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  1. Great price, that’s a lot of speaker for the money. Have a pair myself and these are seriously good. They need a good 300 hours to come on song. glwts
  2. Oh and pics ( not that they are that exciting )
  3. Hi everyone I thought I would give a little update on this journey for anyone looking at this thread in the future. Late last year I picked up the Michell from CAV like a parent handling a newborn and carefully drove it home and set it up. I kept my 2M Black from my old RP8 and figured I would get to know the table before making any changes. Several months later I sold my GSP Accession phono stage to a good mate who fell in love with it. After several detailed comparison sessions I found the tube phono section of my McIntosh C2200 to be as good if not slightly more to my taste
  4. I’ve not heard any clipping so far, I’ll keep an ear out. I’ve been listening to a number of Analog Productions 45rpm pressings which have a fair bit of energy and heard nothing of note. I’m also in Richmond maybe one day when stupid lockdown is finished I can start trialling some other options
  5. I couldn’t find them locally but they arrived from eBay in Germany in < 2 weeks when I got mine.
  6. How are they coming along now? I’m just on 400 hours.
  7. Hmm perhaps. The phono stage has a Max input of 50mv and actually seems to be working very well with the SUT however I’ve only ever used this one (the SUT and cart are 4 weeks old)
  8. Oh that’s great to know it’s 180ohm load. Manufacturer specifies 100-200 with 200 being optimal 👍
  9. I’m using something maybe less exotic - an Ortofon ST-7 into the MM phono stage of my Mcintosh C2200 preamp. Sounds great to me
  10. If you are in Melbourne and the unit is out of warranty perhaps get on to Carlton Audio Visual who may be able to assist with testing your unit or lend you one of their PSU’s. drew
  11. Did you find any difference in the bass response?
  12. I just measure the distance of each speaker from the back wall. So mine are 18 and 22cm from the top rear of the cabinet to the back wall. We are in quite a small room with only about 3m between the rear wall and the back of the couch (which is still an open area behind the couch but can't move it further backward). I had them at 16 and 22 which was a little too 'toed in', 18 and 22 gives a better sound stage for me :) I would love to bring mine out a bit further into the room but then we get into a null point with the bass. I am yet to put them up on their spikes but expect it wil
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