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  1. Boondock Saints is a brilliant film. Without giving anything anyway, the scene when Willem Defoe and co investigate the home invasion is one of the greatest pieces of cinema I have ever seen. Defoe in particular is excellent in this film.
  2. Hey Bear, I've got a NAD 3120 that I've been using with my old Technics SL-D2 turntable and an Ortofon MC cartridge. Phono stage is brilliant, aux input used with the PC works a treat. Drives Jensen bookshelves and my headphones. Has some scuff marks on the face, will take some pics if you're interested, and the power switch produces a hum when you turn the unit on. (No hum when you switch it on at the wall though - maybe clean or replace switch?) Only downside with the 3120 is no tone control. Will part with it for around $100 if you're keen.
  3. I have no issue with female commentators or newpapers columnists but I can not stand Caroline Wilson. She knows nothing about football and her column in The Age should grace the pages of New Idea. She calls herself a sports writer, yet never actually writes about sport. I can't stand watching Footy Classifieds for fear that I will send my fist through my TV. Although I did see her get smacked down by Glen Archer twice in the only 5 minutes I watched of the show last year.
  4. Are you connecting the iPod through it's headphone jack? If so, try purchasing a line out dock (about $70), you'll get better amplification and sound quality.
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