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  1. Tidal has been pretty good for me using Tidal app on Android phone and BluOS. Only issues I normally have is when I run Tidal through mconnect. Free version of mconnect when running through my Oppo 205 seems to stop frequently. Shame as it's the best sounding of my set up for non MQA tracks! I previously mentioned a "Clean content" button for Tidal. Doesn't seem to be available in Australia, shame.
  2. Does anyone else have the "Clean Content" option? I assume you can play a playlist without songs containing explicit lyrics. I saw a screen shot on Facebook with the option yet I can't get it. As far as I know I have the latest version as I have auto updates on. (Android phone) This could come in handy when I play a playlist at work.
  3. Mindfields by The Prodigy for some EDM bass. I played Stagger Lee by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds the other night and found it was helpful to dial in my system. Got the bass line as even as I could from the bottom to the top with a slight thump on the kick seemed to be the sweet spot. Oh and Chocolate Chip Trip by Tool. Fantastic drum track!!!!!
  4. Hi, does anyone know if there's a difference between the free and paid versions of the mconnect app? (besides adds) I like using the free app as I can stream Tidal through my Oppo 205 and it sounds great, however I find the app clunky, unstable and less intuitive than the native Tidal and Bluesound apps. I would consider paying for mconnect if it fixes at least the stability issue. I can't get it to perform gap-less playback either which frustrates me. Gaps between tracks are quite lengthy at times.
  5. Off the top of my head. Slam by Pendulum Dazed and Confused by Die Antwoord Busy Child by The Crystal Method Song for Junior by Beastie Boys off the album Hello Nasty. The whole album has some bangers from memory. 🙂
  6. Thanks guys. I was starting to go mad!!!!!!!! Wish I knew that when we purchased it. I assumed HDMI did video & audio. Not sure which way to go just yet. Probably bite the bullet and get a new entry level receiver to keep things simple.
  7. An excerpt from the manual The sound is output from the TV speaker only when a playback component and this receiver, as well as this receiver and the TV are connected via a HDMI jack. To output the sound from the supplied speakers and to take advantage of the multi channel surround sound, be sure to - Connect the digital audio jacks on the playback component to the receiver. - Turn off or mute the TV's volume. Is it possible this receiver wont output audio through the connected speakers when being fed a signal only to the HDMI jacks????? Is / was that a thing????? Seems odd to me. Either way, looks like a new receiver is on the cards.
  8. The Pirelli on the Hyundai are labelled P Zero HN. They are a bespoke version of the P Zero specifically for the N. I don't know how they differ from the regular P Zero. I suspect they are a cheaper version of a regular P Zero but I really don't know. They don't seem to wear too well. I've done 20k kms and they're due for replacement. I've heard of guys going through a set on a track day!! Also a set of brake pads per track day!!! I'm also going to go up one size. Going from 235 35 19 to 245 35 19
  9. Yeah I have read about changing the bushes. It doesn't bother me greatly at the moment. If I was tracking the car I might look into it. For now I'm OK with modulating the right foot. I'm up for new tyres soon, hopefully Michelin pilot sport 4S, I'll see if that helps. Cheers
  10. The ute would go. I actually don't enjoy driving it any more. The seats feel like lounge chairs and the manual gear shift feels like a truck. It doesn't feel fast any more. I'm sure it would out gun the Hyundai over a drag strip, (but not by much) it just feels lazy compared to the N. The cat back exhaust sounds great but that's about it. The ute is still with me more for practical reasons at the moment. AFAIK the N is unable to have a trailer hitch fitted.
  11. I've had an I30N since February last year. I absolutely love it. I have owned RWD V8 Holdens for the last 30 years. I still have my VE 6.0 litre ute. Actually I still have 3 of them but that's another story!! So as you can see it's a pretty radical change for me. What do I like about it? It's just so much fun to drive. The grip level and handling is fantastic. Apparently it's even better with a tyre upgrade. The standard Pirelli P zero HN (Hyundai spec) aren't the greatest. I love seeking out twisty back roads like never before. It just gobbles them up. I like the ability to adjust the car with its ridiculous amount of settings. I tend to have all the fun bits turned up full except for the suspension. The suspension stays in the softest setting ( not very soft). The hardest setting is like a forklift! Might be good for the track but too hard for public roads in my opinion. I still giggle like a girl when it pops and bangs through the exhaust. The adjustable rev matching works pretty well too and I always leave it on. It is covered by a warranty for limited track use. The brakes are fantastic. Although create a lot of dust. Loving the heated seats & steering wheel this time of year. What I don't like... While the infotainment system is pretty good tech / connectivity wise, the sound from it is shockingly bad. I've heard adding an amp helps a lot. I does seem woefully under powered. There were some blemishes / swirl marks in the paint from new. There are a few niggling rattles here and there. The climate control system isn't as good as the last couple of Holdens I've had. The Holdens were pretty much set & forget, the Hyundai seems to need adjusting between hot and cold situations. A pretty minor thing really. When breaking traction in the wet it suffers bad axle tramp. Apparently can be reduced with better tyres. Happy to answer any questions.
  12. I have been trying to set up a Sony STR DG700 receiver for my mother. She has had the Sony since new. It has only ever used the analogue inputs namely the RCA output from her TV, a CD player via RCA and AM / FM radio. I got a Chromecast Ultra for her and plugged that into a HDMI input along with a Panasonic PVR into the other HDMI input. The PVR had previously been plugged into the TV via its only HDMI input. The AVR's HDMI output now goes to the TV input. The video and audio now comes through fine on the TV speakers, but I have no audio from the Chromecast and PVR through the speakers connected to the AVR. The AM/FM radio still works fine as does the CD player. I've performed a factory reset with no luck. Is it possible the digital audio section in the AVR has died? I don't know what else to do. As far as I know I've exhausted my limit of trouble shooting. Have I missed something? I'm more than welcome to any suggestions. Thanks for your time.
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