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  1. Having seen and heard these I can strongly recommend them. Joseph’s work is meticulous and he is an honest seller. Drew
  2. I use one of these with my RP8 and Ortofon 2M Black and it’s fantastic. The buyer will be very happy [emoji2]
  3. Graham Slee Reflex or Accession is my recommendation. I use an Accession and have also used the Reflex with my Rega RP8 and 2M Black. Make sure you shim the arm 2-4mm. My preference is for 2mm. I ran the table for two years without the shims and once I installed them I wished I had not waited so long. I would also be interested in the project valve preamps but most likely a sideways step for me
  4. Beautiful amp especially with some Gold Lion reissues in place
  5. I’m not sure if it did. It just looks pretty and matches the other Ikea board under the turntable which satisfies my OCD [emoji23]
  6. My amp now lives on top of one as well. It’s got some little rubber feet under it which are slowly being crushed by the weight of the amp - will do something about that one day
  7. On the weekend I picked up a set of 3x new 12AX7 Gold Lion gold pins to replace my Tungsol 12AX7 (std pin). The seller in Melbourne put them on the tester for me and we verified they all tested within 2% of each other. The Tung sol 12AX7 are a short plate design. I believe the Gold Lion are a medium - long plate design. The Tung sol can be seen below. Once fitted the entire amp is running Gold Lion reissue tubes. Immediately the increase in upper end detail and extension was apparent as was a little more mid- low reinforcement. I felt like on older recordings there was more top end detail to be heard, however on some newer recordings the top end became a little too bright for my taste. In general the top end sounded a little ‘etched’ for want of a better term. Is it just me or do many new pop recordings on tidal sound like they have been mastered for a Bluetooth speaker or sound bar with their upper mids largely accentuated? At about three hours I decided to try swapping a single Tungsol back into the amp in the phase inverter position (V4) which gave a smoother more ‘tubey’ sound but the loss of upper end detail was apparent so I swapped the Gold Lion back into that spot. With 20 hours now on the Gold Lion 12AX7 they seem to have calmed down and the etched top end has relaxed a bit. Once I’ve got 50 hours on them i will consider trying the Tungsol in the phase or input positions (v4 or v3/5) in conjunction with a gold lion in the other slot. Some pics showing the full compliment of Gold Lion tubes. Hope these listening impressions help those in the market for tubes
  8. Good find on the pricing for people who will extend past the free pilot! I did the same thing for signup - Used VPN and PayPal. The tidal search function on their IOS app makes me cry it’s so hopeless compared to Spotify. The Qobuz lyrics feature when used in Roon highlights the lyrics as the song progresses - I really like it.
  9. I have been trialling Qobuz side by side with Tidal on my Roon setup at home for a few days . It’s great because you can make a playlist with equivalent tracks from each library and compare them side by side. In general I’ve noticed the following - lots of 192/24 albums on Qobuz where you only find a 44/16 on Tidal and of course these sound better. - for the 192/24 tracks on Qobuz even on 50/20 NBN the load time can be a little slow having to wait 5-10 seconds for a high res track to load - I understand there is a hefty payload for these songs of course. With tidal MQA tracks there is perhaps a 1 second delay or less for the same ‘effective’ resolution track. - even though I don’t have a MQA DAC and tidal is doing the first MQA unfold for me, the sound of the MQA tracks via Tidal is either more pleasing to me or equivalent to the similar resolution file on Qobuz (96/24 or 88/24) - for 44/16 /24 files I find the sound very close, perhaps Qobuz is a little more relaxed in the top end and upper mid range. At $24 per month for tidal and $42 (ish) for Qobuz I think I’ll stick with tidal for now and not continue after the trial. Drew
  10. I had gone with Tungsol 12AT7 reissue driver tubes in my amp and the Genalex Gold Lion KT88 reissue tubes as a combo changing over from the stock JJ’s. Curiosity got the better of me and I swapped the Tungsol 12AT7 out got some Genalex Gold Lion ECC81 (12AT7) reissue Gold Pins. Physically the plates in the Gold Lion tubes have a larger structure inside, they are also more than double the cost of the Tungsol. Observations 10 hours in the 12AT7 GL and 60 on the GL KT88 in are; The Genalex 12AT7 tubes offer more top and low end extension than the Tung Sol. The Genalex 12AT7 are serving up more detail than the Tung Sol. The Genalex 12AT7 are presenting a larger sound stage than the Tung Sol. I think the JJ stock tubes still had more ‘bloom’ and sounded sweeter but at the expense of detail and sound stage size. The next logic step for me is to dive right in with replacing the Tung Sol 12AX7 with the Genalex reissue once my wallet has recovered.
  11. Hi Chris yes I still have the unit and it’s working well. I use it in my study.
  12. Hi Terry When you say Tungsol KT88 do you mean 6550? I believe they are essentially the same tube (minor voltage difference and perhaps less power output in the 6550) but I couldn’t find a KT88 on the Tungsol website. Drew
  13. At 40 hours these tubes have really opened up and proving themselves a very worthy upgrade. The sound is cleaner than the JJ’s which were supplied with the amp. The soundstage is much larger / deeper. More micro details coming through. I am running the GL KT88's with TungSol 12AT7 driver tubes as the GL 12AT7's were out of stock. May try the Gold Lion 12AT7's at some stage.
  14. Which model of the MC275 are you using? I’m a mk6. I found swapping out the 3x 12AX7’s a shockingly good upgrade. I went from the stock Mcintosh tubes (which in my unit are JJ’s) to basic Tung Sol 12AX7 (non gold pin basic model) and the increase in sound stage size and fluidity of the music were huge straight away.
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