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  1. Blood_Red_Bird

    SOLD: FS: Fidelity Research FR64fx Tonearm

    Yes, still available
  2. Blood_Red_Bird

    SOLD: FS: Records T - Z

    4 x M Ward plus Duke Garwood please
  3. Blood_Red_Bird

    SOLD: FS: Fidelity Research FR64fx Tonearm

    Hi Filippo 30mm hole needed for mounting
  4. Blood_Red_Bird

    record storage boxes (for moving)

    Depends on a lot of things. If I was moving to the other side of town & storing them in a safe dry location then apparently wine cartons are a good fit But im moving OS soon, taking a large record collection with me & have been been looking for a safe way to transport them...found these https://www.bunnings.com.au/award-60l-red-multistack-storage-crate-with-lid_p2583146 These are Expensive but they are perfect. 325mmx345mmx545mm internal measurements hinged lid with provision to lock or cable tie shut, sturdy & probably waterproof if taped shut Also, not really suitable for moving but found these in my search also http://kebet.com.au/cardboard-boxes/lp-storage-box.html
  5. Blood_Red_Bird

    Free: Equipment Rack

    Item Gone, Thanks
  6. Blood_Red_Bird

    FS: Rel Strata Subwoofer

    Still Available
  7. Item: Fidelity Research FR64fx Tonearm Location: Melb Inner North Price: $1200 Item Condition: very good condition & fully functioning Reason for selling: No longer req Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Internally Silver wired version of this legendary Tonearm Comes with original FR interconnect lead & importantly the original FR RS-121 Headshell I will consider posting this if there is no local interest, but prefer pickup with Cash transaction Pictures:
  8. Blood_Red_Bird

    Free: Equipment Rack

    Its yours Legseleven PM replied
  9. Blood_Red_Bird

    FS: Rel Strata Subwoofer

    Item: Rel Strata Subwoofer Location: Melb Inner North Price: $150 Item Condition: Some light scuffing & minor paint chips at the corners Reason for selling: No Longer Req Payment Method: Cash On Pickup Only Extra Info: I guess this is a Strata 1, Just says Strata on the unit? 60w Mosfet amp Comes with Manual but no cables Pictures:
  10. Blood_Red_Bird

    Free: Equipment Rack

    Item: 3 legged steel equipment rack Location: Melbourne Inner North Price: Free Item Condition: Needs paint & 2 shelves Reason for selling: No longer req Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: This has been sitting in the garage so could use a coat of paint Sand filled legs Holes in top frame for spikes Overall height 910mm Width between legs 530mm Pictures:
  11. Blood_Red_Bird

    SOLD: FS: Tram 2 DHT OTL preamplifier

    I will take this, with tubes .... Local pickup if still available Can't send you a PM? Full? Pm me for ph number Thanks
  12. Blood_Red_Bird

    SOLD: FS: Shuguang CV181-Z Valves (Modern 6sn7)

    I will take them if still available please pm me
  13. Blood_Red_Bird

    Baltic Birch Plywood Supplier

    http://www.ecocore.com.au/products/ SA distributor listed in the "Contact Us" page Haven't dealt with them, but know it wont be cheap!
  14. Blood_Red_Bird

    No Dud Track Albums

    It was released on vinyl Ted Hawkins The Next Hundred Years DCG-24627 Took me years to track mine down...Good Luck