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  1. Got it today! YAY!!!! Finally sound with testicles - again. I'm a very happy little boy.
  2. Well, I just pulled the pin on a Siesmix 3 Mk 7. What swayed me was this review: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/299388-krix-seismix-3-mk7-review/ From that review: The other thing that has been changed is on the driver itself where according to the Krix website it says that the MK7 has "enhanced geometry within the magnet structure increases linear cone travel by a whopping 30 percent and allows superior driver control" In my uneducated opinion, that _could_ offset the smaller driver vs the Siesmix 5. I hope so, but only time will tell. N
  3. I haven't ignored that suggestion, but given by circumstances, it is not a viability solution.
  4. Well, based on the replies I've done some more research. Firstly, "Betty Boop"?! The icon and .sig are familiar, but... Re Richter: It's been so long since I put my system together that I've forgotten how elastic prices are. But even if I can get, say, a 30% discount, that still puts the Thor over my $1k budget. BTW: 30% - is that reasonable today? So I'm now looking at the Krix Seismix 3 Mk7. List price is $1,295. Assuming a 30% discount, that makes it about $900 - much better. If I can't get a reasonable price for the 3/Mk7, I look at the Seism
  5. My Krix Seismix 5 subwoofer has developed a hum and discussions with Krix has shown that repair is not economically feasible. Ergo, replacement. Budget: $1,000, at most - the less the better but I want quality, not crap. Looking at: Krix Seismix 1 (just because all my other speakers are Krix) Alternatives? Why? Where? URL? I now live in south west Queensland so auditioning is out of the question - 2,700km round trip to Brisbane plus at 3 - 4 nights accommodation. I must therefore rely on recommendations from you good(?) people. Not the best, but
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