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  1. Reel To Reel Eye Candy

    I’ve been playing around when RTR a bit recently. I love working on these things. This is a Teac A-2300sx I purchased and restored recently. Lovely machine and I love the 70’s looks. It didn’t work when I got it due to frozen pinch roller mechanism. It’s had a full service and very good clean and side panels restored. This is my Akai x150d which was given to me by friends and bought back from the dead. It’s a 1968 model so it’s just had it’s 50th birthday. And finally the RT-707 which is my fav. Purchased from a fellow forum member it had been totally recapped and new transistors as required. It’s a lovely machine, mine has a bit of fading in the VU meters otherwise great condition. . Drew
  2. What can I get as a R2R beginner

    At 7.5 IPS with a good tape I can’t really tell much difference between what’s coming off my RP8 with Orto Black and what’s being laid down on the tape. With a three head machine you can monitor as you record and tbh I’ve been blown away with the quality of R2R tape. Older tape is often starting to break down now, some older ones I’ve picked up are great to record on whereas others are shedding oxide and end up in the bin. You can get new tapes for about $40 from a source in Melbourne and another in Bris called Music Lab. It’s called RMGI LPR35 and is an evolution of the very popular BASF formula used in the last 4 decades. Usually you get 2 or 3 shorter albums on to a single tape. The Pioneer is auto reverse so it’s nice to put a tape on and listen to 3 albums without having to swap records across. I’ve been recording some of my rarer records to tape and it’s good fun. That specific Teac model is not auto reverse and if you don’t like the idea of swapping tape around each side then maybe look for the 2300 auto reverse model. I’m a child of the 80’s so remember cassette and did have reel to reel but wasn’t really into it back then. It’s been fun and the Pioneer 707 is quite at home next to my turntable. Drew
  3. What can I get as a R2R beginner

    A good budget R2R is a Teac A-2300 model. There were several different variations. I picked up an A2300sx the other day from a popular auction site for about $150. Required a deoxit of switches and a good clean but it’s a very solid machine. I also run a Pioneer RT-707 and an Akai x150d all very different machines. The Pioneer RT-707 is a quite expensive deck to come by second hand. It’s a three motor deck with electronic transport meaning less belts and the back tension to get the tape right across the heads is controlled by the motors and electronics. Older Akai machines which manual controls (usually two knobs one for play and one for ff/rw) use a single motor and pulleys to transfer drive to each reel. Back tension is managed by brakes and spring tension. The older Akai decks often suffer from mechanical breakdown from the hardening of grease and people continuing to use and force the mechanisms. The pulleys used for transferring drive can deteriorate which means a parts deck is often necessary. The Teac of the mid and late 70’s mostly used electronic transports and three motors to control tape and back tension etc. They will have a belt to transfer drive from the main capstan motor to a capstan flywheel in most cases. They appear to be very robust electrically speaking. Here is a pic of the Teac A2300sx I picked up after a cleanup. Drew
  4. Chromecast ultra into NAD M51

