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  1. Price drop for hump day [emoji106]
  2. I finally got a Mcintosh preamp to go with my mc275 power. I feel like I’ve played a role in uniting a long lost family [emoji1787]
  3. Item: Dynaudio DM 2/8 Location: Richmond Victoria Price: $550 Item Condition: Fantastic Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Up for sale is this great pair of Dynaudio DM 2/8 in rosewood. They are in excellent condition with one or two small marks as per photos. These units use an 8 inch driver and deliver great deep bass and a lovely soft dome tweeter. Available for demonstration in Richmond, Victoria, no shipping available. I am selling these on behalf of a good friend. Please note the stands are not included. More info can be found here: https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/dm/28 Photos:
  4. Great speakers I heard a pair of these recently at a friends and was quite surprised at what they do for their age / time period. Good luck with your sale
  5. Hey Michael I’m actually going to sell this unit due to space constraints and other projects. Get in touch if you are interested Drew
  6. Item: Vincent SA-31MK Hybrid Tube Preamplifier in Black Location: Richmond, Victoria Price: $999. Original RRP $1,799 Item Condition: As new, 11 months old. Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my Vincent SA-31MK Hybrid tube preamplifier in black. This unit is 11 months old purchased 10/11/18 from Class A Audio and presents as new. It is a hybrid tube design and features six inputs, two variable outputs and a fixed output. Its a great unit, very quiet and fantastic smooth sound with enormous imaging. My reason for selling is 12 months ago I purchased a Mcintosh MC275 and then this line stage to serve me until I saved for a Mcintosh preamp. I have since purchased the Mcintosh pre and this is now surplus. This unit performs flawlessly and is in perfect condition, no scratches, dents or marks. Manuals and remote included as well as all original packaging and double boxes. Happy to demo at my place in Richmond, Melbourne. Can ship interstate at buyers cost. See links below for more info and current pricing, etc. https://www.vincent-tac.de/en/product-lines/powerline/sa-31mk.html https://www.selby.com.au/vincent-sa-31mk-stereo-preamplifier-black-sa31mk.html Photos: See below
  7. Bargain! Great sounding receiver!
  8. Awesome great looking preamp wish it was in Melbourne
  9. I love the black but I find sometimes it can sound a little cold. It delivers great bass in my setup and very articulate top end but I find it lacks a little mid range warmth and perhaps the top end can be slightly sizzling at times. Perhaps the Benz would be more my sound preference? Do the higher output MC’s in these models lose anything to their lower output counterparts in terms of sonics or would you expect a similar sonic signature.? Andy I’m not too familiar with SUT’s vs head amps and how they work.
  10. Certainly not married to Ortofon however I am trying to avoid selling my Graham Slee Accession or having to buy a SUT which is why a high output MC may be a good option. Does anyone have a feel for the tonal differences between say the Benz Micro Glider and the Dynavector 20X2H?
  11. Oh cool and being high output I wouldn’t have to change phono stage. Is the general consensus that this is better than the 2M black?
  12. Yes that’s why I was looking at something like a Michell or Linn so I can do some experimentation [emoji106]
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