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  1. That's difficult to say. On the dedicated power amp - it's not really about volume as 200w vs 100w will generally yield 3db. To me it's also more about having sufficient reserves available all the time. It's like towing a boat with a Mazda 3. Sure - it will do it and do it well. But it will be much easier with large, more powerful car that will enable everything to run as it normally should - towing or not. Probably a terrible analogy, but the best I can think of. Comparing certain specs of power amps / receivers can help to show this quantifiably - compare power supplies. A lower priced / specced receiver with a 700 watt power supply that is rated as at 7 x 200w probably won't cut the muster. Sure - one can argue that not all channels require the full beans all at the same time, but it's splitting hairs. That is why I like companies (like Emotiva) that spec their amplifier outputs 'all the time' - meaning an XPA-3 will produce a minimum of 200w into all 3 channels with all channels driven ('all the time').
  2. Not sure if it's relevant, or even helpful, but I run VAF DCX-35 mains and DC-6 centre with an Emotiva XPA-3 and Yamaha 1030. Very clear, wide, clean, powerful, quiet, cool running. Previously I had a Sony STR DA2400ES - also with the Emotiva. Apart from other improvements, the Yamaha / Emotiva combo vs the Sony / Emotiva combo is much, much quieter from a floor perspective. Sometimes at high volume there was even an audible hiss through the speakers between tracks with the Sony. Yamaha = silence - for me at least.
  3. Just quietly ............ on the new VAF clearance page on their website - there is an ex-demo Anthem MRX-500 for $650. Stunning value!!!! Be dangerous to the wallet when speakers end up on the clearance page.......
  4. Interesting. Certainly glad it's fixed, but fairly well proves the concerns I had been reading on the YWA-10. Interestingly - I had also been having streaming issues (slow, drop outs, over heating) on the Apple TV with my previouse router (Technicolor listed above) before I changed to the Apple Airport Extreme. Apple TV now running much better and reliably (it's on wireless BTW - not cabled despite it being within easy reach).
  5. Really surprise about the issues with the Airport and the Yamaha. I haven't heard the greatest reports on the YWA-10 either. Have you cabled up the house yet to test?
  6. URHYNS, I could be speaking for a feature not in the Aventage 710 (I have the 1030), but doesn't Yamaha keep settings based on the source? I'm guessing not - you would have stumbled accross this. Apologies. I have a pair of VAF's, with the 1030 and an Emotiva 3 channel. I, like you, LIKE both 2ch and movies - in fact I run a 3.1 setup. Very happy, very configurable. Way, way too much volume available on tap. And the 1030 controls things nicely. Sadly, stumping up some coin after a listen with an external amp may be my suggestion...
  7. Good news and bad news. First - the bad news. Over a period of years, I have just realised I have totally succumbed to the Apple ecosystem. This was certainly not by design and I'm not about to start preaching like some misguided "it just works" imbicile who requires the approval of others for my choice of one brand. Rather, it started with an iPhone then an Apple TV (and a WD TV at the same time, now multiple Roku's.....), finally a Macbook Pro when I got sick of cheap Asus/HP/Sony type laptops failing around the 18 month mark (usually the HDD FWIW). Now, I've added an Apple Airport Extreme coupled with an Arris/Motorola SB6183 modem. The Technicolor modem/router that the cable company provided was pants. Just pants. Now the good news. Perfection. The Yamaha, over a period of days, is now ALWAYS available on the network. So is a B&W Zeppelin speaker I was also having trouple with. So is the Apple TV. From any device. Joy. Oh - the sheer and utter joy when something isn't broken......
  8. A further update. I had been using the iPhone or MacBook to wirelessly connect to the router, then control either the Apple TV or Yamaha via Ethernet. I switched to Apple TV but removed ethernet and went wifi. And it appears better. Lets give it more time. I'm starting to subscibe to the Airplay WAN vs LAN handshake issues.......
  9. Thanks guys. Current router is a Technicolor TC8715, old router was a Motorola or Arris I think. Either way, I suspect that the Technicolor is causing the issues: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5918809?tstart=0 Time Warner coming again this Saturday for a different issue, might try and get a motorola again.
  10. Thanks for the reply JWM. I kind of went of Apple TV because it's Netflix app was causing me issues. But you are right, streaming music to it just works. I'll change around what the Logitech Harmony does for music to start the ATV, I'm certainly over trying to get the Yammie AirPlay to work reliably. Interestingly, at my old place with a different router, no issues. Oh well, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. So far, going manual IP setup on the Yamaha, and reserving the IP and extending the lease on the router connects. Lets see if it stays connected.
  12. Wow. That didn't work either. Trying the reserve IP function on the router for the Yamaha. Seems good so far. Will check in 24 hours or so.
  13. Actually - it didn't work. And I think I now know why - on the router settings, there was a DHCP lease time of 1 hour, I've changed to "forever".... fingers crossed.
  14. Well gcgreg - you were on the money. Setup manually (I'm googled how to find DNS settings, gateway, sub mask etc etc) and is working well. Usually it would lose connection once you paused playing from iTunes. So far, so solid. I'l give it a week before I dare change the network name...... (new router.....) For what its worth - Spotify from an iPhone to the Yamaha didn't seem to have a problem, just Airplay. Fingers crossed it stays solid. Thanks again.
  15. Cheers for that. I'll give it a go tonight. I briefly read over the Yamaha manual and you can select whether to use a DHCP server or not. Setting it as "Off" means: "Does not use a DHCP server. Configure the network parameters manually." Setting it as "On" means: "Uses a DHCP server to automatically obtain the unit's network parameters (such as IP address)." Seems like it is constantly losing the IP address when automatically finding? Makes sense I guess. Thanks for the help - I'll advise if it solves.
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