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  1. astormsau

    Show us your tubes

    I did my first tube rolling in my MC275 today. When I purchased it I decided to give the factory tubes 150 hours to settle and then start at the input stage and work my way through doing some rolling. Today I swapped the Input and Phase Inverter Mcintosh Branded (JJ’s 12AX7’s) for some Tung Sol 12AX7’s which I picked up from Neil at The Valve Store yesterday. Positive results so far [emoji106]
  2. astormsau

    AKAI CS-M02 trouble

    A few things. Did you remove the belt and check if the motor comes alive when play is pressed without the motor in place? It could be the mechanism frozen or belt slipping on the pulley of the motor. Does the deck have sensors to detect if there is a tape in place? Sometimes they get dirty. Usually found along the top of the slot where the tape goes in. Usually they are reed switches which can get dirty and the deck then thinks there is no tape inserted. You can remove the motor and test it with a DC battery of appropriate voltage. You can also apply a few drops of lube to the shaft under the pulley and let it soak in overnight and it may cure a bearing issue. Drew
  3. astormsau

    FS: Various cables

    Jib interconnect is sold. The 5m coaxial cable still available.
  4. Where are you now Snoop? Which streamer are you using. ?
  5. Hi there. I sold it to another member on here
  6. astormsau

    FS: Various cables

    Jib on hold
  7. I use my CD transport and also my TV (streaming via Apple TV) on the dac and the characteristic is not there.
  8. astormsau

    FS: Various cables

    Item: as below Location: Richmond Melbourne Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Item Condition: working and condition as per pics. Extra Info:. Pickup from Richmond in Melbourne. Item: Dick Smith 5m coaxial digital audio cable $10 Item: JIB ‘High End’ RCA Interconnect HF-002-1.5m. Length 1.5m sold in original box $20
  9. Item: Video call camera suit LG TV Location: Richmond Melbourne Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Price: $10 Item Condition: used once many moons ago Extra Info: pickup from Richmond in Melbourne
  10. Item: Knosti Disco Antistat Location: Richmond Melbourne Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Price: $25 Item Condition: used sold without the record drying rack Extra Info: Knosti kit sold without the drying rack as I use it with my Project Vac. Used but in excellent condition. Pickup from Richmond in Melbourne.
  11. Hi everyone I am currently looking at sound tweaks for my system and wanted to ask here for some advice. Currently I run a NAS, Roon Core on my Mac Desktop machine and then I have a single networked Intel NUC in my listening room which serves as a Roon Endpoint connected to my Chord Qutest via USB. I notice that the sound from the Roon System can be a little glarey in the upper mids and a little harsh in the top end, so I am searching for some sound tweaks in that area. I am thinking of replacing the NUC with something which provides a cleaner USB signal to the DAC. Has anyone compared the sound and can give feedback on the NUC -> Allo Usbridge or other devices in this category like the SOTM Neo? I have seen that Pro ject has released a Stream Box S2 Ultra which seems well reviewed but no signs of availability of them in AUS. One reviewer says it's more impressive than the SOTM (I believe it will cost around the same or a little more). https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/stream-box-s2-ultra/ Thoughts, advice or other recommendations are greatly appreciated. Drew
  12. Generally a dedicated preamp will sound better than the preamp within an AVR or integrated. My friend recently purchased my Denon POA-2400 and had good success using a Hybrid pre amp with it, in his case a Vincent Sa-31mk. They went very well together Drew
  13. astormsau

    Preamp recommendations/advice

    I decided to pull the pin on a discounted Vincent SA-31MK for the time being as I heard one in my system and it was a great step up from my existing preamp. I may revisit this purchase in a years time [emoji4] Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback and assistance [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]