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  1. I have a ~13-year-old 50" Kuro that has a large black blob appearing on the screen (centred on the middle/upper part) when the TV is turned on. In the space of a couple of minutes, the blob shrinks and goes away. The initial size of the blob is a lot bigger than when it first started appearing several months ago. I guess that at some point, it will no longer go away. What are the prospects for repair?
  2. Thanks, that's a good idea. Should be able to make it work with the Harmony remote, too.
  3. Here is my tale of self-inflicted woe... Got a Wii for my birthday. I was kind of busy and thought I'd wait until I had a component video cable for it -- ordered one from an HK seller for about $15 all up. While I was waiting, I saw them at Big W or Kmart for that price. D'oh! When the component cable arrived, I went round to the back of my Yamaha RX-V1400 to find that I'd used up the only 2 component inputs (for the DVD & the PVR). D'oh! So I ordered a Wii S-video cable from HK. And today I found out why I hadn't seen any locally...because S-video doesn't work with PAL Wiis! D'oh! After all this, what did I use to connect the Wii to the AV receiver? That's right, the composite video cable that it came with. Sigh... I'm thinking that the PVR may soon get downgraded to S-video, though. That'll free up the component input.
  4. We bought one on December 9 for $329 and it failed on New Year's Eve (no picture, and a rapid ticking sound; maybe a blown capacitor?). Nice unit for the price, if only it had lasted. We took it back to Kmart and they refunded the money on the spot. If they hadn't, Magnavox/Mistral had a 2-year replacement warranty anyway -- a bit less of a pain than having to wait 3 months for a DSE RPTV to be fixed, only for it to break down again as the 1-year warranty expired. I know, I know -- serves me right for buying the no-name stuff... --Chuan
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