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  1. Ok the RCA out from the dac, to the power amp xlr inputs via adapters works, but I still get a feedback sound, and for some reason one channel has less gain than the other. I’ve swapped the cables around and it’s definitely the power amp. the feedback sound isn’t bad and definitely doesn’t change if I adjust the volume. hmm. Guess I go back to my 40w Rotel for the moment .
  2. My mate works 7 days a week and his wife just had a baby so I don’t want to bother him too much about the amp. I’ll have a play around later, I want try direct out of the dac which has RCA out, and bypass the ax570.
  3. The pre amp is a Yamaha ax570, a channel blew previously and I had it repaired. I think it’s just at the end of its days. the power amp is a home made unit a friend lent me, he’s a sound engineer. aris mentioned he was very impressed with the PX5 too. I posted up in the chat about using a dac as pre amp, wish I could demo a few amps just to see. Part of me thinks just buy a nice integrated to keep it simple. need to pull the AX back out of the entertainment unit and do a bit more testing. No idea why I was getting feedback the first time I tried using it
  4. Or an integrated and a dac. argh. I'm really interested to hear one of these new purifi amps, lots of positive reviews.
  5. My amp just blew a channel, this seems like a good thread to post in as it fits into my question on where my system's going. Options: 1. DAC/PRE combo + power amp 2. Dac, pre and power amp separates 3. the whole lot in one, Nad Masters M33 for example. I like the idea of option 1, something like the Benchmark Dac3 which is reputed to perform well attached directly to a power amp, and a new class D purifi 270w stereo power amp. I'm feeding tunes from my multimedia PC, so can probably do without the streaming capabilities of the Nad for the extra cost.
  6. Yes I saw this, and a MF M6 500i, and a Luxman 507 ux
  7. Yes I swapped them and only the left channel is working. Will do some debugging tonight.
  8. How good is it, listening to the pawnshop sessions on 1 speaker, and my kids start clapping after the song along with the crowd. I’ve mixed feelings on this amp channel. This may bring some plans forward pretty quickly. next thread: “which dac/pre for Hughie?” the Brooklyn is a nice looking unit, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra coin over the RME for only MQA.. maybe it’s just the xylophone and a glass of wine turning my mind to fancies?
  9. wow!! hi Bill, that’s a VERY generous offer thank you. However I’m only borrowing the amp for a demo for a few days, so the cable would likely only get a few days use before being resigned to a drawer. Would seem a bit of a waste to make one up for me! thankyou!
  10. Here's another question, trawling for answers to the RCA problem i came across a thread where March audio was talking about someone having twisted the wires incorrectly inside an amplifier. Was there a certain way i was meant to twist the wires on the crossovers?? i twisted them a little where i could, but some of the crossover-->binding post wires were not twisted at all, is this an issue? I didn't even know wires needed to be twisted!
  11. The wire is connected to pin 2, 1 and 3 appear to be earthed to the adapter chassis.
  12. The amp owner advised: pin 1 earth pin 2 live pin 3 return I can see 1, 2 and 3 printed inside the XRL adapter on the xlr end, if i hold it so the centre pin is at the bottom, it's 1 on the left, 3 (for the bottom centre pin) and 2 on the right. Not sure how i figure out how this translates to the RCA part? Would earthing my pre amp potentially help? There is a ground point on the back..
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