    Hi Dean So right now my TV doesn't have ARC out. So I am intending to connect the Google Chromecast to the HDMI input on the NAD to act as a streaming solution for the data off my NAS and direct streaming for Spotify. I wouldn't connect the NAD to the TV for the Chromecast - not necessary as I can do the setup remotely via the app on my phone. The NAD would get sound from the TV and its connected Apple TV via the optical cable from the TV. I would continue to use the Apple TV for normal tv viewing but not streaming audio as it output is limited I believe to 48k. So my question pertains to the quality and feasibility of the Chromecast Ultra as a streaming device for high quality FLAC files and other media when audio is output via its HDMI connection - which will be going into the NAD - not the TV. Drew
  5. Hi everyone I recently acquired a NAD M51 dac from a fellow forum member. My preamp is totally analog so the NAD is doing all digital to analog conversion duties. My Setup is a Denon PRA-1500 pre, POA800 amp and Vaf I91 speakers. I have the following connected to the NAD; NAD Optical Input - Apple TV3 via HDMI to LG TV which outputs optical to the NAD M51 for watching TV. NAD Coaxial Input - Cyrus cdt coaxial to NAD M51 for CD listening. The NAD has a single input for coax and optical which are both used by the above setup. Over the weekend I connected the Apple TV to the NAD via HDMI and then to the TV via HDMI out. I found the sound is not passed through the NAD to the TV and picture pass through only works when the NAD is on - often my partner just watches tv using the TV speakers and this prevents that being an option in the interest of household peace. When I did use HDMI I could not notice much difference between either connection method streaming 24/96 Apple lossless files from my desktop via iTunes sharing or high res Spotify. The NAD display always showed 48k and I believe the Apple TV being limited to 16/48k out. My files are a mixture of FLAC (which I cant play via ITunes) ALAC (I converted these from FLAC for albums I like to listen to) and mp3. They live on a QNAP NAS box. My house is hard wired. Right now my Apple desktop shares its iTunes library to the Apple TV and the files are stored on the NAS. In previous times I had my old and now sold Apple MacBook connected to my Cyrus 8DAC via USB and running Amarra Hifi. I have two objectives today, I want to get my higher quality FLAC and ALAC files to play on the NAD M51 and I would also like a direct connection between the playback device and Spotify rather than having audio route via my phone. I am happy to control things via my phone using an app. Before purchasing the NAD I had my eye on a Cambridge Audio CXN to fulfil DAC and streaming duties but a good deal on the NAD and preconception of the NAD having better sound got my money [emoji4] I’ve been contemplating a Chromecast Ultra connected to the NAD M51 via the HDMI port on the NAD. I presume I could then stream music including my FLAC and ALAC files from my QNAP NAS and control this via the phone. Spotify would also then see the Chromecast as a playback device and stream content directly to it whilst avoiding having to run the audio via my phone. Has anyone experience with this setup or can offer advice or suggest another cost effective method? If I was to consider to a full streamer I feel I may as well sell the M51 and just get a device like the CXN. Any advice and experience welcome! Thanks Drew
  6. Hi there. Does this include the original power supply? Drew
  7. Revox B77 Servicing in Melbourne

    Give Rob at RV Hifi a call https://www.rvhifi.com.au/ He is based in South Morang and can work on these units and has spare parts available for many units. In January I purchased a Pioneer RT-707 from another forum member and it was sent from WA by courier. The courier dropped the box during transit which resulted in a broken VU meter. The unit was also in need of calibration. Rob was able to source a new VU meter and fit it and then fully calibrate the unit and replace a few ageing switches to bring it back to full working condition. It now works fantastically. I believe he also has a few Revox units sitting in his workshop. Also with the tape, yesterday I tried the Nu finish method for cleaning old tapes on an old 70's BASF tape which kept shedding so much that every 10 minutes of play i had to clean the heads, the result was amazing and i was able to play an entire tape without the need to clean the heads or head path so there are also some options for cleaning up your old tapes. Hope this helps, Drew
  8. R2R Repairs

  9. WTB: DAC in the $300-$600 price range

    If anyone has an Audiolab M-DAC they are looking to sell please let me know. Drew
  10. Akai CS-34D Noisy Motor & Drag

    Belts can be an issue, especially belt slippage. Remove them and give them a clean in some light dishwashing liquid and then dry them - ultimately replace them is the best solution. Secondly a little more oil onto the motor shaft under the pulley where the belt goes would be an idea, let it soak in for a bit. Does the motor still make the noise without the belts on? Perhaps you can use your finger to simulate a load.
  11. WTB: DAC in the $300-$600 price range

  12. Graham Slee CuSat or Lautus 0.5m interconnect

    Thanks Keith at this stage looking for a used cable. Drew
  13. Item: Graham Slee CuSat or Lautus interconnect 0.5-0.6m Price Range: open to suggestions Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hi everyone, looking for a short interconnect to run between some components after moving to a seperate pre and power setup. I’ve already got a 1.5m Lautus which I like so wouldn’t mind finding another GSP interconnect in the 0.5-0.6 range. Preference is for something second hand in Melbourne. Thanks Drew
  14. WTB: DAC in the $300-$600 price range

    Hi guys I am still on the hunt for a good quality second hand DAC. Suggestions welcome thanks Drew
  15. I would have to say my VAF I91's which I purchased about 10 years ago. Prior to them I had used mid range Yamaha speakers and they really opened my world to how satisfying sound could be. Five moves later, 2.5 years ago I finally moving into my own home with a 4x6m living room, they had the opportunity to really open up and show their low end and it was like getting a whole new pair of speakers. I've built my entire system around them and then changed it again and they are the one thing I really don't feel the need to change. Drew