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  1. Last I check it was the Coaxial input I was using. The unit was over $300 at the time of purchase, as I got off ebay, and it just isn't worth it to have someone look at the unit, considering high cost of repairs today.
  2. Wanting some advice here, as a external dac I have (was not that much I paid for as was cheap at the time) has randomly at times producing a garbled sound, and I have to turn the unit off and on again to sound right. I have compared to another external dac, using same cables, and same setup, but do not experience this with other external dac. It makes me wonder if this dac unit has developed a fault of some kind? power related or something else?
  3. For some reason in the past when I used a hdmi connection via a avr unit there have on some occasions been issues. But when I direct connect to tv as far as I can recall I don't think I had connection issues. I not had onkyo avr with hdmi, was other brand, but I this is is a problem with many avr units regardless of brand
  4. Sadly this is reality. No such thing as a quality made product that will last. It goes against the concept of consumerism. And when it comes to warranties, some companies are better than others.
  5. I agree that HDMI does indeed suck. The pre-hdmi days, connections worked, no issue, as it were a simple connection.
  6. Under 3.5 years old my unit was. Even with this consumer law and statutory laws for consumer goods, reality is it can be very difficult to pursue and in some cases may not even be worth the effort. At least when I got the unit, the rrp was $2800 back then. Wonder how many other people here who have also purchased even more expensive high end audio gear only to realized it lasted not even 4 years and faced with a similar decision - fix or bin. And yes I am aware of the recent AMR post.
  7. I think the warranty is 2 years as far as I know I don't know how my right channel could of went. But having a blown amplifier channel is not uncommon, the amount of times I read about blown amp channels on various different forums is quite interesting. My personal opinion, I think at some point the unit may of developed a fault and I probably wasn't even aware of it, like perhaps some kind of component failure. Long gone are the days when an amp can last for 20 years without any issues. Planned obsolescence is sadly the reality of many consumer products.
  8. Define expensive? Cost me 610$. It could of been worse. This is the choice I had to make, either spend to repair or spend to get a new power amp, and considering the pricing now of products that are more expensive, I chose for the repair.
  9. Well my unit had to be repaired, right channel was gone. Ah well these things happen. Blown channels on a amp are not uncommon.
  10. I been reading this topic with interest. I too am curious how much will the repairs end up costing you. I am going through the process of getting my own power amp unit repaired, and it too only lasted approx 3.5years (there already post on this). Sadly to say, and I say this as it is, the days of being able to find good electronic equipment that can last for decades is over. It is worth while reading up on Planned obsolescence. This is the world of consumerism. People have to constantly buy to replace equipment that breaks down that doesn't last long, or if it is expensive, pay to get it repaired. Reality is, and this is for alot of the consumer products out there on the market today, they are designed to fail in a certain amount of time, or after certain amount of usage.
  11. Well i had the unit taken to the service center yesterday. Rather let someone who knows what they are doing look at it. I got the feeling the output stage on the channel concerned may of just went, but until I get confirmation from the repair guy, will just have to wait and see what he says.
  12. I am gonna be taken it to a service center. I just hope it nothing major.
  13. It is hard for certain to know what the issue is. I spent much time this morning going through every possible elimination test I could think of. Swapping cables, different source of equipment, and since it is the right channel not working, i confirm this using my right speaker on the left hand channel on amp (and it worked) but silent on right channel. Tried further rule out issues, as when doing R channel from pre amp to R channel on power amp (no sound) but putting R channel from pre amp into L channel on power amp, there was sound. I cannot smell anything from the unit, but when feeling the right channel heatsink, just remains cool, so for some reason power is not getting to the right side. Now I am not a technical expert here so unless I get the unit checked out I can only guess what could be going on. So who here has had to deal with a channel on their amp that stop working all of a sudden??
  14. Today I have noticed that 1 side of my power amp is not working. After every possible process of elimination, I can confirm there is no sound output going from one side of the speaker, which case I have to get it taken to a service center. I can illustrate the problem in detail, when I am switching on the unit, the side that doesn't work, I don't feel any heat on the heatsink, it is almost as if there is no power getting to the side that isn't working? does this make sense??
  15. I find listening to music is a good way to relax. Being a chronic pain sufferer myself, I find myself more listening to music nowadays as it helps me alot.
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