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  1. I’ve had the original Project VCS with the wooden body for about 3-4 years now and it’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve got a modest collection of about 500 albums and I’ve cleaned them all with the unit. No issues with the wood swelling or anything like that at all. Prior to the Project I had the Record Doctor V and before that a Knosti. Re-cleaning my collection with the Project was a revelation. It managed to remove junk which the Record Dr could not move. Albums sounded cleaner, better top end and less surface noise. The spindle of the Record Dr used to get very warm and slightly warm up the record during cleaning which would cause it to temporarily warp, no such issue with the Project. I switched from the supplied Project fluid to Melody Mate shortly after getting the machine based on the advice from here and was very impressed. It totally out performs the supplies fluid and also any of my home made concoctions. I also ditched the Project wooden brush and use a Shur Line premium wheel edger paint applicator from Bunnings with micro brushes which do a better job, easier to clean and don’t drop fibres on the album. I would love to get one of their new smaller aluminium bodied machines just to have the smaller footprint but with my collection all clean I just do the occasional album these days so it doesn’t seem worth it. Happy to answer any questions you may have Drew
  2. The 2M black can often be found for the $800 mark both on eBay and locally. May be worth calling a few dealers. drew
  3. Thanks I did consider that option but have decided against it and will move on to something different and much smaller
  4. Further information: This is a fantastic pair of Tannoy Berkeley’s featuring the famous HPD385 15” dual concentric driver. This pair are in absolutely immaculate condition, the cabinets are free of any dings or dents and the frets are like new. This pair is in deep rosewood colour with brown frets. I purchased them two years ago from a fellow Stereonet member who had purchased them from the original owner in Kew only months prior, making me the third owner. You can see a number of different posts on stereonet where I have provided advice/info on these units. As a 40 year old speaker they were in need of some TLC and a few updates to bring their performance up a few levels. The work carried out on these was quite extensive but always with the goal of preserving as much of the original look and character as possible. The woofer surrounds were replaced just over 2 years ago with originals sourced in the UK, drivers professionally aligned. Crossovers recapped with Solen Fast caps and all switches cleaned by SpeakerBits. Tweeter gaps cleaned and HF/LF drivers correctly aligned and HF driver output matched between the two drivers by SpeakerBits. Most of these were poorly aligned at the factory and with such a point source accurate speaker, variances of driver output are quite noticeable. HF section capacitors in crossover upgraded to Mundorf Evo Oil Capacitors (4.6uf, 3.3uf and 1.5uf capacitors) which reduces distortion in the HF unit at the crossover point smoothing out the response. The rear binding posts were upgraded to high quality gold units which accept banana plugs. The internal wiring from the binding posts to crossover replaced with Ortofon Reference SPK-200 cable with gold spade connectors on the crossovers. Custom 20cm high stands fabricated in satin black with sand filled legs to bring tweeters up to ear height and improve bass and imaging. I wasn’t really expecting to part with these in my lifetime as I doubt it would be easy to find another pair in this condition with all this work completed which takes time, patience and money. My partner and I recently purchased a new apartment with a much larger open plan living space but much smaller TV/audio area and these simply don’t work in the space we have available. I have auditioned many speakers in my life and few present the life-like scale and richness of HPD385 based Tannoys. These are great for a critical listening session or low level listening with a glass of red or scotch late at night, I have enjoyed my time with them but now they must make way for a more ‘modern’ and ‘slimmer’ substitute. Audition is available and pickup from Richmond in Melbourne. I don’t have the means to pack and transport these unfortunately. Photos: See below Also some videos of these in action below:
  5. I’ve read they want 100-300 hours run in from others opinions. I found them to have great low low end although I felt they perhaps lacked a little mid bass weight although it’s also likely my room causing that.
  6. The solution is not going to be Tannoy vintage but something more modern potentially from the Spendor stable.
  7. Yeah it seems that way, we moved house recently and they don't work in the new house - living room too small!
  8. Here is my pair of Berkeleys rocking out to the same album on Mofi. Unfortunately they will be up for sale soon.
  9. I heard them in store and in home demo and they were pretty impressive! have you gone to listen?
  10. I can’t believe these are still available. Great looking set GLWTS!
  11. Thanks for the interest everyone. This is now sold.
  12. Further information: This Luxman R-1050 was a top performer in its day and is in fantastic condition and fully serviced to give you years of trouble free service should you be starting out on your audio journey or a seasoned fanatic. Many feel that the R-1050 has the sweetest sound in Luxmans line of receivers from this period. Aside from sounding amazing it’s features include two phono inputs for your turntable, two tape inputs, and an AUX input, two sets of speaker outputs and a great sounding tuner. As per the photos it is in fantastic condition for its age with lovely rosewood veneer and only one or two small scratches. This unit was fully restored a year ago by a Analog Audio Repairs in Melbourne. The work included a full service and replacement of all capacitors and upgrade of lighting to LED as well as a few other small items. The unit is supplied with spade to banana plug connectors I made for connecting to modern cables. The price reflects the cost of the work extensive performed to ensure this unit provides you with years of trouble free enjoyment. Strictly pickup from Richmond, Melbourne with adherence to social distancing requirements. Photos:
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