on the jaycar website for the driver, but most of the calculators only give me a bunch of frequencies and ask me to specify the enclosure volume myself..
  7. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    I considered it, but then I would always need to carry a cable. Think I'd rather just hard wire one in so I can plug it in directly. I need to figure out what to use as a case. Might run a 6v pack (4x AA) batteries instead of the 9v I'm using, I have lots of rechargeable AA's..
  8. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    Might try to rig up a little enclosure for both the amp and speaker. Use it as a little portable phone speaker. Pulled an iPhone headphone cable apart, no good, need to find a regular 3.5 jack cable to chop and solder to the amp.
  9. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    Ok I went to Jaycar and bought an amplifier kit, speaker and 9v battery. Managed to get it playing. Not exactly the start I had planned, however now I can at least say I've assembled an amp. The whole lot including a multimeter cost under $40.
  10. Janus77

    first time DIY - Amplifier and speakers

    i want to build the speaker enclosures myself, it's a project, i've got my stereo setup already, this more about learning some DIY skills. Which makes me think maybe a jaycar amp, and cheaper drivers could be a way to go, the quality wont be so good, but hopefully i'll learn a lot from the process.
  11. Howdy folks, i've been lurking over on the diyaudio website trying to get an idea of how to get into some basic DIY. I would like to put together an amplifier and speakers using small full range drivers (2-3 inch, also avoiding need for a crossover) for use with a PC. This is mostly just to learn some basics about electronics, however i do want it to sound decent. Most of the kits i've found are way more than i'm looking to spend, circa $300 delivered for an amp kit, plus speakers. My budget extends to about $200 for the lot (amp + speakers.) Firstly, can i build something half decent within that budget? Does anyone have any recommendations about kits/parts i can source locally that would fit my cost criteria? Madisound has 2.5 inch SB acoustic drivers for about $70 a pair plus delivery, so i'm probably looking at having to fit the amplifier build within a budget of around $80-100 - i still need to build speaker boxes. I haven't found any shops locally that are selling parts, maybe someone can point me in the right direction? Do I need to buy a kit (i see some at Jaycar, though not sure how good the quality is) to build, or is it possible as a first time DIY'er to build something buying parts, then planning the circuit and assembling myself? Have been reading up a lot, however i think at this point i just need to jump in and learn to swim, there's a lot of information out there that's going way over my head. Thanks for any advice
  12. not meaning a thread hijack, but what are you going to build DIY?